Laurie Roth
Joe Biden made his anti-coal and oil bed, now let him lie in it
By Laurie Roth
October 27, 2020

Joe Biden and his shrill laughing, radical side kick Kamala Harris, don’t seem to understand. Words and actions have consequences. Biden must be in sheer panic as he goes in and out of his basement and virtual world after admitting to America in the second debate that he would stop all Government subsidies and support for the oil and fracking industry. He would instead support alternative energy development.

Though Joe Biden and Kamala are dancing soft shoe, it is simply too late. The cat is already out of the bag and there is no oil or fracking anywhere near it. All America has seen and heard them both speak enough to know that a Biden administration will virtually destroy the oil and fracking industry. In panic, Biden is running around the oil and fracking states saying he will do this over time. That is supposed to alleviate the real pain of destroying millions of jobs and industry? What…while he and Kamala destroy our energy independence, economy and millions of jobs, will he play “killing me softly with his song?”

Remember, Obama and Hillary also promised to raise gas prices and destroy oil and fracking. They, along with Biden worship at the feet of mythology, the mythology of global warming melting the world and killing the precious polar bears. Never mind that in truth multitudes of scientists have said that warming and cooling cycles have happened regularly over thousands of years. It is the normal flow of climate and temperature changes. It is not magically caused by carbon dioxide, the oil industry and people driving to work in America today.

Since the endless cry of Global warming has become a leftist fund raising and tax weapon, it is lifted up as the desperate cause of their need to destroy millions of jobs, crush our Trump given energy independence and control the masses and business in general. It is an out of control, Anti American and freedom cancer that lives on make believe rules, regulations, codes of rebuilding, destroying and shrinking windows.

Can Joe put his oil and fracking killing plans back in his mouth, at least in time to manipulate votes from oil and fracking states? No and triple no. He made a massive and election crushing mistake with his mouth. He, shockingly told the truth to America and now is playing 52 cards pick up but can’t remember where he put them. “Where are my cards Kamala? Have you seen them?

© Laurie Roth


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Laurie Roth

Dr. Laurie Roth — the "Annie Oakley" of the airwaves — is a nationally-syndicated radio talk-show host. She has hosted successful talk shows on radio stations from Boston to L.A. with no shortage of callers... (more)


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