About RenewAmerica

RenewAmerica is an educational non-profit corporation that seeks to preserve the United States upon the self-evident truths proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and ensured by the U.S. Constitution—as these founding documents are understood in light of their accurate history and the biblical values that informed them.

Our purpose is to courageously advance the cause of our nation's Founders through, above all, strengthening the families who comprise America’s grassroots—those God-fearing, decent people who want to leave a strong and free America to their posterity.

RenewAmerica is for ALL people who consider themselves loyal Americans. It has no philosophy, image, or agenda beyond this one unifying premise: America must return to its founding principles if it is to survive.

RenewAmerica is thus fundamentally nonpartisan and nondenominational.

Because RenewAmerica is "GRASSROOTS" at heart, it remains fundamentally independent, creative, and energetic in pursuing its distinctive agenda in the cause of strengthening America. We welcome your creative energy in this vital cause and invite you to take initiative to imitate, replicate, and multiply our efforts.

Please join with us.

Mission statement

The mission of RenewAmerica is to expand the influence of America's God-fearing, common sense-based grassroots—among both individual citizens and principled groups—in the cause of preserving our nation upon its foundational ideals, specifically those in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, as well as those derived from self-evident biblical truths.

To achieve our mission, we intend to fully utilize RenewAmerica’s free-speech rights as an alternative media source, as well as expand its comprehensive family-education vision, in the cause of fostering an ever-growing group of informed citizens willing to lead out in the education of themselves and their own children and thereby “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,” as emphasized in the visionary words of the Preamble to the Constititution.

We intend to succeed in this ambitious undertaking—for the sake of our country in these uncertain times.


RenewAmerica began in January 2002 as a grassroots support for Alan Keyes' MSNBC TV show "Alan Keyes Is Making Sense." Over the years, RA's website has evolved into a significant Christian-based education vehicle — gathering scores of talented new writers (along with a handful of well-known established ones); promoting the core issues of moral conservatism in a highly-readable "magazine" format; and amassing a loyal following, particularly through its twice-weekly newsletter.

With former college president Dr. Keyes as Honorary Chairman, RA is a strong, independent voice for the causes that unite moral conservatives, and strives to be a beacon of truth at a time when our country is increasingly losing its way — morally, spiritually, politically, and culturally.


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Publishing standards

The mission and purpose of RenewAmerica is to strengthen America's grassrootsthrough informing and equipping them upon a foundation that centers in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bible . . . (Click for more)

Position statement on "prayer in school"

There are few issues that are of greater importance to the future of our nation than the constitutionally-guaranteed right of religious expression — both publicly and privately. In modern history, that right has been threatened as never before by an unduly secular judiciary – as evidenced by the Supreme Court's 1962 landmark Engel v. Vitale "prayer in school" decision . . . (Click to read Wikipedia's write-up of that irrational, destructive decision)

Fair use notice

RenewAmerica is a not-for-profit enterprise that exists solely to educate, inform, strengthen, and inspire God-fearing Americans in the cause of preserving our republic . . . (Click for more)


They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31