12 hours ago
WORLDNETDAILY — Wired reported earlier this year that special counsel Robert Mueller asserted the Russians he indicted influenced campaigns in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. "The indictment recounts a number of instances where events and demonstrations were organized by Russians posing as Americans on social media. These accounts aimed to get people to do specific things. And it turns out -- some people did."... (more)

12 hours ago
JOSEPH FARAH — Although Google attempted to hobble and silence WND and the rest of the independent, right-of-center media starting after the 2016 election, we were just a mild annoyance compared with Google's ultimate target: Donald Trump, the man who had the audacity to run for president in 2016 -- and win.... (more)

12 hours ago
NATIONAL REVIEW — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed the possibility of secretly recording President Trump and invoking the 25th Amendment to impeach him in the days following the firing of former FBI director James Comey, the New York Times reported Friday.... (more)

13 hours ago
BOB UNRUH — A legal team representing a website called The Free Thought Project has charged Facebook has wrongly labeled some of the site's work as "false" and made it difficult to correct the error. The Rutherford Institute wrote Facebook's head of Global Policy Management, Monika Bickert, charging the social-media platform's news "rating" system is unfair and inaccurate, and its appeals processed is biased.... (more)

13 hours ago
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON — Americans keep dividing into two hostile camps. It seems the country is back to 1860 on the eve of the Civil War, rather than in 2018, during the greatest age of affluence, leisure and freedom in the history of civilization. The ancient historian Thucydides called the civil discord that tore apart the fifth-century B.C. Greek city-states "stasis." He saw stasis as a bitter civil war between the revolutionary masses and the traditionalist middle and upper classes. Something like that ancient divide is now infecting every aspect of American life.... (more)

13 hours ago
NATIONAL REVIEW — Cameron Kasky, a survivor of February's mass shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., recently left the student gun-control group March for Our Lives and now claims he regrets that he was "propped up as an expert" by the media in the wake of the tragedy. "My whole message is I was propped up as an expert. The whole message was these kids are the real experts," Kasky told Fox News Radio's Benson & Harf on Wednesday. "Look, I have some very intelligent friends. Some friends who can intellectually run circles around me, but I'm not the expert in pretty much anything."... (more)

13 hours ago
BALTIMORE SUN — A police search warrant team going after a drug dealer targeted the wrong address and burst into the apartment of an innocent man who shot and wounded two officers believing they were home invaders, Prince George's law enforcement officials said.... (more)

13 hours ago
ART MOORE — Contending Hispanics were the "biggest victims of the low-growth, high-regulation economy under President Obama," a Hispanic leader is pointing to new Census Bureau figures indicating median income for Hispanic households grew by 3.7 percent, adjusted for inflation, last year.... (more)

13 hours ago
NATIONAL REVIEW — A new Yale study has concluded that the population of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. is close to double the generally accepted estimate. The population of undocumented immigrants is widely thought to be around 11.3 million. But the study, which was conducted by three Yale-affiliated researchers, indicates that the total may be more than 22 million. Even the authors were surprised by their findings.... (more)

1 day ago
CLIFF KINCAID — Both sides are claiming the FBI can or will get to the bottom of the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault matter. The Kavanaugh accuser's backers say she wants a full FBI investigation of her charges, and that a former FBI agent conducted a lie detector test that she passed. Kavanaugh's backers say the FBI has already conducted a background investigation of Kavanaugh.... (more)

1 day ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — President Trump said Wednesday that his order to declassify documents about FISA, Carter Page and the Russia probe is a "great service to the country" that could expose the special counsel investigation as a "hoax." In an interview with Hill.TV, Mr. Trump said the move is all about transparency but hopes to expose "something that is truly a cancer in our country."... (more)

1 day ago
MICHAEL BARONE — " I did not, and of course I looked for it, looked for it hard." That was Bob Woodward, promoting his book on the Trump White House, Fear, replying to talk radio host and columnist Hugh Hewitt's question, "Did you, Bob Woodward, hear anything in your research, in your interviews, that sounded like espionage or collusion?"... (more)

1 day ago
BOB UNRUH — A column by Julie Kelly at American Greatness contends the American media are destroying their credibility and are in a death spiral resulting from "we-are-a-collection-of-dishonest-miscreants-who-are-unworthy-of-an-ounce-of-the-American-people's-trust" behavior.... (more)

1 day ago
CONRAD BLACK — The current standing of the Democrats in the midterm election polls is a levitation. Their record when they had the administration was poor. Their official leader, former president Obama, bombed with his long-winded, self-serving monotone of historical revision at the University of Illinois two weeks ago and its dreary sequels in Orange County, Calif.... (more)

1 day ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — The FBI pushed in 2016 to include the discredited dossier into the official intelligence community assessment that Russia interfered in the election to help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton, two former senior officials said. The officials told The Washington Times that as the historic ICA, as it is known, was being drafted, the FBI wanted to fold in allegations and observations from dossier writer Christopher Steele.... (more)

1 day ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — Project Veritas has caught a State Department bureaucrat on hidden camera proclaiming he is part of the anti-Trump opposition and his job is to "resist everything" at "every level." Conservative activist and Veritas chief James O'Keefe released the video on Tuesday. He said it kicks off what he promises is wide exposure of the so-called "Deep State" actively working to defeat President Trump from within via media leaks and policy sabotage.... (more)

1 day ago
PROJECT VERITAS — DOJ: "These allegations are deeply concerning...referred to Inspector General." Leaks at Department of Health and Human Services: "It's kind of like the Nixon, 'deep throat' type of thing." Department of Justice Paralegal Allison Hrabar: "what's kind of lucky is at the DOJ, we can't really get fired."... (more)

1 day ago
CAMPUS REFORM — Last week, President Obama stirred controversy after giving a speech where he told attendees that credit for the historically strong U.S. economy should go to him, and not President Trump. After accusing Trump of being a "threat to our democracy," Obama went on to say "When you hear how great the economy's doing right now, let's just remember when this recovery started," alluding to his own role in the economic upturn.... (more)

1 day ago
TRIGTENT — At a certain point, having ingested enough of Bernie Sanders' rhetoric and policies, one can't help but wonder: is Bernie Sanders really that dumb, or does he simply want to dupe the nation into impoverishing itself, both on an individual and group level?... (more)

1 day ago
PAUL BEDARD — Nearly half of the residents in the nation's five biggest cities do not speak English at home, choosing instead their native language, according to the latest Census Bureau data that details the impact of a decade of soft immigration policies.... (more)

1 day ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — Archbishop of the New York Diocese Cardinal Timothy Dolan asked a former judge to conduct an independent investigation into abuse allegations within his own community of churches. Cardinal Dolan announced that Judge Barbara Jones accepted his invitation to become the diocese's special counsel and independent reviewer. He explained that Judge Jones will have access to all records, Church personnel, and himself to probe all allegations of abuse by priests, deacons and bishops.... (more)

2 days ago
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — President Trump announced Tuesday that he will launch an energy security collaborative with Poland to advance his energy diversity agenda for Europe, an initiative meant to counter the influence Russia wields through its supply of gas to Europe.... (more)

2 days ago
NATIONAL REVIEW — Incumbent Texas senator Ted Cruz is leading his Democratic opponent, Representative Beto O'Rourke, by nine percentage points among likely voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday. The poll found that 54 percent of likely voters supported Cruz and 45 percent backed his opponent, a widely profiled progressive star who currently represents El Paso in the House. Notably, just 1 percent of those surveyed were undecided while 93 percent reported having made their final decision.... (more)

2 days ago
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — The NRA has joined with President Trump and others to decry protesting professional sports figures, mostly in the NFL, who continue to take a knee to protest the National Anthem. National Rifle Association President Oliver North, in a new video titled "We Stand For Our Flag," said that protesting players are turning their backs on the flag, police and troops who gave their limbs and life "so you could spend your Sundays playing games."... (more)

2 days ago
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER — The film focuses on anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, who spent years working for Planned Parenthood before switching sides. A $6 million anti-abortion film that takes a critical look at Planned Parenthood recently wrapped after being shot in secret in Oklahoma, and the filmmakers behind such surprise hits as God's Not Dead and I Can Only Imagine are hoping for similar success when they release the movie wide next year.... (more)

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