David R. Usher
Gulliver vs. Lilliputians: The terrorist war over morals and marriage
By David R. Usher
November 22, 2010

The heart of the cultural conflict between Muslims and the West revolves around morals and power-sharing between the sexes. Muslim countries are hyper-patriarchal. America and European countries dealing with terrorism are hyper-feminist. The war on terror is, undeniably, a global conflict between masculism and feminism.

Terrorists co-opted Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" strategy (which tricked the U.S.S.R. into spending itself into bankruptcy). Now, they are making us spend ourselves into bankruptcy. A handful of terrorists spend $4,200 and we have to waste hundreds of millions in direct response. If military history is instructive, it says that America must find a smarter way to resolve the disagreement between the East and West.

A Patriot's note: Do not pretend that I am somehow blaming America. The facts of the disagreement between Muslim conservatives and the West, and the points contained in this short analysis speak clearly for themselves. Everyone knows that America is a mess. It is time we talk about it candidly and realize that the benefits of reconstructing our nation extend well beyond its borders.

We simply cannot afford the aggregated costs of the war on terrorism and our massive welfare state. Deficit spending primarily arises from welfare and (now) national health care (which will roughly double social spending). This spending would be a minor issue if marriage were the norm. It is now the straw breaking the camel's back.

Do the math, America! The combined costs of marriage-absence and the war on terror will destroy the dollar and our financial institutions. America must change its game to remain a world leader. We must rebuild a natural marriage-based culture or face certain financial ruin.

Rebuilding a marriage culture will also obviate the leading reason why conservative Muslim countries hate our guts. They see America as a moral-and-ethics-free wasteland (also recently noticed by non-terrorist Pulitzer prizewinning writer J.H. Moehringer in his commentary about Las Vegas and the nation): "The proof that Vegas and America are two sides of the same chip is the simple fact that America's economy functions like a casino."

While working for years with influential people in China, Korea, Singapore, and Japan, I found their observations surprisingly similar to those of terrorists — but with one major difference: they decided it was smarter to firewall their cultures and get rich doing business with us instead. That is why China filters the internet, and you won't find feminist counterculture missives in any bookstore in Singapore.

How long China waits before flexing its global muscle is a major issue of national security. This is yet another compelling reason why America must rebuild a strong marriage culture agreeing the social and economic efficiencies Asian nations now prosper from. Read: We cannot export our level of socioeconomic inefficiency to Asian nations under the guise of "Democracy." It will be flatly rejected. We can, however, change America for the better and perhaps regain our position and respect as the world leader.

America: is it hyper-feminist?

Compared with other rich nations of the world, America is radically feminist. Government and media ignore the fact that marriage-absence is our greatest problem. They are evasively transfixed on vitiating the costly resulting problems such as poverty, troubled children, social violence, mental health problems, and urban decay. This does not work and never will.

Marriage-absence is ideologically the result of the 50-year feminist war on marriage. "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" has become the largest and fastest-growing line item in both federal and state budgets — social services. These entitlements lead women into believing marriage is irrelevant. They marry the government, end up poor, and wonder why they struggle and have to "do it all."

The raucous feminist sexual liberation movement created the illusion that "anything goes" has no consequences, when in fact the impact of government-sponsored non-marriage is enormous.

Kim Gandy's White House Office on Women is dedicated to buying-out marriage with your tax dollars. The W.H.O.W. injects poisonous anti-marriage agenda of the National Organization for Women and the American Bar Association into other Cabinet level business. A wise president would swiftly replace it with a cabinet-level White House Office on Marriage.

Time Magazine suggests that declining interest in marriage is a result of poverty and a poor job market. This is entirely backwards. As income decreases, the importance of marriage increases. Two incomes, four hands, and two brains add up to supporting and caring for one low-income household. One income and budget-busting welfare machinery has never worked and never will.

Our highest national priority: Rebuilding the marriage culture

The Tea Party revolt will fail if Washington fails to address marriage-absence as its highest priority. Marriage-absence is the leading cause of unnecessary, wasteful deficit spending and high taxes. We will have marriage or monstrous Government. Get to work, patriots!

Our highest national priority in the coming years must be to rebuild the marriage culture. We must get government out of the business of actively destroying marriage. The "Ten Marriage Values policies to rebuild America," recently released by the Center for Marriage Policy, will accomplish this crucial task without forcing anyone to get married.

When completed, marriage will do what it has always done best. We will balance federal and state budgets while rebuilding naturally-sustainable communities — one marriage at a time. Terrorism will become a minor problem because the primary moral issues forming the explosive ideological chasm between America and other marriage-based cultures will simply no longer exist.

© David R. Usher


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