Drudge invokes Roger Stone-inspired dirty tricks to smear Ted Cruz's Christianity
RenewAmerica staff
March 12, 2016

The top feature at Friday's Drudge Report was a smear of Ted Cruz' Christian faith by a self-described "gay conservative libertarian" publisher in Florida.

The misleading and exaggerated Drudge feature – accompanied by a series of equally misleading and distorted video clips – was written by "political operative" Jacob Engels of the East Orlando Post, which he owns. His Twitter page shows Engels is actively promoting Donald Trump. It also reveals Engels' admiration for close Trump confidante Roger Stone, mastermind of Trump's presidential campaign and head of the pro-Trump super PAC, The Committee to Restore America's Greatness.

Engels appears to be an acolyte of Stone, a Nixon-era political trickster and long-time mentor of Trump and architect of Trump's political aspirations. He is famous for "Stone's Rules" of Alinsky-like dirty tricks. In one tweet, Engels calls Stone, who has been barred by CNN, a "legendary political operative." In another, he tweets that "'Stone's Rules' would not have allowed [Trump's] #IowaCaucus defeat," implying they were not sufficiently followed after Stone left the campaign to head up the super PAC.

For background on Roger Stone, who by numerous indications at Engel's Twitter page appears to have inspired Engels' attack on Cruz, see:

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