Sam Weaver
The TEA Party is alive and well!
By Sam Weaver
February 1, 2014

I cannot prove it, but I strongly believe the outcome of the 2012 presidential election may have been completely different were it not for the IRS scandal.

"Progressive" pundits adamantly aver, "There is no scandal!" They claim, "The McCain-Feingold law and, especially, the Citizens United case created a maelstrom, of sorts. Dutiful IRS supervisors and agents were forced to work very hard to scrutinize with due diligence all new 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) applicants."

I, like most Americans, may very well have accepted this claim were it not for two things: 1) the nonchalance of these very same pundits toward other important (not "phony") scandals (e.g., Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA, etc.) and 2) stubborn facts. Let's take a brief look at just a few of these stubborn facts.

First, there is the 2010 mid-term "shellacking." "Progressives" at every level of government were swept out of office and replaced with at least slightly more conservative politicians or statesmen. Explanations for why the 2010 wave election did not carry through to 2012 are merely speculative. I will speculate and opine in a moment. For now, we are only speaking facts. The fact is, 2010 was a landslide for conservatives with a great deal of both potential and kinetic energy.

Second, the overwhelming majority of groups that received the brunt of this IRS scrutiny were conservative, or TEA Party organizations. All "progressive" and moderate groups eventually (sooner rather than later) got their status approved. To this day, some TEA Party groups have not been accepted.

Third, some of the questions on IRS forms submitted to conservative/TEA Party applicants were ludicrous if not outrageous.

Fourth, original denials/statements of IRS/Obama administration officials were proven to be false or misleading either during the course of congressional hearings, or by intrepid journalists (e.g., a "handful of rogue IRS agents" in Cincinnati).

Without getting too technical or tedious, these are just four of many facts that I could contribute to this article.

The facts – observed objectively – prove a scandal. The evidence – with some informed speculation – belies a conspiracy to suppress conservative/libertarian voices (and votes) in 2012. Sadly, perhaps unwittingly, some "progressive" or "moderate" Republican (RINO) politicians and consultants may be complicit in this conspiracy.

Now, for what it may be worth, comes my opinion and informed speculation.

Fundamentally, there are four reasons why Obama won in 2012 and why conservatives suffered a setback.

First, there is the formidable "progressive" machine. Since the mid-to-late 1960's, "progressives" have virtually controlled academia, media and Hollywood. They have owned labor unions for much longer; and now control virtually all local, state and federal public employee unions – massive contributors to "progressive" candidates in both political parties, and to "progressive" political initiatives and causes. Since the early 1970's, they have formed a number of ubiquitous, Saul Alinsky-inspired "community organizations," such as ACORN and its derivatives. Since the late 1980's, they have run the political consulting agencies that guide political candidates of both major political parties. Since the 1990's, they have had the profoundly deep pockets of George Soros to fund them. In concert, this machine is an onerous force for propagandizing, organizing and motivating "progressives" for the "progressive" (neo-Marxist) cause. The machine operated quite smoothly in 2008 and flawlessly in 2012.

Second, we have the RINO's (i.e., Republicans in name only; a/k/a "progressive," or "moderate" Republicans, a/k/a, "Establishment Republicans," a/k/a, "French Republicans"). Even in the tsunami of 2010, true conservative statesmen and stateswomen lost key elections to the U.S. Senate largely because RINO politicians, pundits and consultants refused to support them and/or fell in line with the "progressive" spin machine and spoke out against them.

Third, we had the suppression of conservative/libertarian/TEA Party groups by the IRS. These groups were not able to educate, inform, organize and motivate their activists and voters – or potential activists and voters – as they could have – and would have – otherwise.

Finally, some 8 million conservative/libertarian members of the conservative base (anti-Obama voters) simply sat out the 2012 election. Why? They considered Mitt Romney a RINO (Obama light; more of the same), and they were not motivated and energized; again, largely because of the IRS suppression of their would-be organizers and motivators.

The "progressive" machine has been in full force since at least the late 1980's. Sure, there are elements – changing demographics, a massive "dependency class" and voter fraud, for a few examples – that may or may not be greater now than then. However, the moral, educated and informed people have often been able to overcome this powerful, pernicious force – especially when it really counted. Why was 2012 different?

RINO's have been around since long before the modern conservative movement arose to circumvent the tyranny and the abuse of the Constitution being carried out by the "progressive" movement since the early 1900's. RINO's have existed since shortly after the Republican Party was founded. Teddy Roosevelt? Herbert Hoover? This just might be one reason why they are called "establishment 'Republicans!'" John McCain in 2008. Mitt Romney in 2012. Heck, Bob Dole in 1996 and George H. W. Bush in 1992!! LOSERS! RINO's (and their consultants) are, indeed – in fact – a huge factor in the equation of why Republicans lose elections; and why Americans cannot stand the spineless Republican Party!!

I submit that a fully operational – up-and-running – TEA Party consortium could very well have overcome both the "progressive" machine and the RINO faction in 2012; with the same degree of success as they had in 2010. The truth wins over lies every time! For some evidence and insight, I urge my readers to see the article, "Americans Turn Right" in the January, 2014 edition of The Limbaugh Letter.

"Progressive" pundits, politicians and consultants want you to believe that TEA Party influence is dwindling. They want to hold on to their beloved political, corporate/financial and media connections and their precious power and control over you and me. TEA Party Patriots want to uphold the U.S. Constitution: Rule of Law, Truth, Liberty, Justice and the American Way (limited government with enumerated powers and ultimate power in the hands of a moral, educated and informed electorate). They want to divest power and control from the "progressive" elite (the charlatans and wannabe tyrants) and return it to you and me – the people. Behind the scenes, TEA Party Patriots are working hard. Their influence is growing. They are educating, informing, organizing, inspiring and motivating the people.

In this mid-term year, conservatives, Libertarians, independents and moderates must unite against a common enemy. Our common enemy is "progressivism!" If we fail to unite, and perhaps more important, if we fail to carry this united momentum through 2016 and beyond, we can all kiss Liberty "good-bye" on Planet Earth. If we fail in the next two election cycles, the American Dream – the American Ideal – will surely become little more than the latest debris upon the proverbial ash heap of history.

© Sam Weaver


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Sam Weaver

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