May 16, 2022

May 16, 2022
RENEWAMERICA STAFF — RenewAmerica has partnered with multi-national pro-life organization Real Estate for Life to help sustain the work of RenewAmerica. Real Estate for Life is a faith-based real estate network that funds "gospel of life groups worldwide."... (more)

May 16, 2022
YOUTUBE — In this episode, Dinesh answers Ben Shapiro and other critics and "fact checkers" of the documentary "2000 Mules." Dinesh and Debbie talk about the baby food shortage, how Mike Esper thwarted Trump's farsighted plans for Venezuela, and other current issues. Dinesh examines the discussion between Dante the pilgrim and his great-great grandfather Cacciaguida in the Circle of Mars. MUST-WATCH.... (more)

May 15, 2022
YOUTUBE — Anthony Fauci is one of the most successful failures in government history – but the media doesn't want you to know that. Join Michael Knowles as he peels back the mask on Fauci's past, and exposes the world's leading "scientist" for what he really is: a fraud.... (more)

May 15, 2022
YOUTUBE — Republicans want Joe Biden to know it's "payback time" as the U.S. president's legal team prepares for possible impeachment after the midterms on grounds of "incompetence," says Curtin University's Professor Joe Siracusa. Mr Biden's legal team is preparing to defend against the possibility of impeachment if Republicans gain a majority in Congress after midterm elections. "President Biden knows they're coming for him," Prof. Siracusa told Sky News Australia.... (more)

May 15, 2022
NEW YORK POST — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and three other Republican senators made a surprise trip to Kyiv Saturday to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky -- as a bipartisan bill to send $40 billion in additional aid remained stalled in Congress.... (more)

May 14, 2022
DAILY MAIL — Vladimir Putin told the President of Finland he is making a 'mistake' by joining NATO as it faces 'no security threats' in a phone call this morning. And in a speech on the 80th day of the war in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: 'The collective West has announced a total hybrid war on us. It is difficult to forecast how long this will all last, but it is clear that the consequences will be felt by everybody without exception.'... (more)

May 13, 2022
FORTUNE — A coup is underway to oust Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is "very sick" due to cancer, according to Ukraine's head of military intelligence. "It will eventually lead to the change of leadership of the Russian Federation. This process has already been launched and they are moving into that way," Ukrainian Major Gen. Kyrylo Budanov told the UK's Sky News in an exclusive interview.... (more)

May 13, 2022
NEW YORK POST — If you were trying to discredit your own regime, you would be hard-pressed to do better than create a Ministry of Truth, house it within your domestic-security apparatus, and appoint a serial spewer of untruth to lead it.... (more)

May 12, 2022
JERRY NEWCOMBE — These days, it seems that Saul Alinsky has taken over the Democrat Party. This is no longer the party of JFK--not even close. JFK said in his Inaugural Address, "the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God." Alinsky (1909-1972), the Marxist community organizer from Chicago, rejected any belief in God. And he perfected many of the "by any means necessary" tactics the left is using today--tactics on full display these days in the wake of challenges to Roe v. Wade.... (more)

May 12, 2022
ART MOORE — The Biden administration has proposed amendments to World Health Organization regulations that would give the UN agency's director-general unilateral authority to declare a health emergency in the United States. The International Health Regulations amendments will be subject to votes at the upcoming annual meeting of the WHO's governing legislative body, the World Health Assembly, May 22-28 in Geneva, Switzerland, warns the acclaimed reformer in the field of psychiatry, Dr. Peter Breggin, who is helping lead a campaign to raise awareness of the Biden administration's move.... (more)

May 12, 2022
BRIGHTEON — "I am one of those folks who believes that the 2020 election was stolen," Dr. Alan Keyes told his guests, the Resistance Chicks and John Diamond, as they discussed Dinesh D'Souza's new film '2000 Mules' and the unprecedented facts surrounding it. Recorded April 25, 2022.... (more)

May 12, 2022
TWITTER — The Left will do anything to distract America from @DineshDSouza's 2000 Miles movie. Do not stop talking about it. If networks don't want to cover it, force them to. Send it to everyone you know. This is black & white proof that cannot be refuted. Next, we need 2000 Arrests.... (more)

May 12, 2022
RUMBLE — True the Vote and Dinesh D'Souza corroborate allegations of voter fraud with concrete data in their film "2000 Mules." One America's Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Rion has more from Washington.... (more)

May 11, 2022
RUMBLE — Comedian JP Sears and an argumentative woke friend try to have a "civil" conversation in this hysterical satire.... (more)

May 10, 2022
TOWNHALL — Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has repeatedly shown his ineptitude when it comes to leading Democrats in the upper chamber, and he did so again in spectacular fashion on Wednesday afternoon. In what he seems to think was a grand gesture to prove his party's commitment to a woman's (birthing person's?) right to kill her unborn child only put Democrats on the record supporting a bill that's more radical than Roe ever was.... (more)

May 10, 2022
YOUTUBE — Kentucky senator discusses how he is working to bring other lawmakers together to dissolve Biden's Disinformation Governance Board on "Jesse Watters Primetime."... (more)

May 10, 2022
ART MOORE — The director of the Biden administration's new disinformation board was a promoter of the debunked claim concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.... (more)

May 10, 2022
ART MOORE — Over a 10-year period, the National Institutes of Health, agency scientists, and executives such as Dr. Anthony Fauci received a total of $350 million in royalty payments from third parties, such as pharmaceutical companies, according to an independent investigation that obtained government documents through a lawsuit.... (more)

May 9, 2022
RUMBLE — Ted Cruz strikes again, and you need to see it! The Texas senator recites actions by Democrats that contributed to the unprecedented recent leak of the Supreme Court's "draft opinion" in the current abortion-related case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which concerns the constitutionality of a 2018 state law banning most abortions in Mississippi.... (more)

May 9, 2022
LINDA GOUDSMIT — Election integrity and freedom of speech are the two most basic requirements for a democracy—that is, a government by the people, exercised directly or through elected representatives. The 2020 United States presidential election breached them both. Unprecedented in U.S. election history, Democrat-run cities in battleground states suspended vote-counting, and then mysteriously resumed with drastically changed trajectories of the vote count. 2000 mules... (more)

May 9, 2022
WORLDNETDAILY — It's likely few people still believe newspapers are neutral providers of "news," after the legacy media's agenda to suppress bad information about the Biden family's international business schemes and portray everything President Trump accomplished as bad over recent years. The few who still held on to that ideal now likely are having their beliefs shattered, as the Denver Post has given up any pretense of neutrality with an article that promotes abortion, and directs readers where to donate money for the operations of the lucrative industry.... (more)

May 9, 2022
PJ MEDIA — I'm so glad we all know what the theme of this summer's riots will be and can finally start our shopping and planning! To no one's surprise, Leftist brownshirts have quickly spasmed from caterwauling to committing terrorism in their quest to interfere with the official business of the Supreme Court. And anyone else who dares to hold pro-life views had better watch their back, too.... (more)

May 9, 2022
JOSEPH FARAH — With the release of the film "2000 Mules," the overwhelming evidence, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the 2000 election was stolen, rigged and covered up becomes clear for all to see. There were countless acts of "insurrection" involved. Democrats were successful at committing treason. It was a coup d'etat. It was an outright act of rebellion, a successful revolution, an overthrow not just of a democratic election but a coordinated effort to defraud even the Founding Fathers of this great country.... (more)

May 9, 2022
JACK DAVIS — Twitter employees reading the tea leaves as they try to discern the future in an Elon Musk-owned company received some bad news last week. Musk recently prepared a presentation for investors, known as a pitch deck, that outlines some of the moves he's planning for the social media giant, according to The New York Times.... (more)

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