Book review: 'Confronting the Deception,' by Tabitha Korol
Wes Vernon, RenewAmerica analyst
September 10, 2018

For nearly two years, America has been caught up in one of the most crisis-level uproars in its "peacetime" history. The obsession of a significant movement to remove a duly-elected sitting president from office has taken us to the edge of a constitutional showdown arguably as intense as the charged environment that dogged Abraham Lincoln leading up to the Civil War. In such a circumstance, it is hardly surprising that older and longer-term threats to the republic are pushed to the background – for the time being. But other long-term problems will be back to haunt us sooner or later.

Such is the case with the current intense momentum of our unappeasable differences and mutual hostilities to push our 200-plus old Republic toward an unconstitutional "silent coup" or – God forbid – a non-silent second civil war. In such a flirtation with combustible results, our short memory can be distracted from previous calamities, even those of recent occurrence.

For example: Have we forgotten that less than a mere two decades ago, our nation's mainland was attacked by enemies intending to take us out or lead us to that precipice? Therein occurred the latest chapter in the offensive targeting by a hostile movement whose resentment had been seething for centuries against any pro-freedom entity – usually defined as "western civilization" – whose very existence is seen as a threat, or "jihad," described by Webster's Dictionary as (1) a holy war undertaken by Muslims, or (2) any bitter crusade for an idea.

Lest we forget

America's confidence that such centuries-old hatreds were safely beyond the reach of the home of the free and the brave, of course, came to a screeching halt with 9/11 when the Twin Towers of the Trade Center in lower Manhattan were toppled – as simultaneously the Pentagon in Washington was attacked – on the morning of September 11, 2000, murdering nearly 3,000 in one of the most conspicuous locations in the USA. While so many Americans had long ago concluded they were "safe," those days were gone.

Awake at last; so now what?

Comes now Tabitha Korol, who has penned a prescient volume Confronting the Deception, which goes beyond the well-known reminders that the assassins who carried out the 9/11 attacks aboard the hijacked passenger jets under the direction of Osama bin Laden were jihadists of the most fanatical stripe. The threat was not new. It's just that for decades, our cocoon-like instincts had assured us that this kind of thing did not threaten us – that the threat was "over there."

The real world

Tabitha Korol warns us that the threat of jihad in America is more acute than many Americans realize. Her research has led to the conclusion that assurances of "peaceful" intention on the part of most Muslims on our soil are misleading. This reviewer's understanding, and that of most Americans, for the most part, had been that only a minority of Muslims in America remain determined to bring American to its knees to deal with ancient grievances. Author Korol sees the situation exactly the other way around. She believes a majority of the Muslim population here constitutes a potential threat that would be ignored at our peril. She outlines in detail how their supposed political "caliphate" efforts as believers in Mohamed pose a dangerous risk to Judaeo-Christian civilization. The book claims that "the United States, Israel, and cultures that still value freedom have been fighting a battle of survival on several fronts."

Confronting the Deception argues that the goal of the offending movement is to claim what it calls "Ground Zero" as its caliphate and "is still being fueled by a Shadow Government." The author observes that the media hide the truth about Islam. We would specify "political Islam." Ms. Korol reports that her research indicates that a dagger at the heart of America bears the mark of that political ideology's organized hatred. Whatever one calls it, the goal remains "Death to America."


Confronting the Deception's credibility is advanced by the backing of respected authorities in the study of political Islam. "Vital Reading" is the description applied by Steven Emerson, author, journalist, author and executive director of The Investigations Project on Terrorism; Dr. Bill Warner, PHD, founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam; and Joan Swirsky, a widely known New York writer, author of 12 books.

Infiltration: Where?

Wait until you see just where the actual places are that political Islamists have managed to worm their way into –places that are the lifeblood of so much of an unsuspecting America. Putting it in the vernacular, "It will blow your mind." Academia and media are listed among the most prominent. But even they are just for starters. One gets the impression that no nook or cranny of our society is overlooked. When you read the specifics, you will be shocked. This one's a page turner. Confronting the Deception is your directory to a top fight-back weapon in your arsenal of awareness.

© Wes Vernon


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