Laurie Roth
Obama is laughing all the way
By Laurie Roth
June 28, 2014

We need to put slapping machines all through the HOUSE and SENATE. What will it take and how many treasonous crimes must we endure at the hands of Obama while the HOUSE and SENATE do less than nothing? They must slap themselves now and understand that they don't work for Obama. They don't work for their careers. They work for the American people, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and laws.

It is almost unforgivable that all we have seen for 5 ½ years of this criminal behavior of Obama is the HOUSE playing at the fringe of an investigation here and an investigation there. Even with the talk and a few attitude displays on camera by members of the HOUSE, the NSA still commits crimes by listening into our phone calls, sharing our records, and using these against us. We still see the IRS targeting, auditing, and terrorizing conservatives, while lying to Congress and making evidence disappear. How many computers can crash and how many dogs can eat homework?

Now, in the face of the additional treason of releasing high ranking Islamic Taliban terrorists in exchange for a radical Muslim, deserter, and enemy sympathizer, Bowe Bergdahl, we have more than a little spike of deadly danger as a dramatic and obviously planned increase of illegal aliens is storming our borders.

There has been an 85% increase and surge with kids coming across the borders alone with cheat sheets and "how to" manuals found. The word is out far and wide that Obama and the Border Patrol will do nothing but look the other way. The word is now that Pelosi has been sent to welcome the illegals in. "Welcome aboard. Break all the laws you want, we do and no one does anything."

Fox News even noted that illegal aliens were being housed and fed at the Border Patrol Academy. Maybe they should all be shipped to churches so we feel very spiritual about this invasion and betrayal. Perhaps we could have them stay in the spare rooms at the HOUSE and SENATE buildings. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is reporting 52,193 children have come across so far. Just the Rio Grand Valley Border Patrol alone reports apprehending about 1,000 illegal aliens each day.

NSA, Obamacare, IRS, Benghazi, illegal alien border conspiracy, Taliban prisoner exchange...just a few of the national scandals lined with crimes against the American people all leading back to Obama and his core team. Now, Speaker Boehner is suing Obama because of his endless and unconstitutional use of executive orders. Great, but that should be just the carrot on the side of the plate. AND...this kind of action should have occurred many years ago. Where have you been, Speaker Boehner?

Long ago, we should have seen impeachment papers and a vote in the HOUSE and tons of supporting media surrounding this. We should have seen forcible and public plans for Obama's removal due to several counts of treason and criminal activity...not a little talk and a baby investigation that goes nowhere...again.

Idiots in the HOUSE AND SENATE, shut up already about protocol, your careers, negotiations, and elections. We are in the middle of a national emergency and assault from the enemy from within – from our own White House. This is not about politics as usual and procedure. THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL AND CRIMES.

How many times does Obama get to win, as he gleefully shreds our laws and tramples over them? Obama is indeed operating according to his well-stated "transformation and change" plan. We are being reduced to a Barbie Doll size with no clothes and an arm and leg missing. It is awkward, inconvenient, and perhaps horrifying even. It doesn't fit into our plans, but Obama must be arrested, impeached, sued, tried for treason – stopped soon. He is a usurper with fake and stolen ID documents. He bypasses Congress on a regular basis as he forces his agenda. He continuously ignores our government structure and accountability AND WE LET HIM. WHY???

Americans don't care what legal term the HOUSE or SENATE calls it. We just demand that they get something done and fast. Once we stop the Obama hemorrhaging, we can get back on track and undo the trainloads of Obama damage. We are waiting but not for much longer.

© Laurie Roth


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