The ultimate conspiracy
Stephen Stone, RenewAmerica President
October 8, 2012

[Updated and revised May 26, 2013]

I have a theory that's been nagging me for months, and I hope I'm completely wrong.

My theory would help explain why Barack Obama appeared unfocused, overconfident, even annoyingly arrogant during the first presidential debate — obviously taking what could be a "game changer" too lightly — with the result that Mitt Romney didn't so much win their first in-person encounter as Obama lost it by default.

An election with no precedent

Here's my theory:

Suppose you were the most powerful man on the planet — someone who could change the ruling structure of Egypt and Libya by the command of his voice, inspiring the "Arab Spring," bringing down two longtime Middle East strongmen, and "making the world safe for the Muslim Brotherhood" (with its stated goal of destroying Western Civilization and replacing it with Islamic Sharia) in the process.

Suppose you were also the most powerful communist leader in history — a Marxist ideologue who reigned supreme over the most powerful nation ever, the United States of America, repeatedly violating the Constitution, defying the courts, ignoring the will of the people as enacted by Congress, and in general showing deeply-held contempt for the rule of law.

Suppose further you had designs of bringing the U.S. to its knees in preparation for Islamic-tailored world socialism — in fulfillment of Marx and Hegel's imagined march of "historically inevitable" totalitarian collectivism, and therefore had long ago made contingency plans in the likelihood of losing the 2012 presidential election, so as to retain the scepter of power until you'd accomplished your goals.

Suppose you unshakably believed you had a clear mandate to "transform" America because you rode into power in 2008 on an unprecedented wave of public adoration — as a virtual rock star and cultural savior unparalleled in modern American history, the "One."

Suppose you achieved that smoke-and-mirrors mandate by now-known deceit and conspiratorial intrigue unmatched in American politics — fooling even your adversaries in the GOP into going along, intimidating them to turn a blind eye to your origins, your upbringing, your ideological training, your academic history, your falsified records, the truth of who you are and what unthinkable evil you represent, causing you to feel invulnerable, perhaps rightly so.

Suppose you'd successfully manipulated the demographics of America — as you indeed have — through catering to the basest desires of the electorate: their lust for government largesse; their disrespect for free-market principles and the right of property; their hope of mainstreaming depravity through same-sex marriage, homosexual influence in the military, and acceptance of the gay lifestyle by schoolchildren; their disregard for lawful immigration; and so on, building a constituency that is loyal to you no matter what you do or say.

Suppose you'd so weakened our military — particularly those who oppose your "transformational" initiatives at home and abroad — that you felt insulated from any significant backlash against you from America's powerful defense forces, and you could continue, as Commander-in-Chief, to rule over a nation growing impatient in some quarters to go along.

Suppose you assumed — despite occasional anomalies and setbacks — that your propaganda arm, the "mainstream media," would stand with you in even the most outrageous and preposterous of situations, defending you blindly in the face of any serious challenge or unflattering revelation of fact, so that you were confident you could continue without serious public opposition to make up the rules of governance as you go, as you have heretofore done, largely with impunity.

Suppose you have a base of like-minded conspirators (call them euphemistically "political advisers" and "superPACs," if you will) who are intent — like you — on fully implementing the clever schemes and deceptions of notorious revolutionary architect Saul Alinsky, as of course it is well-documented you in fact have done, people surrounding you as fellow travelers who will stop at nothing in their quest to impose Marxist/socialist collectivism and mythical "social justice" upon the U.S.

Suppose you have only a small number of informed detractors who saw all this coming the day you were elected in 2008, but who are virtually powerless today to do anything about it, because your deceptive methods and plans are so well veiled from the general public (who would never believe anyone could be so evil as you and your comrades) that you have little fear of being widely exposed for what you are and what you intend to do as a diehard, diabolical communist.

And so on, and so on, giving you a strong base of operations for doing as you please in fulfilling your self-defined role as "Dictator-in-Control" of the United States of America.

Here it comes...

Here's your likely plan, it would seem obvious to anyone who understands what powerful communists are committed to doing, especially once they hold the reins of ultimate power, as you do — and especially if they are simultaneously committed to furthering the cause of Islam, which centers in religious-political world domination:

(We now shift to "third person," Mr. Obama, so we can talk about you behind your back.)

Plan A has always been — much like the election of 2008 — to make sure the Republican Party had a weak contender to challenge the charismatic Mr. Obama in the 2012 general election. This has already been accomplished. It's plain the electorate was left in the dust as powerful East Coast elites jumped on Mitt Romney's bandwagon early and made sure no other GOP contender had a serious chance of gaining the nomination.

Romney's (almost totally) self-funded campaign in 2008 paved the way for these "progressive" elites in the GOP — in obvious collusion with larger powers that be — to add their own extravagant funding, and high-priced insider lobbyists and consultants, and ensure Mitt's lackluster nomination this election.

As a known progressive-liberal whose pragmatism made him ideal for blending like a chameleon into the conservative landscape of the Republican Party, Romney has long been a darling of the GOP establishment, hence he was put on the fast track by Karl Rove, the Bush machine, and former Bush GOP chair Mike Duncan, et al., and elevated to the "great white hope" of moderate-to-liberal Rockefeller/CFR Republicans.

Of course, he was destined to lose, most likely — having little innate appeal to the moral conservative base of the party, whose wishes are typically ignored every four years.

Not to worry. There's always Mr. Obama to carry the torch for the big money/big government alliance, in the event Mitt predictably falters.

Plan B for re-electing the president is to usurp the election by trickery, chicanery, judicial corruption, and manipulation of the process to skew the outcome in Obama's favor. You know — stuff right out of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals communist bible.

Fool everybody. It worked last time, it will work again — this time with more bold and diverse dirty tricks on a larger scale, to give the Democrats an unfair advantage.

Just for starters, bearing in mind the list is seemingly endless —

What's the best way to say voter fraud, coupled with rabid opposition to reasonable voter ID rules?

How do you politely say buying Hispanic votes with virtual amnesty for large numbers of illegals?

How do you apologize to servicemen overseas and tell them their votes (and thus their sacrifice in behalf of their country) mean nothing?

How do you justify politically-skewed statistics, recently released, that falsely claim Obama's job numbers are much improved just in time for the election?

How do you explain the fact that the three presidential debates are weighted in the president's favor by virtue of the longtime liberal heavies chosen to "moderate" each?

How do you stomach the "Osama bin Laden been-taken-out-by-Obama movie" scheduled for release just before the election (on the National Geographic Channel and Netflix)?

How about this one: How do you tactfully take Chief Justice John Roberts aside and let him know — without hurting his feelings — that the unprecedented intimidation by Obama and the establishment media that persuaded him to side with the socialists on Obamacare was a flat-out dirty trick that took advantage of his vanity and insecurity above the very survival of our republic?

(Bear in mind that in the wake of the nonsensical Obamacare ruling, the "father of the individual mandate" — Mitt Romney — was instantly made unconvincing in his opposition to the president's healthcare plan.)

The use of Alinsky tactics goes on and on and on in the world of community organizer Obama, all intended to sway the electorate deceptively and inordinately to support the president.

Plan C — the "contingency." There's more — just in case something goes wrong with the conspiracy to re-elect the president and he loses. The Committee for Hope and Change undoubtedly has a back-up plan.

Note up front that what follows — though short on particulars for obvious reasons, since we're talking about a secretive conspiracy — is a big "duh," in view of reliable facts and premises:

Human nature itself, including the predictable behavior of someone like Barack Hussein Obama, who seeks insatiable power and control over others, suggests the president and his inner circle have long ago mapped out a plot that will enable him to stay in office no matter what happens Nov. 6.

Think about it. It's conceivable he's not leaving, regardless the outcome of our nation's "last free election."

Reason suggests Obama has always planned to be President of the United States for life, beginning four years ago — precisely as we might expect of any other communist dictator who possesses such immense world power.

You don't think so? What did you assume was the significance of allowing a deceitful, thoroughly unprincipled, incredibly capable Marxist to usurp the presidency in 2008? That election — not the current one — was for all the marbles, and could well go down in history as the "last free election" for U.S. president.

It was "winner take all" in Obama's mind. Our country's menu of options was radically changed as a result.

Unless God intervenes, of course! That will require enough of us to wake up and pray as never before. It will also require us to repent of our God-offending sins, so He might answer our fervent prayers in behalf of our largely-indentured nation and spare us the destruction that otherwise seems certain given the path we're on.

Ultimate treason

Bear with me now.

Although conspirators are, by definition, loath to reveal their plans, we can safely assume that — should Barack Obama lose — he and his cohorts in ultimate treason will to announce some seemingly plausible pretext for his need to stay on, and the colluding media will applaud his announcement and come to his aid on the airwaves, newscasts, and talk shows, to assure America that nothing is seriously amiss here.

Among possibilities —
  • That pretext could center in a contrived emergency — bringing to mind any of the well-circulated "martial law" scenarios we hear about, or the equivalent.

  • Or it could involve a real catastrophe — something that could make 9/11 pale in its terrifying consequences (if less disastrous in actual scale), engineered by conspirators intent on rescuing the Obama legacy by conjuring a colossal event that will "require" the president to "stay on" for the sake of continuity and his mature experience and wisdom (as we "witnessed" in Osama bin Laden's "decisive" demise).

  • Or it could stem from a shocking major world conflict (a la World War III), resulting, for example, from a powerful attack by Israel on Iran's nuclear facilities (something the Obama administration can greatly influence the timing of) — a situation that could escalate into a far-reaching crisis that creates a pretext for the president to "man his battle station" from his bunker in the White House until the conflict recedes, an outcome that could take months to play out, potentially years if it continues to escalate.

    Is Obama that brazen? When has he ever shown restraint, or respect for law?

    (Note: The latter invasion of Iran by Israel could take shape sometime between the election and Jan. 20, 2013 — giving a losing Obama several days, weeks, or months to respond with specific plans to save us from the ensuing chaos and calamity (remember, communists reflexively think "Never let a good crisis go to waste"). Meanwhile, Mr. Romney will be relegated to seeking his rightful desk in the Oval Office through legal appeals in the corrupt courts.

  • Or fill in your own scenario. The exact nature and details don't matter. What matters is that something may well be in the works — something unthinkable, by design or exploitation — that allows the first sitting U.S. president ever to remain on the job indefinitely after losing office.
Don't think it couldn't happen. We've never had an ideologically-intransigent, conspiring communist dictator before as president of the U.S. — and prudence suggests we be duly wary. The truth is, it's not even reasonable to think President Obama would, of his own accord, walk away from what is arguably the most powerful position in the universe, next (of course) to that of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

That's not meant to be sacrilegious. It's meant to reflect what's at stake, as well as how Obama seems to view his role.

Heaven forbid

Let's hope nothing like the above happens, of course — as we pray for the preservation of America by the intervening hand of God. I'll be the first to express heartfelt relief (and no small amount of surprise) if nothing resembling the above scenario happens. I hope and pray that my children, and all other children in America, grow up in a free and divinely-protected America — the one written about in the National Anthem:
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!,
    ...And this be our motto, "In God is our trust!"
But we do have a devilish communist/Muslim sympathizer occupying the White House, and he has repeatedly shown himself capable of incredible arrogance, lawlessness, and evil. Be prepared. Get down on your knees, and plead for the future of our country.

In the meantime, think. Don't let others do your thinking for you. Inform yourself, study well, scour the internet, read reputable commentary and reporting. Don't be fooled by the deceivers who control America's political machinery, from their offices in the suites of either party, or from their desks in the truly unprofessional, dishonorable media.

Especially, don't fall for the sophistry that you have no choice but to vote for Mitt to rid our country of Obama. If it turns out that this unique election is in reality "for nothing," as a result of Obama's clever machinations — something only God knows in advance — then this possible fact adds to the moral implications of supporting the evil Romney represents by his record of introducing to America same-sex marriage, socialized healthcare, and big business-backed socialism like we've never before seen, not to mention his unusually godless campaign.

The unprincipled rationale that our only hope of saving our country is to vote for Mitt may well be an illusion, one that never had any prospect of materializing.

In that case, a vote for Mitt may well do nothing but make a person complicit in supporting Mitt's Marxist-light intent, philosophy, and behavior — never mind his feigned "conservative" rhetoric. It will only magnify the stark choice before us: we can either vote for one or the other unacceptable "evil" — or we can vote in good conscience for God, and His moral principles, whatever we understand that to require of us.

God's Word suggests that only He can save our republic, no matter how things go in the next few weeks or months, or in upcoming years. Our nation must serve Him by our voices and our behavior, or — at some point, either soon or late — we will have no "Country, 'Tis of Thee," to sing about (as we reflect on the words of another "national hymn").

Things are not what they appear. Brace yourselves and strive to live righteously, as best as you are able, by the grace of God. That's all He expects of any of us; and if we do so, He will bless us.

That's the wisest "vote" we can cast of all.

A vote for a materialistic carnival barker with a pro-abortion record as governor, who will lead us pragmatically to cultural and political disaster in these troubling times, or for an equally materialistic communist with a record of refusing to protect abortion survivors, among other nefarious deeds, who will drive us on his bandwagon to a similar hell as a nation, is not the answer to our country's ills — all of which are moral in their bottom-line essence and cause.

As the widely-cited words of 2 Chronicles 7:14 declare,

"If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
© Stephen Stone


They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31