33 minutes ago
RENEWAMERICA STAFF — RenewAmerica has partnered with multi-national pro-life organization Real Estate for Life to help sustain the work of RenewAmerica. Real Estate for Life is a faith-based real estate network that funds "gospel of life groups worldwide."... (more)

1 day ago
NEW YORK POST — [Hurling obscenities,] protesters chanted outside City Hall Tuesday night as the City Council worked overtime to slash the police budget in the middle of a crime wave. New York's Finest were stoic behind their masks as they took disgusting abuse from hundreds of champagne revolutionaries. Did their mothers not teach their anti-cop offspring manners?... (more)

1 day ago
FOX NEWS — Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones joined "Hannity" Wednesday for a live report from the site of New York City's Occupy City Hall protest, where he and his crew were "attacked" by demonstrators earlier in the day.... (more)

1 day ago
YOUTUBE — CHOP era defined by anarchy and arson; Seattle radio show host Jason Rantz joins Tucker Carlson with insight on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight... (more)

1 day ago
DAILY HERALD — Officers with the Provo City Police Department arrested two individuals Tuesday after reports of shots fired during protests in Provo on Monday evening. According to the probable cause statements filed in support of the arrests, officers received reports at around 8:45 p.m. Monday of shots fired. The shooting was reported to have occurred in the area of Center Street and University Avenue in Provo where two protests were taking place.... (more)

2 days ago
FOX NEWS — Seattle Department of Transportation crews on Tuesday began removing concrete barriers marking the entrance to the area protesters are calling the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP.... (more)

3 days ago
REV. MARK H. CREECH — There is violence throughout our land, and most of it in the name of eradicating racism. Any statue with the slightest perception of some racist association or history is either spray-painted with profane graffiti or pulled to the ground. Public buildings and businesses have been ransacked, looted, or burned. A Black Lives Matter leader from New York declares on national television that if the U.S. "doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system."... (more)

3 days ago
JOAN SWIRSKY — If the upcoming presidential election on November 3, 2020, were not so serious, it would be downright hilarious just watching the Democrats twist themselves into pretzels in their efforts to project onto President Trump their own lengthy and shameful record of racism.... (more)

3 days ago
LLOYD MARCUS — A longtime white friend phoned me to talk him down from the cliff. He is concerned about how the new racial hatred dominating our country will impact his grandkids. For the first time, he and his wife believe they should purchase a gun for home protection. This headline confirms my friend's instinct to arm himself to protect his family. "BEWARE: The Woke Mob is Targeting You Next, Small-Town America."... (more)

3 days ago
LINDA GOUDSMIT — There are good cops and there are bad cops. There are good doctors and there are bad doctors. The 24/7 fake news media insists that the mob is tearing down statues, smashing windows, looting, and burning down cities because a bad cop killed a man. I don't think so.... (more)

3 days ago
NEWSMAX — President Donald Trump leads presumptive Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden by a slim margin in swing-state Wisconsin, according to a Trafalgar Group poll released Sunday. Georgia-based political strategist Robert Cahaly, who owns the Trafalgar Group, was the only pollster in 2016 to predict Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Trump beat Clinton in Wisconsin, 47.2% to 46.5% in 2016.... (more)

3 days ago
NEWSMAX — Outspoken critic of the Left and New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz says America is currently in a "civil war" and claimed that President Donald Trump is the "most vilified, libeled and slandered human in all history."... (more)

3 days ago
WORLDNETDAILY — The issue of America's Big Tech industry -- especially the three or four billionaires who essentially have a monopoly on social-media pages -- and its censorship of conservatives has been around for years already. But in as few as a couple weeks now, there could be news on what will be done to assure Americans that their speech and views will not be censored because of the political agenda of a platform that is supposed to be neutral.... (more)

3 days ago
DAILY SIGNAL — Attorney General William Barr said Thursday that the Department of Justice is conducting about 500 investigations into acts of arson and destruction associated with the protests and riots over the past several weeks. The DOJ is ramping up investigations into the activists who participated in destruction of private and public property over the last several weeks, Barr said during an episode of the "Verdict" podcast with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.... (more)

4 days ago
DAILY CALLER — More than 50,000 people have died from coronavirus-related illness at the country's nursing homes for older adults, The New York Times reported Saturday. The Times's database collected data showing that coronavirus, or COVID-19, has infected more than 282,000 people at 12,000 facilities. Total deaths from such long-term facilities constitute roughly 43% of all COVID-19-related deaths, the paper reported.... (more)

4 days ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — Four men have been charged with damaging and trying to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue near the White House, federal prosecutors announced Saturday night. One, Connor Matthew Judd, has already been arrested and appeared in court Saturday. The other three were at large as of the announcement, prosecutors said. They are identified as Lee Michael Cantrell, Ryan Lane and Graham Lloyd.... (more)

4 days ago
DAILY CALLER — President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday evening that seeks to protect federal monuments and properties by conditioning federal funding for state and local governments on compliance.... (more)

5 days ago
DAILY CALLER — Thousand Currents, the California-based charity that manages fundraising operations for the national arm of Black Lives Matter, includes on its board a convicted terrorist whose sentence was commuted by former President Bill Clinton on his last day in office.... (more)

5 days ago
WORLDNETDAILY — A federal judge on Friday blocked Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other New York leaders from prohibiting outdoor religious gatherings due to the coronavirus after officials endorsed mass protests. Judge Gary Sharpe issued a preliminary injunction against Cuomo, Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Attorney General Letitia James forbidding coronavirus-based regulations on outdoor religious ceremonies.... (more)

6 days ago
THE EDITORS OF NATIONAL REVIEW — The coronavirus hasn't gone away. As the Northeast, the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S. for months, has seen steep, persistent declines in confirmed cases, other parts of the country have spiked. A month or so ago, most of the increased cases were a function of increased testing. Now, states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona have seen worrying increases in their positivity rates -- the percentage of tests that are positive -- in a sign of accelerating community spread.... (more)

1 week ago
JOAN SWIRSKY — They say that out of every bad thing comes a good thing. Ask any mother who has been through a 20-hour labor! The same can be said of the criminal behavior of the Marxist-inspired radicals—Antifa and Black Lives Matters—that eclipsed the legitimate outrage following the horrific murder of George Floyd by a white policeman, Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis, MN.... (more)

1 week ago
MICHAEL A. CARTER, JR. — During a recent Facebook faceoff with a fellow black American, I posed the following question: "How many unarmed black Americans were fatally shot by police in 2019? My debate partner's answer was a dismissive, "What does it matter? One too many." But is the lack of intellectual curiosity in this response appropriate, given all that has happened to the black community as a result of last month's protests? After all, these spasms of justice were perpetrated, supposedly, to combat law enforcement brutality and to stymie the pervasive, police-imposed "black genocide" occurring from sea to shining sea.... (more)

1 week ago
SELWYN DUKE — The Supreme Court's recent opinion that the 1964 Civil Rights Act's prohibition against "sex" discrimination offers protections for the "LGBT" groups has raised eyebrows and ire. But it's not surprising: The decision's author, Justice Neil Gorsuch, long ago made clear that he operates from false premises. One of these is what's called "textualism," which is not at all the same as originalism.... (more)

1 week ago
FOX NEWS — Greater New York Black Lives Matter president Hawk Newsome joined "The Story" Wednesday to discuss the direction of the movement in the wake of George Floyd's death in police custody and the subsequent demonstrations across the country, many of which have sparked destruction and violence.... (more)

1 week ago
NEWSMAX — The several-block area of Seattle overtaken by protesters for two weeks appeared to be weakening Wednesday following the third shooting in four days within the zone, with a person identified by CNN as the "de facto leader" telling the cable news channel "a lot of people already left."... (more)

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