Creative Coalition to honor Dr. Alan Keyes with Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award
Faith & Freedom Foundation
October 4, 2014

The Manhattan-based, Hollywood-connected Creative Coalition this year will be honoring Dr. Alan Keyes with the prestigious Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award.

The award will be presented before entertainment industry and business leaders, national opinion leaders, and media and policy makers at the 2014 Spotlight Awards Gala on Tuesday evening, Oct. 14, in New York City.

Past award recipients from this eclectic and diverse coalition include former National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Jane Alexander, Sean Penn, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, legendary journalist Walter Cronkite, Phil Donahue, former Billboard Magazine Editor-in-Chief Timothy White, Harry Belafonte, Mary Steenburgen, Russell Simmons, Tony Bennett, U.S. Congressman Harold Ford, and U.S. Congressman Charles Rangel.

Dr. Keyes responded to the announcement with these words,

Mr. Tim Daly, President
Ms. Robin Bronk, CEO
The Creative Coalition

Dear Tim and Robin,

I appreciate your invitation to receive the Christopher Reeve First Amendment award on Tuesday, October 14.

I well remember participating in a forum The Creative Coalition sponsored at the Republican National Convention some years ago. I was impressed by the respect shown to differing points of view, giving the audience a good opportunity to hear from both sides on a profoundly important and controversial issue. It showed a deep appreciation for the critical importance of free, fair, and open debate in maintaining a political culture based on persuasion and consent, rather than force and indoctrination. In this regard, I think we stand on common ground.

Thank you for your invitation. I will set aside the date, and I look forward to spending an evening honoring a constitutional provision that is fundamental to both understanding, and successfully exercising, our God-endowed unalienable right of liberty.

Best wishes,


Dr. Keyes' Faith and Freedom Foundation invites his friends and supporters who would like to join him, or to help sponsor a table, to call 888-634-0378.

The Foundation would like to fill as many tables as it can with people on "the right" who understand America is imperiled and see the need to stand together with fellow citizens of good will in defending the foundations of liberty.

The Foundation released the following statement:

"This is a wonderful chance to engage in bridge-building with those we sometimes perceive as adversaries, but with whom we should be solidifying common ground against the true 'hate America' crowd. Where we can agree in principle, let there be a truce!"

"Come show your support for Alan's faithful defense of unalienable rights."

For more information, call the Faith and Freedom Foundation at 888-634-0378.


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