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Wes Vernon, RenewAmerica analyst
June 12, 2018

Scared rabbit alert

Victoria Toensing, one of the insightful attorneys on Fox News, cut to the quick the other night when she spoke with her fellow panelists of the odd statement by House Speaker Paul Ryan that there was "no evidence" that then President Obama ordered the FBI to "spy" on the Trump campaign.

The speaker's statement undercuts a concern by President Trump and Hill conservatives. Since the President of the United States has the right to "suggest" investigations by the FBI, the "no evidence" assertion was deemed by Toensing as – shall we say – "premature." After all, there is "no evidence" that President Obama did not make such a "suggestion" either, though doing so would not be out of character for a chief of state who seemed at times sensitive to criticism often found in give-and-take politics.

The speaker's comments followed a similar odd pre-judgment by the outgoing South Carolina GOP Congressman Trey Goudy. Coming from him, that handed the speaker an opportunity to imply, "There, you see, a staunch Southern conservative agrees with my position."

This is no parlor game. It is serious when, as Toensing indicated – the top GOP leadership in the House does the bidding of the Republican Party's scared rabbit wing (i.e., let's not step on Dem toes lest they be mean to us). Since both Ryan and Goudy are exiting their jobs, they would not be around next year to fight an incoming Democrat Congress (heaven help us) that mounts an impeachment battle against the president. So Ryan corralled Goudy in this "hit and run" maneuver to please RINOs?

Next year, the House GOP members would do well to consider Jim Jordan of Ohio as their leader. At least he would not shrink from defining a spy as – well, a spy.

A second civil war?

There are widespread concerns that this blessed – and always improving – nation of ours is headed for another civil war. That of course raises the question of who is fanning the flames to incite such a nightmare conflict, given that the last civil war cost more than a half million American lives. In a tweet, one "D. Jolly" notes Deep State propaganda typified by a quote from the New Yorker magazine which Jolly argues "seems to be run these days by spoiled children," citing as one example the mag's inference that a civil war could come because of the "radical right."

Jolly offers this response: "While it's true we are polarized – largely because the Democrats (just as they did in 1860) refuse to accept the results of the last presidential election – it's hardly true the press coverage is "divisive" when it's almost entirely one-sided in its slant (i.e., the left good; the right bad) or that the judiciary – which finds a compliant federal judge at the drop of a hat to try and nullify the lawful powers of the executive...... If there is violence – and there is – it comes almost entirely from the left, in the forms of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other groups of provocateurs."

Democrat: Down with witch hunt

Mark Penn condemns the Mueller congressional probe hounding Trump over a "Russian collusion" pile-on that has fallen flat despite the fierce efforts of Democrats to nail Trump for it. And our point is? Mark Penn is a Democrat; in fact a Democrat who helped President Clinton survive his second term scandals, including the latter's battles against then special counsel Kenneth Starr. As for the Mueller probe against the current Republican incumbent, Mr. Penn tells Jason Willick of the Wall Street Journal that "If all politics, even after elections becomes the politics of personal destruction and destroying our opponents rather than fighting for the next election, what will be left of an idea-based democracy?"

Those who tried to warn us

A worthy footnote to our recent review of the J.C. Hawkins book Betrayal At Bethesda would include this linkage between Joe McCarthy and John F. Kennedy:

McCarthy, at the height of his popularity in his anti-communist efforts, had befriended the Kennedy family patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy, who had been a business associate of James Forrestal. From that relationship, McCarthy, during the 1952 campaign cycle, took time off from his own (ultimately successful) re-election effort in Wisconsin to campaign for Republican senatorial hopefuls in other states who requested his assistance. One such request came from Massachusetts, when fellow Republican Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., asked for the Wisconsin senator's campaign backing.

McCarthy, not enthralled with Lodge's establishment left-leaning RINO (a word not yet in vogue then) inclinations, and despite the Wisconsin Republican's very friendly ties with Jack Kennedy and others in JFK's family, declined the Lodge request.

Just another link in the Forrestal-McCarthy-Kennedy connection in the tragic story of suspicious circumstances of three who tried to warn that the Soviets would cause much grief to the world in future years.

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