1 day ago
CONSERVATIVE REVIEW — Voters approve of Ted Cruz's decision not to endorse Donald Trump, according to a recent poll conducted by Echelon Insights. -... (more)

1 day ago
POLITICUS USA — The myth that Donald Trump is a special political ratings draw was smashed as Trump's acceptance speech had about the same number of viewers as Mitt Romney's did in 2012, and 10 million fewer viewers than John McCain did in 2008.... (more)

1 day ago
TIMOTHY P. CARNEY — Conservatives used to mock Barack Obama's self-aggrandizing promises in his 2008 convention speech, including Obama's promise to stop the rise of the oceans. It was typical Utopian liberalism -- a bottomless faith in the power of big government.... (more)

1 day ago
NEWSMAX — In his first interview since the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump said he prevented Ted Cruz from being ripped off the stage by entering Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena as hundreds of angry delegates lashed out at the Texas senator.... (more)

1 day ago
CNN — Veteran journalists Carl Bernstein and Jeff Greenfield discuss Trump's GOP Convention speech and the media's failure to deeply investigate both candidates.... (more)

1 day ago
NEWSMAX — Keith Olbermann, former MSNBC host, posed the question, "Could Donald Trump pass a sanity test?" in Vanity Fair Thursday and concluded that no, the GOP nominee could not.... (more)

1 day ago

1 day ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — Sen. Tim Kaine hit the campaign trail for the first time Saturday as the Democratic Party's vice presidential nominee, trashing Republican Donald Trump and vowing that he and Hillary Clinton will pursue a "strong, progressive agenda" in the White House.... (more)

1 day ago
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Democratic National Convention officials have stripped party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of a speaking slot at the event next week, according to CNN.... (more)

1 day ago
DAILY CALLER, MAY 5, 2016 — After acknowledging he will now raise money for the general election, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has named a national finance chairman who has a history with some organizations that could clash with his conservative populist message.... (more)

1 day ago
CLIFF KINCAID — It is not unusual for a politician to change his mind, even on critical national security matters. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) essentially flip-flopped on the damage done by NSA defector Edward Snowden. He went from saying that Snowden may have violated the law to accusing the NSA defector of being an outright traitor.... (more)

1 day ago
CBS NEWS — Donald Trump's restraint on the topic of Ted Cruz Thursday gave way to more expansive remarks Friday that ranged from his own comments earlier this year linking Cruz's father to Lee Harvey Oswald to Cruz's failure to endorse him.... (more)

2 days ago

2 days ago
THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR — This should be the last time I write against Donald Trump all year. Okay, all you conservatives who supported Donald Trump before he officially became the Republican Party's official nominee last night: Now, you own him. He's all yours.... (more)

2 days ago
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — You reap what you sow. For a generation since Ronald Reagan left Washington -- that would be the Ronald Reagan who knew that "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" was a punch line -- the "conservative" Republican party has sown an incoherent statism that has trouble telling the good guys from the bad guys.... (more)

2 days ago
CTV NEWS — American voters who fear a Donald Trump presidency but are not totally convinced by the idea of Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office have turned to Google in search of a third option. According to new data from Google Trends, the search engine saw a significant spike in searches for "3rd party candidate 2016" since the Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday.... (more)

2 days ago
TOM HOEFLING — Sometimes you can learn more about a politician by paying close attention to what he doesn't say than by what he does say. So I'm not going to point in this missive much to the things Trump said, or shouted, from the podium last night at the close of the 2016 GOP convention.... (more)

2 days ago
DAILY MAIL — An 18-year-old German-Iranian man who complained he had been bullied killed nine people then himself during a gun rampage through Munich yesterday, with police probing claims he lured some of his young victims to their deaths with a promise of free McDonald's food.... (more)

2 days ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — Donald Trump completed his takeover of the Republican Party on Thursday, claiming the presidential nomination, calling for unity within the party and holding himself out as the real agent of change all voters have been waiting for.... (more)

3 days ago
PHILIP KLEIN — As Mike Pence accepted the Republican Party's nomination for vice president, I witnessed a supporter of Donald Trump and a Ted Cruz backer in a nearly chest-to-chest shouting match in the back of the convention floor, fighting over Cruz's non-endorsement.... (more)

3 days ago
TIMOTHY P. CARNEY — "Conscience," it seems, is a curse word to the followers of Donald Trump. But as our institutions fail and true leaders are scarce, and times grow dark for all who care about liberty and the rule of law, the only light we have left is conscience.... (more)

3 days ago
NATIONAL REVIEW — What happened last night on Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messenger, and e-mail was unprecedented, for this writer at least. It started almost as soon as Ted Cruz left the podium in Cleveland, and it built up momentum until it quickly became an avalanche. I didn't just hear from politicos (though I certainly did hear from them) or conservatives (ditto) -- I heard from liberals, moderates, and even from friends who are relatively apolitical. Some wanted to hear my opinion on Cruz's speech and the subsequent reaction. But most just wanted to let me know that they thought it was fantastic.... (more)

3 days ago
AMANDA CARPENTER — He didn't endorse, but he still came to Cleveland. In coming to the GOP convention that crowned Donald Trump as its Republican presidential candidate, Cruz faced intense pressure to fall in line behind the nominee, although the Trump campaign offered no apologies for the disgraceful way it smeared Cruz in the primary contests.... (more)

3 days ago
CONSERVATIVE REVIEW — All day, buzz was surrounding the highly anticipated Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas primetime speech at the GOP Convention. "Will he endorse Trump?" "Will he orchestrate his speech for a 2020 run?"... (more)

3 days ago
THE WEEK — Ted Cruz ended his speech at Wednesday night's Republican National Convention to boos from the convention floor and chants of "Endorse Trump!" This may not have been spontaneous outrage at Cruz's failure to congratulate but not endorse Donald Trump.... (more)

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