Sam Weaver
A few thoughts on hate...and tyranny
By Sam Weaver
January 13, 2011

The word "hate" is a powerful word. So, too, are its several synonyms such as "bigotry," "racism," "sexism" and "homophobia."

The greatest tool that mankind has to guard against hate is the Judeo-Christian ethic: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbor as you love yourself."

No human being is perfect. All of us, at least at times, place our own selfish will above that of God and/or of others. Anyone who will tell you with a straight face that he can read the minds of others is a charlatan. If you believe him, he will end up with your money in his pocket. Anyone who tells you that he knows the absolute Will of God is undoubtedly out for more than just your money. Don't believe him under any circumstances! The fact is, we cannot always know with absolute certainty the Will of God or what is best for our neighbor. We can commit a sin without intending to do so. However, all sin is the result of placing one's own will above the Word and the Will of God and/or the well-being of other human beings.

Even the best of us place our own will above the will of God and/or others in small, seemingly insignificant ways almost daily. The worst among us — truly evil people — live their lives and plan their actions based entirely upon "self" (i.e., the flesh, or the spirit of this world; for example, human doctrines, philosophies or selfish desires for "moral," political, economic and/or academic power and control over others), therefore rejecting God and the welfare of their fellow citizens.

The U.S. Constitution was designed and written entirely upon the Judeo-Christian ethic for a people who overwhelming understood this ethic and, generally, tried to live their lives according to it. Those who tell you otherwise are simply wrong. [NOTE: I have made several strong statements here and provide no evidence to support them. Stay tuned, so to speak, for my next article or two — or three.]

The word "hate," along with its several synonyms, has also been a powerful weapon. For decades, this "weapon" has been used effectively against those who love Liberty and who uphold individual Liberty and Rule of Law by those who cannot see individuals, but only "collectives," or groups of human beings, in order to promote and "empower" the collectivist (i.e., Marxist) agenda.

Collectivists, I believe, have cried "wolf" too many times. The weapon is losing its once devastating power and effectiveness. Americans, en masse, began to catch on when strong rebuke (sans any physical violence) against radical Islamists was called "racism," "hatred" and/or "bigotry" against all Muslims. Even more began to see the light when opposition to illegal immigration was castigated as "racism," "hatred" and/or "bigotry" against all people who are not "like us" — especially all those of Hispanic, or Latino, origin.

Collectivist (i.e., "progressive," or modern liberal) ranting in the aftermath of one horrible, unspeakable act of a deranged and depraved lunatic in Tucson, Arizona last Saturday should seal the deal for all moral, educated and informed Americans.

Collectivists do not — cannot, will not! — recognize the power — for better or for worse — of the individual. Jerod Loughton's despicable, horrendous act must have been inspired and pushed to the breaking point by the "evil" rhetoric of some "evil" collective (i.e., "right-wing" pundits/politicians) even as much evidence to the contrary is coming to light. It's their story and they are sticking to it.

"Evil" is not seen by the average collectivist as the violation of the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God. "Evil" is defined as any thought, word or deed that violates the collectivist (i.e., "progressive," or modern liberal) worldview.

"Forget the actual words, intent and purpose of the U.S. Constitution; it's over one hundred years old!" "Trust us! Disavow the antiquated, 'superstitious' notion of an 'invisible man in the sky'." These are not the individual thoughts of rational, loving human beings. They are the bluster of mindless collectivists with an agenda — an agenda that seeks to thwart individual Liberty, Rule of Law and the consent of the governed in favor of an I-know-what-is-best-for-you-far-more-than-you-do aristocracy.

Far too many of us — We the People of the United States — have trusted "them" for far too long. Look around you. See where trust in "them" is taking this Great and Exceptional country. Don't hate them. Love them. Pity them. Pray for them. Never trust them. Speak up and speak out against their will; but only after you have studied and can rudimentally understand God's Word and Will! Place your faith in God — just as the vast majority of our Founders and Framers did in forming this great nation. He is far more than some "invisible 'man' in the sky!" He is your Creator and the Author of Law. He is the Architect of Liberty. He is Love! He, alone, can offer real and lasting hope and change. He, alone, is the Antidote to tyranny and calamity.

You can reach Him by calling His Son, Jesus Christ. You don't need a phone number or even a phone. All you need is a grain of faith. Call Him. He will do for you at least as much as He has done for me. I will bet my life on it!!

© Sam Weaver


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Sam Weaver

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