Senate candidate Shak Hill signs pledge to impeach Obama
RenewAmerica staff
May 20, 2014

Shak Hill, a popular Tea Party U.S. Senate candidate from Virginia who is vying with political insider and lobbyist Ed Gillespie for the state's GOP nomination, has committed to seek the impeachment and removal of Barack Obama.

The decorated former Air Force combat pilot recently signed a candidate pledge that calls for initiating the president's impeachment for unconstitutional usurpations and betrayals of his oath of office, summarized in a comprehensive case against the president.

The pledge is a grassroots initiative of Pledge To Impeach, co-sponsored by RenewAmerica and Conservative Majority PAC.

Hill, who flew in Desert Storm and on top secret missions around the world, is endorsed by National Defense PAC, Patriot PAC, the National Association for Gun Rights – and just today won a personal endorsement by Conservative Majority PAC Chairman Ambassador Alan Keyes.

Hill and his wife Robin have six children, three of whom they homeschool, and are the foster parents of 46. The family recently received the 2013 Volunteer Family of the Year for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce awarded Hill the 2013 Event Committee Co-Chairman of the Year for his volunteer service. In addition to serving on his city council and in non-profit board positions in the community (including volunteer work as a Trustee of the Family and Children's Trust Fund, and a Board member of the American Youth Philharmonic Orchestras), Hill is a small business owner, and has a master's degree in finance.

A community leader who strongly believes in America's democratic institutions and Constitution, Hill said, "America is exceptional because of the way we have chosen to govern ourselves. We all must understand and appreciate the Constitution and the greatness of this document and our governing bodies. If we depart from that Constitution, then we enter into areas unknown, without the blessing of God, and without the People controlling the government, but rather the government controlling the people. Look around and decide for yourself just how close we are to the latter."

He added, "I am not about politics as usual. I am not part of the ruling class, but I am fearful that our country is heading in the wrong direction. I will be beholden to [the citizens], the Constitution, and our Creator."

He joins Derrick Grayson for U.S. Senate from Georgia, Oregon U.S. Senate candidate Mark Callahan – whose recent confrontation with a reporter writing "blah, blah, blah" instead of quoting another candidate went viral – and numerous other grassroots Senate candidates in signing the Pledge To Impeach.


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