Activist tools

Besides living a life that invites the guidance and gifts of God's Spirit — that thereby we might be a blessing to our country and to those persons we encounter — it's also vital that we become acquainted with effective tools for political activism, so we might fulfill our God-given duty as citizens and significantly multiply our influence for good.

Among the many grassroots resources that could be listed are the following —

  • The growing selection of patriotic songs featured at America's Revival. Among these are "Born in America," by Neil Brian Goldberg; "American Tea Party Anthem," by Lloyd Marcus; and "Taxed Enough Already," by Craig Myers.

    Play these songs at rallies, Tea Parties, patriotic events, protests, and local gatherings. Such inspiring music not only has the power to stir people's hearts to action, but opens their minds to truth.

  • — a website sponsored by RenewAmerica to inform and equip God-fearing grassroots activists. The site is a strictly nonpartisan organizing tool for restoring our country to its biblical, constitutional, and Declaration-based foundations. It is not aligned with any particular candidate or national leader, and emphasizes the need for each individual citizen to lead out in reclaiming America upon God-centered precepts and principles. We'll keep you posted as we add new features to the site.

    The latest features include:

  • RA's other sister sites.

  • Americanist links — a comprehensive list of conservative websites, organizations, and spokespersons.

  • Our nation's founding documents and principles.

  • Patriotic speeches and documents.

  • "How the grassroots works" — an overview of common-sense principles that govern grassroots activism, prepared by the staff of RenewAmerica.

  • Contact information for U.S. Senators and Congressmen.

  • Websites of political parties — those which, in our judgment, merit serious consideration by patriotic Americans.

  • Politically-useful products — a list of reputable vendors of signs, stickers, T-shirts, banners, printing, publishing, etc.

  • More resources to come . . .

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They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31