10 hours ago
JAMES DOBSON — When I was in the third grade, I raised my hand one day and asked the teacher for permission to "go to the bathroom." She nodded, and I hurried down the hall to the door designated "Boys." When I had relieved myself, I headed back in the direction of my homeroom. As bad luck would have it, the doors in the hallway all looked alike, and I opened the wrong one. Two second-grade girls were standing there with their mouths open in disbelief. Then they both screamed and pointed at me. The loudest one said, "You're in BIG trouble!" The other shouted, "Get out of here!" Sweet kids.... (more)

10 hours ago
WORLDNETDAILY — A Michigan father didn't exactly get the response he was expecting when he asked one of his sons a simple question routinely posed by parents all over the country: How was school today? "My son informed me there was a girl in the bathroom with him and the other kids in his class," Matt Stewart told WXYZ-TV in Detroit.... (more)

10 hours ago
WORLDNETDAILY — Homeschooling reached a remarkable milestone in North Carolina during the 2014-15 school year. With enrollment topping 100,000 students, the Tar Heel State now has more homeschoolers than students in private school.... (more)

10 hours ago
JEROME R. CORSI — On Mitt Romney's airplane heading to Boston on Election Day 2012, chief campaign strategist Stuart Stevens told WND that the former Massachusetts governor was certain to be elected president because "a positive campaign message trumps a ground game every time."... (more)

10 hours ago
THOMAS SOWELL — Socialism sounds great. It has always sounded great. And it will probably always continue to sound great. It is only when you go beyond rhetoric, and start looking at hard facts, that socialism turns out to be a big disappointment, if not a disaster.... (more)

11 hours ago
NEWSMAX — A man should be allowed to beat his wife "lightly" if she defies his wishes, according to legislation proposed by a powerful constitutional council in Pakistan, the Express-Tribune reports.... (more)

11 hours ago
CHERYL CHUMLEY — In a flashback to 1986, Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States, told a listening America on Memorial Day to remember the veterans -- to remember the "fallen heroes" who gave so much to ensure the freedoms of this country, and that while beach trips and cookouts were great, the true meaning of the day was much more somber.... (more)

22 hours ago
ALAN KEYES — This Memorial Day, an otherwise angry and divided America has united in solemn remembrance of every member of the Armed Forces who has fought and died defending our nation... (more)

1 day ago
BOB UNRUH — The "Star-Spangled Banner," the martial, difficult-to-sing yet inspiring piece of music that the United States claims as its national anthem, has been around for nearly two centuries now. Some like it, same don't. It's played at sporting events, concerts, marches, dances and rodeos. In other words, it's everywhere.... (more)

1 day ago
CLIFF KINCAID — The Washington Post has written about "a grass-roots backlash against secularism, homosexuality, and changes introduced" during the time in power of a "Marxist-inspired" political party. But the story was not about the United States. It was about Brazil. The backlash to Marxism has not yet arrived in the United States, and it certainly won't happen with Donald J. Trump's candidacy. Trump has just demonstrated that he is scared of debating socialist Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).... (more)

1 day ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — There are signs that the "ostrich effect" is spreading inside the halls of Congress, where Senate Republicans running for re-election in tight races are putting distance between themselves and Donald Trump -- with some wary of even mentioning his name.... (more)

1 day ago
RUDY TAKALA — A serious independent candidate will step up to challenge presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and likely Democratic standard-bearer Hillary Clinton, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol suggested on Sunday.... (more)

1 day ago
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — As the major parties get ready to nominate candidates with two of the highest unfavorable ratings in recent history, the Libertarian Party chose its most politically experienced contenders for president and vice president.... (more)

1 day ago
PAUL BREMMER — In 2008, the trial and conviction of five leaders of an Islamic charity for funding the terrorist group Hamas exposed the vast Muslim Brotherhood network in the U.S. and its stated aim, according to FBI evidence, to "destroy Western Civilization from within."... (more)

2 days ago
CLIFF KINCAID — Having established relations with the Castro regime in Cuba, President Obama has now signaled his willingness to sell weapons to the Communist Party dictatorship that runs Vietnam. It is the successor to the regime in Hanoi, North Vietnam, which overran South Vietnam, while in the process taking the lives of more than 58,000 Americans resisting communist aggression.... (more)

2 days ago
WORLDNETDAILY — Everyone is talking about bathrooms these days, and with good reason. The federal government is threatening to withhold funds from public school districts if they don't guarantee transgender students access to whatever bathrooms they want.... (more)

2 days ago
MAGGIE GALLAGHER — I was up in the wee hours after midnight Thursday when Daniel Horowitz's tweet crossed my radar: The GOP-controlled House had just voted in the dead of night to write into law Obama's executive order banning federal contractors who "discriminate" against transgendered individuals.... (more)

2 days ago
MONA CHAREN — As someone who believes that excessive partisanship and Balkanization are poisoning our politics, I have tried to view Hillary Clinton as something other than the ghoul she is portrayed as in conservative circles... (more)

2 days ago
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Donald Trump attacked the magistrate presiding over a class action lawsuit that alleges fraud at the former "Trump University," accusing U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel of disgraceful conduct and stating that the judge is a "Mexican."... (more)

3 days ago
GREG COROMBOS — The nation will pause over the coming days to honor all Americans who have given their lives to defend the United States, and this year the National Memorial Day Concert will continue its legacy of saluting all who have worn the uniform with a special tribute to a man who still serves decades after losing a leg in Vietnam.... (more)

3 days ago
JERRY NEWCOMBE — Another Memorial Day is upon us. Interestingly, President Obama just visited Vietnam to help solidify our formerly strained relations. The Vietnam War still brings up many painful memories for those who served. No doubt it all turned out tragically, but there is a side of that war we rarely hear about -- and that is, a word of thanks for even trying to keep that nation free from the scourge of Communism.... (more)

3 days ago
NEWSMAX — Former UN Ambassador John Bolton didn't mince words in his criticism of Barack Obama as a guest on the Breitbart News Daily radio show. Talking about Obama's visit to Hiroshima, Bolton refuted the notion that the president was there to honor the lives of Japanese and Allied soldiers.... (more)

3 days ago
JEROME R. CORSI — In a seemingly innocuous deposition with Lewis Alan Lukens -- a 27-year veteran State Department Foreign Service officer in charge of logistics and management support while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state -- Judicial Watch set the stage to expose Clinton for her creation of an allegedly illegal private email system to conduct official government business.... (more)

3 days ago
JOHN FUND — Smart Democrats began dusting off copies of their Plan B for the 2016 fall campaign this week. They were prompted by a devastating report from Department of Justice inspector general, who found that "significant security risks" were raised by Hillary Clinton's decision to use a private e-mail server at the State Department.... (more)

3 days ago
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Donald Trump's campaign has alerted Senate Republicans that he won't have much money to spend fending off attacks from Hillary Clinton over the next couple months.... (more)

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