Rev. Austin Miles
Pelosi's failure to deliver House papers to Senate nullifies impeachment!
By Rev. Austin Miles
December 19, 2019

President Trump's "impeachment" is not valid until the House impeachment papers are delivered to the Senate for ratification. For some strange reason, Pelosi refuses to do this, meaning that President Donald Trump is not officially impeached until that step takes place.

So what in the name of the devil's domain is this? Perhaps Pelosi knows that the Senate will NOT complete her impeachment desires so she is assuming people will simply accept that the deed has taken place. At least it puts President Trump in a negative light, which gives her a sick sense of accomplishment.

First of all, she knows full well that there are absolutely no grounds for this impeachment. The whole thing is a lie. She is depending on us, the people, to simply be distracted enough (misdirection) that will make us look the wrong way. This is how these con-people operate. What The Wicked Witch of the West depends upon is being able to muddy the water to the extent than nobody can see through the water clearly.

Pelosi may know deeply inside (where it is very murky) that the most she can do is publicly slam President Trump and down deep, wish that he could be removed from office, which is not likely to happen since there were no valid complaints about him.

Indeed it appears that charges could be lodged against Pelosi since she has interfered with the duties of a duly elected president, and has tried from the beginning to remove him from office with a political coup d'etat. Wouldn't that be treason? It would certainly seem so.

If all readers would contact your representatives in D.C. demanding that she, The Wicked Witch of the West, be ceremoniously removed from her office, which can be done, that problem along with many many more would be solved.

This woman has delusions of grandeur and, after careful observation, her behavior definitely suggests mental issues that need treatment. She also needs to learn how to keep her teeth in place as observed many times during hearings as she contorted her mouth and pushed her hands on her mouth several times.

What is really scary, as Speaker of the house, she is second in the presidential line of succession, immediately after the vice president. For 17 long and arduous years, she has been a congresswoman. She tries to make us believe she is a Christian even though her Catholic Church doesn't think so. Due to her knuckles in the wind behavior, a priest refused to give her Communion in San Francisco.

Donald J. Trump is the best President that we have ever had. He has kept all of his promises and has worked tirelessly to Make America Great Again. Pelosi has tried to sabotage him from the moment he was inaugurated as President of the United States. Pelosi, the "Christian" HATES President Trump with a passion. Then again, she is a Democrat.

Again, President Donald Trump is not officially impeached until the Senate ratifies it.


© Rev. Austin Miles


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