Download an advance copy of A Mormon Story by Stephen Stone
RenewAmerica staff
January 2, 2012
For more than a decade, the politically-active Stone family, who founded RenewAmerica, has been harassed and intimidated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church) for refusing to abandon their respected political work.

This unAmerican persecution has come not just from a few errant leaders or members, unfortunately, but from the highest levels of the church.

Stephen Stone, President of RenewAmerica, has written a compelling account of his family's ordeal in digital book form: A Mormon Story: Authoritarianism Knows No Bounds.

It's a factual history of the church's interference with RenewAmerica, itself — and with the cause of the national conservative leader for whom the website was created: Alan Keyes.

Raised in the LDS church but preferring to center his beliefs in biblical principle, Stephen has never adopted the commonly-held norms or traditions of the church. As a result, he and his family have paid a heavy price at the hands of church officials — particularly regarding their political work.

You can preview an advance copy of the book HERE. The book is nearly complete, lacking only its last chapters and some final editing.

Please feel free to share the contents of the book with anyone interested in understanding the often-enigmatic LDS church. As the copyright holder, the author grants permission for the book's full text, as well as any excerpts, to be disseminated free of charge to interested recipients — on the stipulation the book is left unaltered and made available without cost.

He also welcomes suggestions for the final draft at

With two "Mormons" running for President of the United States this election season — Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman — A Mormon Story has special relevance. It's a story that deserves to be told.
If you encounter difficulty downloading the book, let us know and we'll email you a PDF.

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