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November 25, 2022
JUST THE NEWS — The same day retiring National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Director Anthony Fauci urged Americans to get the new Omicron-targeting COVID-19 boosters, a sister agency accidentally pulled the rug out from under him. The so-called bivalents, composed of the outdated BA.4/5 subvariants and Wuhan strain, have less than 50% absolute vaccine effectiveness (aVE) against symptomatic infection for every vaccinated adult age group compared to the unvaccinated, according to the CDC's Nov. 22 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. It's particularly bad for those 65 and up: just 22% aVE.... (more)

November 25, 2022
NPR — President Trump on Thursday defended students who feel they can't pray in their schools — and warned school administrators they risk losing federal funds if they violate their students' rights to religious expression. Trump held an event in the Oval Office with a group of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim students and teachers to commemorate National Religious Freedom Day. The students and teachers said they have been discriminated against for practicing their religion at school.... (more)

November 24, 2022
YOUTUBE — Jesus Revolution – Only in theaters February 2023. Starring Joel Courtney, Anna Grace Barlow, Jonathan Roumie, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Kelsey Grammer.... (more)

November 24, 2022
JERRY NEWCOMBE — The left seems to be dismantling Western Civilization, and in particular Christian contributions to it, one step at a time. Now, Thanksgiving, a wonderful American holiday, is on the chopping block among some. For example, Campus Reform reports: “University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) removed ‘Thanksgiving Closure’ from its calendar in place of ‘Fall Break’ at the alleged urging of a university professor.”... (more)

November 24, 2022
NEWSMAX TV'S SEAN SPICER — Newsmax TV's Sean Spicer—Investigating Hunter: A new poll shows a majority of Americans say House Republicans should investigate Hunter Biden's laptop.... (more)

November 23, 2022
FOX NEWS — John Paul Mac Isaac is set to release his new book, "American Injustice," in which he details what took place after he first discovered Hunter Biden’s laptop. The release comes just months before a new Republican House majority plans to begin investigations. Mac Isaac explained on "America’s Newsroom" on Monday that he has been working closely with members of Congress as their planned investigation into Hunter Biden nears. He said he has provided clean copies of the laptop’s contents and reported every interaction he’s had with the FBI to Congress.... (more)

November 23, 2022
YOUTUBE — Sen. Ted Cruz speaks about DOJ being politically weaponized under the Biden administration and the GOP's agenda on 'Kudlow.'... (more)

November 23, 2022
NBC NEWS — Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared Tuesday at his final White House press briefing, as he prepares to leave government next month following a half-century on the front lines of the world's gravest public health crises. “The idea that this may be very likely the last time I’m in that press briefing room is kind of sad. Sad, and yet with the full realization and appreciation that all things must pass. Things can’t go on forever," Fauci said in an interview earlier in the day with NBC News.... (more)

November 21, 2022
ART MOORE — Some evangelical Christian figures and the Mormon church are supporting the federal Respect for Marriage Act, which effectively would codify the Obergefell Supreme Court decision that created a right for same-sex couples to obtain a marriage license. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints explained in a statement that it still holds to marriage as the union of one man and one woman but believes the bill is the "way forward." "As we work together to preserve the principles and practices of religious freedom together with the rights of LGBTQ individuals, much can be accomplished to heal relationships and foster greater understanding," the LDS statement said.... (more)

November 20, 2022
FOX NEWS — Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, on Wednesday criticized the Respect for Marriage Act, legislation that would codify same-sex marriage into federal law, arguing the bill has inadequate protections for religious liberty. Lee shared a statement from Roger Severino, vice president of domestic policy at the Heritage Foundation, who asserted the bipartisan bill would be "used as a cudgel against those who believe in the reality of marriage as between a man and a woman."... (more)

November 20, 2022
ART MOORE — Mark Zuckerberg has disclosed Facebook suppressed the bombshell evidence on the Biden family's global influence-peddling operation just before the 2020 election after an intervention by the FBI. Twitter and other social-media outlets joined in the censorship as 51 former senior intelligence officials signed a letter dismissing the evidence reported by the New York Post, saying it "had all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation."... (more)

November 20, 2022
ART MOORE — True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht – who was jailed with colleague Gregg Phillips for refusing to disclose a confidential source in a probe of alleged foreign interference in U.S. elections – says she was put in solitary confinement for four days in a cinder block cell, with a light always on and a "glass partition" allowing her to be watched while she showered and used the bathroom.... (more)

November 20, 2022
JOSEPH FARAH — I got an email the other day from the Democratic National Committee. You may be surprised that I've been getting more and more emails from the DNC lately. What were they peddling? I admit I was curious. Why me? There was not a lot of product and even less originality in the DNC pitch, I determined.... (more)

November 19, 2022
WORLDNETDAILY — Jack Smith, the special counsel appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate former president Donald Trump’s possession of classified information, was a key figure in the Internal Revenue Service’s infamous targeting of conservative non-profits, according to a 2014 report by Republicans on the House Oversight Committee.... (more)

November 19, 2022
JERRY NEWCOMBE — Despite some of the disappointments in last week’s election, I’m grateful to be an American—especially because of religious liberty. This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, when we remember the Pilgrims who came to this new land to celebrate religious freedom—something denied them in their native England.... (more)

November 19, 2022
THE FEDERALIST — When Belgium’s Catholic bishops meet him for their required visit on Nov. 21-26, Pope Francis will have the chance to either reaffirm or negate Catholic doctrine concerning one of civilization’s most contentious issues: same-sex marriage.... (more)

November 17, 2022
AMERICAN GREATNESS — Amid bombshell revelations that the FBI embedded numerous informants in two militia groups accused of plotting to overthrow the government on January 6, FBI Director Christopher Wray finally is facing some heat. During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Tuesday, Representative Clay Higgins (R-La.) angrily demanded to know more details about the use of FBI informants related to the Capitol protest. Higgins twice asked Wray whether FBI informants disguised as Trump supporters were planted inside the building even before protesters gained entry.... (more)

November 17, 2022
RUMBLE — Fox News’ Sean Hannity announced Wednesday, "It is now official: Republicans have now won a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives" with 218 GOP members. "Nancy Pelosi has been demoted."... (more)

November 17, 2022
BOB UNRUH — Two leftist lawyers who reportedly firebombed a police vehicle while they were rioting – along with many thousands of other liberals and progressives across America over the death of George Floyd – have been disbarred. Hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to dozens of major American cities were left behind when Black Lives Matter and other agenda-driven ideologies rioted after Floyd died while in custody of Minneapolis police early in 2020.... (more)

November 16, 2022
PJ MEDIA — There is nothing funnier than watching leftist Punchinellos beclown themselves over the latest “We’ve got Trump NOW!” hijinks. Remember when the FBI raided Trump’s home supposedly looking for “nuclear secrets” a few months back? Guess how that turned out? I’ll let the quislings at the Washington Post spell it out:... (more)

November 16, 2022

November 16, 2022
JUST THE NEWS — Amid widespread irregularities marring Election Day in Arizona, there is a possibility of recounts in some close state races that have yet to be called. The elections for Arizona attorney general and superintendent of public instruction have yet to be decided, with nearly 2.5 million votes counted, which is estimated to be more than 95% of the total vote.... (more)

November 14, 2022
THE FEDERALIST — Having seemingly learned nothing from their losses in the 2022 midterms, Senate Republicans are preparing to sell out their voters by working with their Democrat colleagues to alter the definition of marriage under federal law by the end of this week. On Monday, a bipartisan group of senators announced they had reached an agreement on adding an amendment to the deceptively named, “Respect for Marriage Act,” which they claim would both codify same-sex marriage into federal law and protect “Americans’ religious liberties and diverse beliefs.”... (more)

November 14, 2022
WORLDNETDAILY — A variety of commentators and pundits have noted, over the two years of Joe Biden's presidential term, that if the GOP gains the House majority in this midterm election, which now appears probable, President Trump could return to Washington. As House speaker. WND columnist Wayne Allyn Root was one. He wrote, just a few months back, "We need Trump now more than ever. Only Trump has the cajones to stop this madness, this self-destruction, this national suicide. Trump is the only one who can bring us back from the abyss. Trump is the one that Democrats, the media, the deep state, and the D.C. Swamp fear. How do I know? Look at the news headlines. Trump is all they talk about. They are obsessed with stopping him, slandering him, destroying him, indicting him."... (more)

November 13, 2022
NEWSMAX — It's not always easy to take Arizona election officials at their word, acknowledges Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz. However, if the reports are accurate about Arizona having roughly 570,000-plus ballots left to count over the next few days, then Biggs has a good idea of which candidate will prevail in the too-close-to-call gubernatorial race – pitting Republican Kari Lake against Democrat Katie Hobbs (the current secretary of state).... (more)


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