Wes Vernon column
Wes Vernon was a Washington-based writer and veteran broadcast journalist. He passed away on August 8, 2021. His obituary can be found here

China: Taking America to the movies (on China's terms)
Wes Vernon
June 25, 2019

Communist China's seemingly never-ending attempted influence on what you see, read, watch, or do allows no escape at your favorite movie theater. In today's . . .

Book review: 'Unfreedom of the press,' by Mark R. Levin (reviewed by Wes Vernon)
Wes Vernon
June 10, 2019

Mark Levin, perhaps best known as TV/radio's hell-raising intellectual, has outdone himself in taking down the media for their attitude, sometimes interpreted . . .

The well-traveled Bernie
Wes Vernon
June 4, 2019

Bernie Sanders and his bride spent their honeymoon in the Soviet Union in June 1988, when he was serving as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, a city of about 40,000 . . .

China watch – 3
Wes Vernon
May 30, 2019

Day by day, we are witnessing the build-up of Communist China in pursuit of its ultimate goal to depose the United States as "the world's lone super power."  . . .

The Cold War survives: China takes over for the old Soviets
Wes Vernon
May 28, 2019

At last! Is America finally publicly off the lure of cheap "Made-in-China" merchandise? As we highlighted on May 5, a group of American foreign policy . . .

It's getting scarier – brace yourselves
Wes Vernon
May 10, 2019

The left seems to get closer and closer to using its ultimate hammer to tame conservatives into obeisance to its commands. Years ago, according to a writer . . .

Latest on the coming 'ultimate showdown' with China
Wes Vernon
May 5, 2019

Yet another chapter is being written in Communist China's 70-year threat to impose a worldwide dictatorship. And again the Chinese ponder night and day how to . . .

Romney: Super ambitious, but lacking in options
Wes Vernon
April 23, 2019

Mitt Romney admits Donald Trump has been cleared of charges of obstructing justice. Yet he still says the president makes him "sick," even though the two men . . .

Democrat prez hopeful has Marxist family background
Wes Vernon
April 18, 2019

The United States is arguably the most anti-Marxist nation on the planet, though to be sure, we do have our own home-grown variety of hard leftists. The . . .

Is your politics your own business?
Wes Vernon
April 15, 2019

When you go to the polls and cast your ballot, you are theoretically exercising your right to keep your vote secret if that is your desire. Now it appears the . . .

Just so you know: Move over America? Here comes China
Wes Vernon
April 8, 2019

For decades, Communist China has been viewed by the U.S. with a wary eye. Recently, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that China has been using  . . .

The Dis-United States?
Wes Vernon
April 5, 2019

There were reasons, way back when, that this nation became the United States of America, not the Republic of America. One of several factors that contributed to . . .

The sainted John McCain and Mitt Romney's hero worship
Wes Vernon
March 26, 2019

He succeeded in private business, served as governor of Massachusetts, was nominated to run for president in 2012, and was elected by the voters of Utah as . . .

The coup to overthrow America: It's here.
Wes Vernon
March 8, 2019

One hesitates to use the "T" word, even in times like these when arguably treasonous plots are not only publicized, but in some quarters are almost regarded as  . . .

Mainstream media icon: Back to the good ol' days when the left ruled the airwaves
Wes Vernon
November 26, 2018

Last week, CNN's Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, said news networks should "start editing" President Trump's "propagandist" press briefings instead of . . .

Long-lasting effects of the 'Great War'
Wes Vernon
November 12, 2018

The 100th year anniversary this month of the end of World War I gave us time to reflect on the worldwide disquiet that ensued after that bloody conflict and its . . .

Grassley pulls a "gotcha" on the liars
Wes Vernon
November 5, 2018

My first memory of Chuck Grassley was when he (along with two of his colleagues) showed up in Billings, Montana, as a young congressman to promote a GOP . . .

Book review: 'Confronting the Deception,' by Tabitha Korol
Wes Vernon
September 10, 2018

For nearly two years, America has been caught up in one of the most crisis-level uproars in its "peacetime" history. The obsession of a significant movement . . .

What to make of a flawed 'hero': McCain and the 'rest of the story'
Wes Vernon
September 6, 2018

Public commentary on John McCain's death cries out for balance. The senator, whose departure from this planet left behind six or seven days of unremitting and . . .

Book review: 'The Russia Hoax,' by Gregg Jarrett
Wes Vernon
August 13, 2018

You may think you know everything there is to know about the ongoing night-and-day pounding inflicted on the public ear by an angry Hate America left hell-bent . . .

Just sayin' #7
Wes Vernon
July 16, 2018

Edward Griffin, in his Need to Know column, wrote that he has seen the film Revelation: Dawn of Global Government. Even though he himself was in a part of the . . .

Just sayin' #6
Wes Vernon
July 6, 2018

Supreme Court fight – suppressed information Everywhere you turn, the media, including some of our conservative favorites, are touting Brett . . .

Just sayin' #5
Wes Vernon
July 3, 2018

Terror ahead? "Somebody's going to be hurt or killed," warn the pundits regarding the vile insults and threats coming from the far left these days. Now we're . . .

Just sayin' #4
Wes Vernon
June 25, 2018

On – ahem – respect for opposing views — In what appear to be his waning days, John McCain is preparing to leave a legacy of settling scores. . . .

Book review: 'Trust But Verify,' by Karna Small Bodman
Wes Vernon
June 22, 2018

As acknowledged by most of the non-communist world, Ronald Reagan did civilization a monumental favor by "bringing down the Soviet Union without firing a shot." . . .

Just sayin' #3
Wes Vernon
June 12, 2018

Scared rabbit alert Victoria Toensing, one of the insightful attorneys on Fox News, cut to the quick the other night when she spoke with her fellow . . .

Book review: 'Betrayal At Bethesda,' by J.C. Hawkins
Wes Vernon
June 7, 2018

In this century, as our nation appears on the verge of a (mostly, so far) non-shooting civil war brought about by cultural battles and an attempt to overthrow a . . .

Culture in America: happenstance or design
Wes Vernon
May 29, 2018

The 1992 Republican National Convention gave a special ovation to the words of one of its speakers, Patrick J. Buchanan, who warned, "There is a religious war . . .

Just sayin' #2
Wes Vernon
May 22, 2018

So let's get this straight: It's just the entertainment properties of 21st Century Fox that the Walt Disney company wants to pick up in another media sale  . . .

Book review: 'Killing the Deep State,' by Jerome Corsi
Wes Vernon
May 18, 2018

John F. Kennedy has been quoted as saying that there are powerful hidden forces at work aimed at moving world events and that he intended to learn their . . .

Just sayin'
Wes Vernon
May 11, 2018

President Trump made a logical decision in pulling the U.S. out of the never signed "Iran deal." As Ambassador Henry Cooper notes, not only is the document . . .

Romney and the Deep State
Wes Vernon
May 4, 2018

So it's all settled: Mitt Romney is Utah's next United States Senator. Right? Not necessarily. There's a conservative alternative in the June primary, but . . .

Book review: '1917: Lenin, Wilson, and the Birth of the New World Disorder,' by Arthur Herman
Wes Vernon
April 24, 2018

Today in the early 21st century, we have for the past four years been living in a period marked by a full 100 years since the starting point of then . . .

Is California worthy of the United States?
Wes Vernon
March 19, 2018

We fought a Civil War to force rebellious states to remain in the Union. Has anyone ever contemplated the possibility that at some point there may be movement . . .

The (not so) soft coup: Overthrow of America (and the media war within that battle)
Wes Vernon
February 19, 2018

In case you haven't noticed, there is a media war in America today. Not the usual race for ratings. This is serious business, where the survival of our country . . .

China will make 'Rocket Man' behave (not)
Wes Vernon
January 12, 2018

It says here, in an article by Washington Free Beacon's Bill Gertz, that China has secretly been supplying missiles to North Korea, and has been bolstering . . .

Hatch/Romney & 2018
Wes Vernon
December 8, 2017

The fate of this nation, as some of us see it, now depends (some would say perilously) on the outcome of the votes in several states in 2018. The makeup of  . . .

Forced to face it: Takeover of the U.S. closer to the doorstep?
Wes Vernon
November 7, 2017

This column, in reviewing the enemy's century-old (at least) effort to take over the United States, has tried to shine the light on those who would bring . . .

Calling Gordon Crovitz: Witch-hunters at it again
Wes Vernon
October 31, 2017

There is obviously a crucial race underway in Washington. (Again? Yes.) This contest is generated by those who are trying to overthrow an election with a . . .

Undercover witness ready to blow lid off uranium to Russia scandal
Wes Vernon
October 24, 2017

His name (for the moment) is CS-1 – presumably "Confidential Source-One." That's the undercover name accorded him for the time being by the FBI and . . .

The hate America left and Russia: Not just unfit – actually dangerous? (Part 3)
Wes Vernon
October 19, 2017

Months ago, this column, along with others, focused on a super scandal ignored by the fake news outlets, about the Clintons through their foundation, which . . .

Americans – all of us – kicked in the gut (by football)?
Wes Vernon
September 28, 2017

So now we have come to the ultimate insult to normal Americans: You may have noticed that the Hate America Left (H.A.L.) is constantly ordering us around as . . .

One man can save or end America as we know it
Wes Vernon
September 25, 2017

It seems weird that, at this point, one man holds the future of America in his hands. That man is not an enemy. He is an honored United States Senator whose . . .

Antifa: The violent, militaristic troops of the ongoing war to take down America
Wes Vernon
August 31, 2017

The vast "fake news" effort to hide the truth about Antifa as a "radical anti-American, anti-free market, communist, socialist, hard-left censorial organization . . .

The attempted coup: Is this "it"?
Wes Vernon
August 21, 2017

"Is Truth Dead?" That headline was blazed across the cover of Time magazine in April by a headline writer who stumbled onto what is actually going on. This . . .

Trump apparently deems yammerers not worth it
Wes Vernon
August 15, 2017

That kid who rammed his car into a crowd that was protesting a racist rally in Charlottesville will likely get the chair. Assuming he first gets to state his . . .

Politics gone crazy: 21st century Nero fiddles as 'Rome burns'?
Wes Vernon
July 31, 2017

America needs to get its priorities straight. Picture this nightmare: Ex-President Barack Obama did (and out-of-office continues to) do his best to bring . . .

Book review: 'A Man and his Presidents,' by Alvin S. Felzenberg
Wes Vernon
July 7, 2017

News and entertainment media, to say nothing of the history books, have inundated Americans with their own political versions of our nation's founding and of . . .

Would-be murderers: The left's latest protected class?
Wes Vernon
June 19, 2017

If you're a conservative, a Republican, a Trump supporter, a dissenter from the edicts enunciated by the Marxist-tolerating establishment, you may be targeted . . .

Dodging attempted coups: The flaw of the 'special prosecutor' system
Wes Vernon
May 26, 2017

The mainstream media apparently have decided the bungling Democrat Party (and some scared rabbits in the GOP) are doing an inadequate job of getting President . . .

Schumer and Trump: Part of today's lion and lamb story (not)
Wes Vernon
April 18, 2017

President Trump has let it be known that he's willing to sit down and talk coalition-speak with some Democrats on the Hill – presumably some "reasonable . . .

So Tom Perez is the new boss of the Dems – GOPers, prepare for 'nastier than usual'
Wes Vernon
February 28, 2017

In selecting Tom Perez to head the Democrat National Committee, anti-American leftists have chosen the man to keep the fight going full-speed in their effort to . . .

The real battle to take down America – Hint: It isn't just about Trump
Wes Vernon
February 21, 2017

If President Trump were to make a mysterious disappearance or die tomorrow (or a combination of both), the enemies of America (within our shores) would not miss . . .

A second civil war?
Wes Vernon
January 20, 2017

In the middle of the 20th century, the world made an almost seamless transition from the residue of World War II straight into a highly troubling aftermath.  . . .

'In the name of God, go': The D.C. guest who won't go home
Wes Vernon
December 30, 2016

Having been soundly rejected by the American people for his seeming determination to "transform" America into a Marxist socialist state, President Obama's tin . . .

And furthermore: America won, America-haters lost – Part 2
Wes Vernon
November 18, 2016

The left and their backers often argue their case by resurrecting parts of their closetful of smear paint, including the vilification of anyone who disagrees . . .

America won, America-haters lost – let's not forget that
Wes Vernon
November 15, 2016

Look, you lefties out there are just going to have to suck it up. The heart and soul of America loves America and rejects the America-haters. That is the . . .

Meet another key player in Hillarygate
Wes Vernon
November 6, 2016

With all the e-mails, leaked documents, and illegalities of many kinds showering down on Americans in the final stretch of arguably the most upside down . . .

Can Obama fire Comey? Does he dare?
Wes Vernon
November 5, 2016

Will President Obama fire FBI Director James Comey? By following the law and pursuing corruption wherever he deems it within his purview to do so, the director . . .

Coming November 8: Direct confrontation at the polls? "Early voting": Encouraging fraudsters?
Wes Vernon
November 1, 2016

Within 10 days of the bitterest presidential election in the memories of many Americans, FBI Director James Comey re-opened an investigation that weeks ago he . . .

Surrounded? That's yesterday. Think 'smothered' (Live! On the world stage! The Hillary secrets)
Wes Vernon
October 25, 2016

Having witnessed presidential races during much of the 20th and so far in the 21st century, it's hard to figure out what's in store leading up to November 8th, . . .

Enemies: Not just 'at the gates' – they're here
Wes Vernon
October 21, 2016

"It doesn't seem to matter anymore. "No matter which way you turn, no matter which exit you try to make a mad dash for (figuratively speaking), you barely . . .

Donald, stay on offense where it counts
Wes Vernon
October 4, 2016

Donald, this is a quiz: Whose candidacy for President of the United States threatens to take down this country – if not from an outside attack (because . . .

Unfit and dangerous, Part 3: When the powerful manage to cover up
Wes Vernon
September 9, 2016

The Clintons, in their crimes and misdeeds, have managed for the most part to escape retribution (legal or otherwise). There are reasons for that – . . .

The Clintons: not just unfit – actually dangerous (Part 2)
Wes Vernon
August 12, 2016

The question essentially raised in our last column is: Are the Clintons marching toward ultimate earthly power in a virtual locking of arms with Russia's . . .

Hillary's failed "reset": Arming an untrustworthy Putin – Part 1 of 'Clinton Cash'
Wes Vernon
August 4, 2016

If any one issue can save an otherwise flailing effort to stop Hillary Clinton from her path to the White House, it will be her handing the potential keys to . . .

Dems in Philly: No clue? USA allergy?
Wes Vernon
August 2, 2016

Listening to the Democrat delegates in Philadelphia chant "Not a clue," in response to Joe Biden's charge that Donald Trump doesn't have a clue as to what . . .

GOP Convention sets table for November showdown
Wes Vernon
July 25, 2016

As the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was fading into history, Republican "civilian soldiers" in high positions and at the grassroots of the "blood . . .

Cruz dilemma: splitting hairs, or de facto endorsement?
Wes Vernon
July 22, 2016

Donald Trump has humbled some of us who cheered the Donald's biting take-down of the haughty, out-of-date, presumptive king-making Republican establishment.  . . .

Giuliani: Striking the right keynote for his party (every-60-years phenomenon?)
Wes Vernon
July 20, 2016

He apparently was not listed in the role – but, hands down, Rudy Giuliani was the de facto keynoter of the 2016 Republican National Convention. 2016  . . .

The Brexit vote and crocodile tears from Soros
Wes Vernon
July 4, 2016

In the aftermath of Brexit, we're seeing – not a new method of "persuading" voters to go back to the polls again and again and repeatedly cast their . . .

The EU Brexit: The Brits strike a blow against world government?
Wes Vernon
June 30, 2016

When the British pushed back last week against years-long attempts to form a world government under the radar, few of them realized that the reason their . . .

A Clintonian wink at murder?
Wes Vernon
June 28, 2016

A dark, thug-driven side of the Clinton campaign no doubt is keeping an eye on the re-issue of the book Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary . . .

Where Romney's head is: downgrading importance of Supreme Court nominations
Wes Vernon
June 14, 2016

Every time presidential wannabe Mitt Romney opens his mouth these days, he hammers another nail into the already wobbly campaign to save this country from the . . .

Truth of a murder: stranger than (soap opera) fiction?
Wes Vernon
June 2, 2016

Soap operas have a history of re-running the same old scripts over and over again. In the radio days of Stella Dallas and Backstage Wife, some put-upon wife . . .

Top Democrat huddles with foreign leader in plot to meddle in U.S. election
Wes Vernon
May 12, 2016

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sat down with an ex-president the other day. The purpose was to plot the defeat of the Republicans in 2016. Okay, so what? . . .

The electoral mess: Is this an accident? Ted Cruz: Is this his moment?
Wes Vernon
May 2, 2016

Why is it that Barry Goldwater went down in flames, but Ronald Reagan came back 16 years a later with essentially the same world view to win the love of the . . .

The irrelevance of the "denounce" industry
Wes Vernon
March 26, 2016

It's a good thing the politicians who formed our Constitution more than two centuries ago were not politicians of the cheaper kind. That was a time when they . . .

The "wisdom" of President Romney: from Massachusetts to Utah to the worldwide stage
Wes Vernon
March 5, 2016

President Romney – whose brilliant strategy to ride to the White House by writing off 47 percent of the population fell...er...short of the mark – . . .

A giant has left us: Let America be worthy of his imprint
Wes Vernon
February 15, 2016

Antonin ("Nino") Scalia was one of the most brilliant justices ever to sit on the United States Supreme Court. His deserved 30-year presence in that lofty . . .

The crucial turning point of America's scrambled post-Cold War politics
Wes Vernon
February 8, 2016

Beneath the breathless and largely substance-starved wall-to-wall coverage of the presidential debates lies the transformational crossroads of America's post . . .

Regionalism: constructive and otherwise
Wes Vernon
January 21, 2016

Number 1...This column does not endorse anyone in presidential primary races. Number 2...Anything written during the primary season does not constitute an . . .

The "new" Constitution: Traps for the right?
Wes Vernon
January 14, 2016

There are several separate efforts under way to make changes in the Constitution of the United States. Two in particular are of immediate concern: 1 – . . .

The silent issue for 2016: shall the Constitution literally die?
Wes Vernon
January 5, 2016

Though 2016 is the year we pick our next president, Americans also have good reason to approach that all-important event with another year in mind...2020.  . . .

America the restless
Wes Vernon
December 15, 2015

The presidential debates this year have reached all-time highs in audience interest. There's a reason for that: Americans know their country is in trouble, . . .

Back by unpopular (and narrow) demand: "We Want Willkie!" Really? In 2016?
Wes Vernon
November 6, 2015

You have got to be kidding! With all the losers that some backstairs heavy-hitters in the Republican Party have managed to present to us as presidential . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective'
Wes Vernon
October 26, 2015

WEALTH, POVERTY AND POLITICS: AN INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE By Thomas Sowell Basic Books, $29.99, 310 pages Herewith, please find a persuasive case for . . .

Did lawmaker hand Rush the cat out of the bag?
Wes Vernon
October 10, 2015

During this week's turmoil over the Republican would-be successors to House Speaker John Boehner, the Ohioan retracted his earlier timetable for leaving the top . . .

The nightmare scrambling of the speaker's race
Wes Vernon
October 7, 2015

A lot of congressional "tradition" could be broken later this month when the floor vote is taken to replace House Speaker John Boehner. By that time, the . . .

Is there any chance for strong leadership on Capitol Hill? One can hope
Wes Vernon
October 6, 2015

How can things go right in Washington? Lately, there has been little reason for conservatives to think they can. And we're not about to raise hopes only to be . . .

Dems politically weak--so why is the GOP handing them opportunities?
Wes Vernon
September 28, 2015

Help! Somebody rescue Madame Hillary! She is learning big-time what it's like to be on the wrong end of a presidential attack machine. Recall the days when . . .

Let the judge be the judge
Wes Vernon
September 21, 2015

Eight years ago in this space, we raised the question as to whether the Rupert Murdoch media empire could possibly switch its ideological moorings from . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Takedown: How the Left has Sabotaged Family and Marriage'
Wes Vernon
September 7, 2015

TAKEDOWN: HOW THE LEFT HAS SABOTAGED FAMILY AND MARRIAGE By Paul Kengor WND Books, $18.95, 238 pages If you are puzzled that millions of mainstream . . .

Obama: Now seeing Ayatolloahs under every bed? (White House game show)
Wes Vernon
August 10, 2015

Well! Well! Well! So this country does have a president who has finally found an "enemy" he can identify that seeks our nation's ultimate destruction. The . . .

They can't shut him up (the 'problem' with Trump)
Wes Vernon
August 3, 2015

It is painful to witness the screech of someone suffering from self-inflicted wounds. Such is the case with establishment or "moderate" Republicans who can't . . .

Government raids your home, your neighborhood: it's worse than you think
Wes Vernon
July 30, 2015

It's 2018. Chuck Spelvin, American, now faces a dilemma. Last night, he read the riot act to his pre-teenage son, who had just been suspended from school. A  . . .

You were warned: now will you fight back? (Meeting the challenges)
Wes Vernon
July 13, 2015

President Obama's trusted community-organizing mentors have "drawn up a plan to implement one of the most outrageous attacks on free people ever known in the . . .

Navigating life's pathways
Wes Vernon
July 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton, the "all-but-inevitable" Democrat nominee for President in 2016, has finally "clarified" what she means when she declares that "Republicans are . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Adios America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole'
Wes Vernon
June 27, 2015

ADIOS AMERICA: THE LEFT'S PLAN TO TURN OUR COUNTRY INTO A THIRD WORLD HELLHOLE By Ann Coulter Regnery, $27.99, 392 pages The subtitle of this Coulter . . .

Members of Utah dynasties square off
Wes Vernon
June 8, 2015

MORMON RIVALS: THE ROMNEYS, THE HUNTSMANS AND THE PURSUIT OF POWER By Matt Canham and Thomas Burr The Salt Lake Tribune, $16.99, 373 . . .

Don't you get it? We're surrounded
Wes Vernon
May 4, 2015

It doesn't seem to matter anymore. No matter which way you turn, no matter which exit you try to make a mad dash for (figuratively speaking), you barely miss . . .

Approaching his deathbed: the scholarship (political and spiritual) of M. Stanton Evans
Wes Vernon
March 20, 2015

A great (but humble) man left us last week. M. Stanton Evans: patriot, journalist, prolific author, philosopher, intellect, years-long professor, and clever, . . .

Open the Books (and your eyes): ending the rip-off
Wes Vernon
February 25, 2015

You are being robbed blind. If you've looked at your tax bill lately, that may not be a great shock to you. But the sheer genius by which American taxpayers are . . .

Serious vs. clueless: dissecting the Giuliani flap
Wes Vernon
February 23, 2015

Does the President of the United States "love America"? Rudy Giuliani has given voice to the most widely believed, under-publicized "worst-kept secret" in the . . .

Super-lawyer Levin offers legal battle against anti-free speech regulators
Wes Vernon
February 17, 2015

In less than two weeks, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is scheduled to announce its intent to deprive you of your right as a citizen to have access . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Hollywood Traitors'
Wes Vernon
January 29, 2015

'HOLLYWOOD TRAITORS: BLACKLISTED SCREEN WRITERS – AGENTS OF STALIN, ALLIES OF HITLER' By Allan H. Ryskind Regnery, $29.99, 506 pages At last. After . . .

Freedom-loving Cubans stranded; the "good guys" and the "bad guys" at Guantanamo
Wes Vernon
January 19, 2015

So we will all live happily ever, right? A U.S. president seems to be giving us that assurance as he's set to make nice with Fidel Castro. President Obama is . . .

BOOK REVIEW: The [Un]Documented Mark Steyn
Wes Vernon
January 15, 2015

THE [UN]DOCUMENTED MARK STEYN: DON'T SAY YOU WEREN'T WARNED By Mark Steyn Regnery Publishing, $29.99, 441 pages Mark Steyn's appeal has spread quickly in . . .

When benefactors stain their earned good will
Wes Vernon
December 22, 2014

Jon Huntsman, Sr., Utah's wealthiest man, says Mike Lee, Utah's junior senator, is an "embarrassment" to the Beehive State. It is not unexpected that the . . .

Out of the Washington fog: focused committee vows the truth on Benghazi scandal
Wes Vernon
December 18, 2014

Former CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson is the kind of intrepid reporter who will pursue the tough investigations no matter how many doors are slammed in . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Stop the Coming Civil War'
Wes Vernon
November 25, 2014

'STOP THE COMING CIVIL WAR' by Michael Savage Harper-Collins 334pp. $26.00 Reviewed by WES VERNON Michael Savage is . . .

Republicans' last hurrah? Or a step toward the grand prize? (PS--consider state capitols for '16)
Wes Vernon
November 11, 2014

Ah, yes! A sentimental trip once again down memory lane. It's like old times! This movie we have seen before, and count on its return every time Republicans . . .

BOOK REVIEW - Power Grab: Obama's Dangerous Plan for a One Party Nation
Wes Vernon
October 27, 2014

Power Grab: Obama's Dangerous Plan for a One Party Nation. By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann 210 pp. Humanix Books $24.95 Reviewed by WES VERNON  . . .

Now they're coming for our churches: next?
Wes Vernon
October 20, 2014

There seems to be no end to the police-state atmosphere that emerges close to home with more frequency these days. Texas, like most red states, contains . . .

OK, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, work your magic--no excuses
Wes Vernon
October 16, 2014

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is on trial here. Remember that these were the wise old owls of the GOP who lectured grassroots Republicans that they simply . . .

Book review -- 'KILLING PATTON: The Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General'
Wes Vernon
October 9, 2014

By Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard 351pp Henry Holt & Co. $30.00 REVIEWED BY: WES VERNON "If you have read 'Killing Kennedy,'" . . .

The real Roosevelts (which malefactors?)
Wes Vernon
October 7, 2014

The media will never let go of its historical narrative of the sainted Roosevelts – Teddy, FDR, and Eleanor too. Alas, the one man in America who knew . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Conservative Internationalism: Armed Diplomacy under Jefferson, Polk, Truman, and Reagan'
Wes Vernon
October 3, 2014

Conservative Internationalism: Armed Diplomacy under Jefferson, Polk, Truman, and Reagan. By Henry R. Nau 329 pp. Princeton University Press Reviewed by . . .

Hoax #1 of post-Soviet deceit
Wes Vernon
September 19, 2014

Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear with stranded polar bears, drowning Manhattan lecturers, British "editors" of "scientific" studies, . . .

On the eve of destruction, Part 3: ISIS (yes, they are here)
Wes Vernon
September 11, 2014

At the time I'm writing this, President Obama is yet to deliver his anxiously-awaited speech to the nation, and we should soon know whether he is serious about . . .

At last! Beginning to match the outcry of an angry left
Wes Vernon
September 9, 2014

This is just too delicious! Somebody wake me up. How long do you think I can take these beautiful dreams, only to reach the real world and find out I'm back in . . .

On the eve of destruction? (from within and from afar)
Wes Vernon
August 15, 2014

Back in the near-insurrectionist sixties, a left-wing pop artist, Barry Maguire, made a smash hit, "The Eve of Destruction." It was counterculture propaganda . . .

Book review: 'The Murder of the Middle Class'
Wes Vernon
August 4, 2014

How to save yourself and your family from the criminal conspiracy of the Century. By Wayne Allyn Root Regnery Publishing 390pp $27.95 Within these pages, a . . .

A third term: will the 22nd Amendment save us? (Part 1)
Wes Vernon
July 14, 2014

NOTE: Prior to the 2012 election, this column ran a series raising the question as to whether that election would be our last free one. Then, as now, we were  . . .

Who says Obama will leave at the end of his second term?
Wes Vernon
June 20, 2014

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew, and assumed it was a given, that the balanced recipe for freedom they had encoded in the Constitution they . . .

The Iranian angle in Benghazi (yes, there is one)
Wes Vernon
June 17, 2014

A veteran investigator and author believes Libyan missiles fell into the hands of Iran's Islamic regime during the disorder that characterized Libya before and . . .

Carl Levin: the holy roller of human rights (mid-20th century vs. early 21st century)?
Wes Vernon
May 16, 2014

What would you think of a United States senator who, with malice aforethought, uses his power to sic the IRS on private citizens whose politics he doesn't like? . . .

Trey Gowdy: focused investigator, fearless prosecutor takes on White House cover-up
Wes Vernon
May 13, 2014

No doubt an old parlor game in Washington will emerge now that Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) has been assigned by House Speaker John Boehner to chair a special . . .

The war on terror: whose side are we on?
Wes Vernon
April 24, 2014

The Benghazi cover-up is opaque, convoluted, multifaceted, and rife with betrayal and heavy-handed efforts to shut people up. Even some of the most . . .

The "core values" of Brandeis: one small sliver of poison in a larger pattern?
Wes Vernon
April 22, 2014

Apparently, we may conclude that the "core values" tolerated by the eminent Brandeis University include activities such as (for starters) female genital . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Harriman vs. Hill'
Wes Vernon
March 31, 2014

HARRIMAN VS. HILL: WALL STREET'S GREAT RAILROAD WAR By Larry Haeg University of Minnesota Press, $29.95, 375 pages At last, someone has written one of . . .

Government domination of the American media? Media response: ho hum?
Wes Vernon
February 24, 2014

It took a long time to arrive (about 80 years), but now we are entering what may be the fulfillment of a generations-long dream of aspiring monarchs (or worse): . . .

America without lights (or much of anything else)--Part 2
Wes Vernon
February 14, 2014

February 5, 2014, may go down in history as the turning point in the rescue of mankind from destruction. It was on that date that the Wall Street Journal . . .

"Coverup" charged as "end of civilization" scandal looms
Wes Vernon
February 11, 2014

American Civilization wiped off the earth, from the air or from the ground? Either poses a real threat to Americans. In just a split second, a city, state, or . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Double Down'
Wes Vernon
January 27, 2014

DOUBLE DOWN: GAME CHANGE 2012 By Mark Halperin and John Heilemann The Penguin Press, 29.95, 473 pages This is a book for political animals, especially . . .

The "golf with Tip O'Neill" strategy: a winner for the GOP (not!)
Wes Vernon
January 6, 2014

Question: Why have today's Republicans tied themselves in knots? Answer: Some of it is their own fault, passing up opportunities to go on offense when . . .

Next crisis: the all-out formal death of the U.S. Constitution--is anyone intellectually arming for that?
Wes Vernon
December 19, 2013

Let's accept certain basics as to what is going on and where we Americans are being led. The goal of those who do not like America or its culture is the final . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Impeachable Offenses'
Wes Vernon
December 2, 2013

IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES: THE CASE FOR REMOVING BARACK OBAMA FROM OFFICE By Aaron Klein & Brenda J. Elliott WND Books, $25.95, 336 pages Nearly everyone in . . .

From "climate of hate" to "workplace violence": ignoring the enemy that won't go away
Wes Vernon
November 21, 2013

On November 22, 1963, I had been employed at a radio-TV outlet in Salt Lake City for just a few days short of five months. I arrived at work at about 11:30 . . .

Another statist joins the Federal Election Commission
Wes Vernon
October 28, 2013

When the Federal Election Commission (FEC) opened its doors 38 years ago, it drew a wary eye from those who feared the agency would end up as another taxpayer . . .

The Ruling Class vs. the Country Class: a Utah update
Wes Vernon
October 24, 2013

Here we go again: The Country Class (meaning principled conservatives who are determined not to leave their children and grandchildren permanently impoverished . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Killing Jesus'
Wes Vernon
October 10, 2013

KILLING JESUS: A HISTORY By Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard Henry Holt, $28, 289 pages Having revealed many little-known facts in the assassinations of . . .

Lies of 100 years (two examples--coincidence?)
Wes Vernon
October 8, 2013

As I write this, many Americans are discovering (some in very personal ways) that they have been lied to (again) – this time about the heaven on earth . . .

GOP battles: Obamacare (Senate) and Benghazi (House)
Wes Vernon
September 27, 2013

America needs some serious thought among Republicans and conservatives as to a ticket that will uphold the basic principles of whatever is left of our America . . .

Harry Hopkins: 20th century agent of influence; bad legacy covered up in 21st century
Wes Vernon
September 16, 2013

There is currently underway a concerted effort (step-by-step) to blur America's understanding of the century-long dismantling of the America we have come to . . .

Syria: the least bad option; Washington blackmail; subversion in plain sight
Wes Vernon
September 9, 2013

There may come a day when we and others of the free world will have to confront Iran's nuclear ambitions in a "shooting war." But when that day arrives, it . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'All the Dupes Fit to Print'
Wes Vernon
September 5, 2013


The 80 year sell-out of America
Wes Vernon
August 1, 2013

History may record the second decade of the 21st century as the era in which "the lying (at long last) had to stop." Any one of several factors may serve as  . . .

Helen Thomas: symbol of media decline
Wes Vernon
July 22, 2013

Author's Note: Below is a lightly updated version of an article I penned for The "Accuracy in Media Report" in 2009. The italicized material is new (except for . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Operation Snow'
Wes Vernon
July 18, 2013

OPERATION SNOW: HOW A SOVIET MOLE IN FDR'S WHITE HOUSE TRIGGERED PEARL HARBOR By John Koster Regnery, $19.34, 350 pages John Koster is not the first . . .

So, is this the takeover? What do you think?
Wes Vernon
July 15, 2013

Inquiries to this column (in person or e-mail) have reflected at least a question in the minds of some Americans as to whether we are in the middle of a . . .

Tear down this fig leaf
Wes Vernon
July 8, 2013

This is the column I did not want to write. One despairs at the sight of 14 Republicans who voted for the Senate's Import More Democrats Act (an honest name . . .

Snowden betrayed his country; NSA necessary (one caveat)
Wes Vernon
July 1, 2013

Edward Snowden is everything Dick Cheney and John Kerry say he is. Now there's an "odd couple" for you. But yes, it is widely agreed that Snowden is in fact a . . .

Yet another cover-up fails the smell test: re-open TWA-800 mystery (the ghosts of scandals past)
Wes Vernon
June 25, 2013

We have noted in this space the unlovely governmental practice of covering up scandals that are politically embarrassing, with the truth to emerge years or . . .

After 100 years, the coverups "just keep on coming"
Wes Vernon
June 17, 2013

We have been trying in this series to point out the seemingly never-ending chain of lies and deceit to keep Americans in the dark regarding deliberate plots to . . .

The even worse IRS scandal: the rule of fear
Wes Vernon
May 27, 2013

For three years – including the full length of the 2012 election cycle – members of Tea Party groups and other conservative voices were silenced  . . .

Herbert Romerstein (RIP)
Wes Vernon
May 16, 2013

This nation, and those the world over who yearn for freedom, suffered a loss last week. Herbert Romerstein, easily one of the world's foremost experts on the . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Obamacare Survival Guide'
Wes Vernon
May 9, 2013


Benghazigate: when mythology falls apart (and the Mr. Magoo panel)
Wes Vernon
May 6, 2013

The Benghazi hearings that should have been held before the November election will now be gaveled to order on Wednesday of this week. The Obama . . .

State Department tries to shut up lawyer for Benghazi whistleblowers
Wes Vernon
April 29, 2013

This will be denied – again. But the Obama administration has become so obsessed with covering up its own dereliction of duty in the Benghazi case (where . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy'
Wes Vernon
April 25, 2013

Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy: Reforming the Structure and Culture of U.S. Foreign Policy By John Lenczowski Lexington Books, 212 pages, $70  . . .

The role of Soviet agents in the Pearl Harbor attack
Wes Vernon
April 8, 2013

Amongst the myriad twists and turns and subplots of World War II was the amazing efficiency with which Soviet agents in the U.S.O., Japan, and elsewhere around . . .

Benghazi-gate coverup won't go away, investigative reporter awarded scandal coverage, media watchdog recalled
Wes Vernon
March 18, 2013

Six months after a terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, survivors of the savagery that left four Americans dead the night of . . .

Part 5 -- Stalin's secret agents: U.S. & Britain follow Moscow's orders (Hollywood's missing movie)
Wes Vernon
March 7, 2013

(See Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4) War is hell. Everyone knows that. It's just that some chapters of any war imposed on innocent civilians are so hellish as to . . .

When America's enemies invade America's media (by stealth or by sellout)
Wes Vernon
February 18, 2013

(See Parts 1, 2 & 3) Unless public pressure is brought to bear on Congress, enemy propaganda is likely on its way to millions of American living rooms. The . . .

Reds in government: setting the table for a Soviet advantage
Wes Vernon
January 28, 2013

(See Part 1 and Part 2) It is impossible to exaggerate the impact that infiltrators in the U.S. government have had with regard to advancing Soviet interests . . .

Stalin's secret agents: and why their deeds still matter in the 21st century
Wes Vernon
January 21, 2013

(See Part 1) During and after World War II, Communists and their sympathizers right here in the United States agitated to bolster Soviet interests throughout . . .

Stalin's secret agents: why their deeds still matter in the 21st century (Part 1)
Wes Vernon
January 17, 2013

Alger Hiss, Soviet agent inside our State Department, had far more influence at the Yalta Conference than previously imagined. That is news, not history. In . . .

Orwell's world in the 21st century?
Wes Vernon
December 10, 2012

Americans may think that in casting their ballots, as millions of us did last month, they have given the winning candidates policy directions that will be . . .

BOOK REVIEW: Herald Square: A Novel of the Cold War
Wes Vernon
November 29, 2012

Herald Square: A Novel of the Cold War By Jefferson Flanders Munroe Hill Press, $14, 380 pages Capturing the "see no (or little) evil" mentality that . . .

BOOK REVIEW: '50 Things Liberals Love to Hate'
Wes Vernon
November 26, 2012

50 THINGS LIBERALS LOVE TO HATE By Mike Gallagher, Threshold Editions 319 pages Taken page by page, this book is a fun read. Taken as a whole, it remains . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy'
Wes Vernon
November 12, 2012

SPRING FEVER: THE ILLUSION OF ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY By Andrew C. McCarthy Encounter Books, $17.99, 157 pages This is a scholarly work. When you read it, . . .

The day America opted for Third World governance: massive therapy anyone?
Wes Vernon
November 8, 2012

It is said the iconic songwriter George Gershwin's talent had reached such overwhelming proportions in the twenties and thirties that, along with popular . . .

Part 12 -- 2012: America's last free election?
Wes Vernon
October 25, 2012

(See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11) We Americans don't like to think the unthinkable: a massive . . .

Part Eleven -- 2012: America's last free election?
Wes Vernon
October 15, 2012

Every week we are confronted with the burning question: Which kind of tyranny does the Obama administration plan for us if it is granted four more years in the . . .

Part 10--2012: America's last free election?
Wes Vernon
October 8, 2012

(See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9) Ever since George W. Bush won the 2000 election through the Electoral College, . . .

Part 9--2012: America's last free election? Why Obama should (but probably won't) be impeached
Wes Vernon
October 1, 2012

President Barack Obama recalls that in his college days, he "sought out" the Marxist professors on campus. Judging by the way he governs, those may have been . . .

Part 8--2012: America's last free election?
Wes Vernon
September 24, 2012

We have tried to make the point in this series: The 2012 race for the White House is not just another presidential election wherein our two-party system . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Fool Me Twice'
Wes Vernon
September 17, 2012

FOOL ME TWICE: OBAMA'S SHOCKING PLANS FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS EXPOSED By Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott WND Books, $25.95, 241 pages "This is my last . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Who's Counting?'
Wes Vernon
September 13, 2012

WHO'S COUNTING?: HOW FRAUDSTERS AND BUREAUCRATS PUT YOUR VOTE AT RISK By John Fund and Hans Von Spakovsky Encounter Books, $16.99, 254 pages America's . . .

Conventions aftermath -- on to the campaign trail
Wes Vernon
September 10, 2012

The political conventions do not appear to have changed many minds. The Democrats — having gathered after Labor Day when Americans were back to the normal . . .

DEMOCRAT CONVENTION: A preview of Obama's dreams for America
Wes Vernon
September 6, 2012

This week's Democratic National Convention has trotted out several speakers capable to providing an object lesson in what a second term for Barack Obama in the . . .

Between the conventions -- conservative agenda: 1, elect Romney; 2, hold his feet to the fire (internally now/publicly later)
Wes Vernon
September 3, 2012

Some polls indicate Mitt Romney got a 5-point "bounce" from his convention. So far, so good, but such post-convention boosts are usually . . .

The Republican convention (from Tampa: last call for America)
Wes Vernon
August 30, 2012

The Republicans were thrown a bit off their stride by having to skip the first night of their convention on Monday, thanks to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac. . . .

Republican Convention (ghost of George Romney a no-show: good; Biden a no show: awww!)
Wes Vernon
August 27, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden had planned to show up at the Republican National Convention so as to steal some of the GOP's thunder in Tampa. But we're told the . . .

Part 6 -- 2012: America's last free election? (America's enemies much too close for comfort)
Wes Vernon
August 20, 2012

(See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) In diplomatic quarters worldwide, Barack Obama is perceived as either so weak, or ineffectual, or indifferent to . . .

Part 5 -- 2012: America's last free election? (Infiltration of our government?)
Wes Vernon
August 13, 2012

(See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) Five members of the House of Representatives have stepped forward and asked the Inspectors General of multiple . . .

Part 4 -- 2012: America's last free election?
Wes Vernon
August 9, 2012

(See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) No alliance — either worldwide or on our soil — is as under-reported as the collaboration between Communism and . . .

Part 3 -- 2012: America's last free election?
Wes Vernon
August 6, 2012

(See Part 1 and Part 2) Months before Barack Obama assumed the presidency, many Americans seeking substance in lieu of "change" sloganeering had an uneasy . . .

Part 2 -- 2012: America's last free election?
Wes Vernon
July 19, 2012

Tons of cash are behind the giant and hostile metaphorical mowing machine that seeks to take down the United States. Big money. In our last column, we discussed . . .

2012: America's last free election?
Wes Vernon
July 16, 2012

A movie is about to be released that portrays what America will be like in 2016 if Barack Obama is re-elected. Will the presidential race of that year have all . . .

Obamacare, the Supremes, Dickens, and the bumbled law that is an ass (and what to do about it)
Wes Vernon
July 9, 2012

No less a power than the highest court in the land has stumbled into the ultimate definition of Obamacare, and in the process has finally exposed the decades . . .

What both parties need to do (according to a conservative leader)
Wes Vernon
June 25, 2012

As is the case with many others who have followed the uniquely anti-American path of this administration, the shock waves emanate not so much from the man . . .

ACTION ALERT: Reagan, the Cold War, and world government
Wes Vernon
June 18, 2012

Calling on Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and the senators from your state (details below). When Ronald Reagan arrived at the White House with an agenda to . . .

Wes Vernon
June 14, 2012

LEAK: WHY MARK FELT BECAME DEEP THROAT By Max Holland University Press of Kansas, 29.95, 285 pages As America approaches the 40th anniversary of the . . .

Unravelling history's sacred cows
Wes Vernon
June 11, 2012

Readers were warned at the outset of our our summation of pre-Cold War events that it would require an entire book — rather than a mere column — to . . .

The lead-up to the Cold War (and why it took so long to end it)
Wes Vernon
June 7, 2012

Ronald Reagan won the Cold War by following his instincts and ignoring a lot of bad advice from establishment Republicans in and out of his administration. A . . .

At last: parental authority challenges government intruders
Wes Vernon
May 28, 2012

It has been a century since Woodrow Wilson reportedly opined that young boys should grow up to be as unlike their fathers as possible. Whether he worded it . . .

Threat of blackouts (after the election) -- Cooking the books: new scandal in the making?
Wes Vernon
May 24, 2012

The threat of an accelerated economic collapse after the November election (a concern feared by analysts for months) may be accompanied by rolling blackouts . . .

Book Review: 1948: Harry Truman's Improbable Victory and the Year That Transformed America, by David Pietrusza
Wes Vernon
May 7, 2012

It has been 64 years since President Harry S. Truman pulled the upset victory of the 20th century, and historians still can't get enough of it. Now comes a . . .

The subversive network taking over America
Wes Vernon
April 30, 2012

The time has long passed when we could afford to look the other way on the extent to which subversive influences — communist and jihad-oriented Islamists  . . .

Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing the rush to the police state (before the trickle becomes an onslaught)
Wes Vernon
April 26, 2012

It is with a mixture of caution and fascination that one reviews a book by Michael Savage. Some toxic controversies in which he has been embroiled transcend his . . .

Finding the right House candidate: one who stands out (Utah's opportunity)
Wes Vernon
April 16, 2012

In a crowded field, it takes extraordinary perception (to say nothing of time) to choose the right candidate for public office. No such difficulty exists in the . . .

Memo to GOP hopefuls: leave our conservative farm team alone (so who for VP?)
Wes Vernon
April 9, 2012

Several years ago during the Jesse Helms era, a top staffer for a relatively conservative East Coast U.S. Senator told me that Senator Helms was probably the . . .

Media ignore longtime investigator's bid for Congress
Wes Vernon
March 29, 2012

The voters of Maryland's Eighth Congressional District have an opportunity in that state's primary next Tuesday (April 3) to help send to the House of . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Taft 2012'
Wes Vernon
March 26, 2012

TAFT 2012: A NOVEL By Jason Heller Quirk / Random House, $14.95, 246 pages Let your imagination run wild: What if President William Howard Taft suddenly . . .

Breitbart's example: get on offense and stay there
Wes Vernon
March 19, 2012

This column — here, now, and forever — rejects any and all invitations for membership in a Denounce Club. That is...where we are pressured to . . .

The conspiracy that prompted Breitbart's pushback against America's enemies
Wes Vernon
March 12, 2012

You may have heard the late Andrew Breitbart was initially alerted to the Democrat/media complex when that collaboration smeared Clarence Thomas as it fought to . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Secret Weapon'
Wes Vernon
March 5, 2012


Whither Western Civilization? Santorum, Romney, the media trap, and the 'baby trap'
Wes Vernon
February 27, 2012

Many viewers scratched their heads during a Republican presidential candidate debate when George Stephanopoulos, an erstwhile Clinton administration official, . . .

The Pat Buchanan firing: validating every stereotype of the liberal media
Wes Vernon
February 20, 2012

Patrick J. Buchanan has been fired by MSNBC. For years, the longtime author/columnist/commentator had served as that network's lone conservative voice. That . . .

Santorum: 'It takes a family' (AND a military AND a robust economy)
Wes Vernon
February 13, 2012

The candidacy of Rick Santorum for the Republican presidential nomination is scoring big time as I write. (Who knows if that will be the case by the time you . . .

Evicting Obama from the White House: how to do it
Wes Vernon
February 6, 2012

The Republicans appear destined to slug it out for a few more rounds before landing on a candidate. But Republican strategists have their eyes on the target: . . .

Fact-checking president Obama's State of the Union: where to begin?
Wes Vernon
January 26, 2012

What we witnessed Tuesday night on Capitol Hill was the oratorical version of a typical White House that one would expect on a Friday afternoon (i.e., when . . .

BOOK REVIEW: 'Being George Washington'
Wes Vernon
January 23, 2012

BEING GEORGE WASHINGTON: THE INDISPENSABLE MAN AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN HIM By Glenn Beck Threshold Editions, $26, 351 pages The life story of George . . .

Utah: the establishment strikes back
Wes Vernon
January 16, 2012

In years past, incumbent office-holders more often than not could count on a popular passivity to enable them to get by on name recognition and thirty-second . . .

Iranian nukes: thanks to unsolved spy coverup in the U.S.?
Wes Vernon
January 9, 2012

(See also: "Where are the rolling heads?" this column Nov. 14, 2011) There is no effort within the U.S. intelligence community — as far as we know  . . .

China menace, Soviet apologia, light bulbs (winding up 2011)
Wes Vernon
December 29, 2011

When the old (2011) gives way to the new (2012), the longer view comes into focus. All of which prompts the following.... Item 1 — Looking forward: . . .

Will Americans be stranded? Inadequate or poorly maintained transportation: a looming crisis
Wes Vernon
December 19, 2011

The congested and crumbling condition of our surface transportation network is so acute that "almost anything" to bring about short-term improvement "will be . . .

What would you do differently from Obama (if you wanted to bring America down)?
Wes Vernon
December 12, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd (with White House ties) is the natural outgrowth of several generations of classroom Marxist indoctrination. Foremost has . . .

'The Romney' as viewed by a Massachusetts conservative
Wes Vernon
December 8, 2011

The mainstream media have pounced on every GOP presidential candidate widely perceived (correctly or not) as credibly equipped to articulate conservative issues . . .

Wes Vernon
November 28, 2011

RED ARMY: THE RADICAL NETWORK THAT MUST BE DEFEATED TO SAVE AMERICA By Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott Broadside Books, $26.99, 351 pages America is . . .

Book review: 'The Road to Serfdom: Special Abridged Edition'
Wes Vernon
November 21, 2011

THE ROAD TO SERFDOM: SPECIAL ABRIDGED EDITION By Friedrich A. Hayek Edited by Jameson Campaigne Heritage Foundation, single copy available at no cost, 48 . . .

The Iran nukes intelligence fumble: where are the rolling heads?
Wes Vernon
November 14, 2011

Let's just roll out the facts, and see what you think. Start with the UN report 1 — The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has just confirmed . . .

How to fight inflation: stay home and starve
Wes Vernon
November 7, 2011

For years, the government has been lying to us by low-balling inflation. Oh, but don't worry, you'll be OK. Just don't eat anything or drive anywhere — or . . .

Hollywood's red stripes: still shining after 64 years
Wes Vernon
October 31, 2011

Hollywood's revolutionary left apparently is willing to shed its fig leaf of respectability to produce a movie glorifying a violent pro-communist terrorist . . .

Subversion Inc. and the Occupy Wall Street movement
Wes Vernon
October 24, 2011

Former FBI informant Brandon Darby says the Occupy Wall Street movement "is nothing less than a current manifestation of an international revolutionary push in . . .

Romney: It's "his turn"? Why?
Wes Vernon
October 20, 2011

Not a single vote has been cast in the Republican presidential primary. Not one. Yet, the Republican Party establishment has decided for us that Mitt Romney is . . .

Book review: 'This is Herman Cain!'
Wes Vernon
October 17, 2011

THIS IS HERMAN CAIN!: MY JOURNEY TO THE WHITE HOUSE By Herman Cain Threshold/Simon and Schuster, $25, 222 pages Herman Cain has had little money and . . .

The spoiled brat uprising: Bringing the Communist revolution to our doorstep?
Wes Vernon
October 10, 2011

Cancel elections! "Take out" the "sons of bitches!" Send capitalists to "re-education [read concentration] camps!" Chop their heads off! Kill the bankers! Kill . . .

The Islamist movement: the threat remains
Wes Vernon
October 3, 2011

With two very high-profile enemies of the United States now out of the way, President Obama can claim — what? Not "Mission accomplished." It is . . .

Part 2: the candidates and the debates--a candid review
Wes Vernon
September 26, 2011

There's a lot of money and political activism idling on the sidelines — held in abeyance by key figures amongst Republican-oriented groups and individuals . . .

The candidates and debates: a candid review
Wes Vernon
September 22, 2011

As this is written, we're looking forward to the next Republican debate. It's early in the election cycle, but not too early to be thinking about which . . .

Martin Luther King's 2011 memorial stirs memories of 1968
Wes Vernon
September 19, 2011

The unveiling of Martin Luther King's memorial — now set for October 16 — brings to mind all the controversies surrounding his crusade, as well as . . .

Book review: 'Hollywood Left and Right'
Wes Vernon
September 12, 2011

HOLLYWOOD LEFT AND RIGHT: HOW MOVIE STARS SHAPED AMERICAN POLITICS By Steven J. Ross Oxford University Press, $29.95, 500 pages Most Americans who pay . . .

American civilization wiped off the earth? A thought as we approach 9/11
Wes Vernon
September 8, 2011

"America's mayor," Rudy Giuliani, told a National Press Club audience Tuesday that there had been about 40 attempted/planned attacks on America in the ten years . . .

Book review: How the railroad changed a nation
Wes Vernon
September 5, 2011

RAILROADED: THE TRANSCONTINENTALS AND THE MAKING OF MODERN AMERICA By Richard White Norton, $35, 515 pages History has pictured the great railroad-driven . . .

Rick Perry -- candidate of real change?
Wes Vernon
September 1, 2011

Ho hum. Another conservative presidential candidate is trashed by the civility-talking media. Rick Perry shoots to the top of the polls just days after . . .

Warren Buffett's quest for "sacrifice": you first
Wes Vernon
August 22, 2011

Right up front, let us stipulate the following: 1 — I respect Warren Buffett. How can anyone not? Wall Street's most famous investor did not attain . . .

The war habit: What are we doing in Libya?
Wes Vernon
August 15, 2011

So how are things going for us in Libya? What's the latest? Haven't heard? Neither have I. That must mean things are going to hell in a rocket-ship, because . . .

Boehner, tea party, and leadership: the power of tension
Wes Vernon
August 4, 2011

"I love you guys," House Speaker John Boehner is reported to have said at a meeting with the tea party freshmen. That comment despite the fact that those . . .

Michele Bachmann, the debt ceiling, and a blue collar plea
Wes Vernon
August 1, 2011

In 2008, Americans wanted a "different kind" of president. They got one, but the buyer's remorse in 2011 is pervasive. The much-maligned Tea Party movement  . . .

Rupert Murdoch and the media wars: so what else is new?
Wes Vernon
July 25, 2011

"I think he's trying to destroy The New York Times," a newspaper editor opined to me shortly after worldwide media mogul Rupert Murdoch had acquired and poured . . .

The debt ceiling mess, and our House of Lords
Wes Vernon
July 18, 2011

In trying to cope with the debt ceiling, the Republicans are re-learning that the country cannot be run from Capitol Hill — not from both legislative . . .

The real story of Glenn Beck's exit from Fox?
Wes Vernon
July 11, 2011

Glenn Beck stepped on a lot of powerful toes while at Fox News, so it was no surprise that his three-year contract ended six months prior to its planned . . .

Eric Holder: unfit for his office, Congress needs to review the record
Wes Vernon
June 30, 2011

The "I" word is something one is well-advised to use sparingly lest it be abused and over-used. Impeachment is a constitutional option that has — during . . .

Book review: Confronting national debt now
Wes Vernon
June 27, 2011

The timing for release of this book could not be better. The debt ceiling's claimed deadline approaches as Congress wrangles over how or whether to confront the . . .

Security checks for federal employees a joke (who slipped through?)
Wes Vernon
June 23, 2011

The fact that bad people are elected to office and then appoint other people with questionable backgrounds should not shock anyone observing the trends that . . .

Top spy points finger at Panetta friend
Wes Vernon
June 20, 2011

(See "Media Blackout," 6/13/11.) A key leader of the Cold War-era Communist underground in the U.S. has verified the Communist affiliation of a man (Hugh . . .

Media blackout: CIA director accused of links to Communist spy contact – scandal ignored
Wes Vernon
June 13, 2011

If you have been depending on the mainstream media for your news the past few days, you are probably learning here for the first time that CIA Director Leon . . .

Democracy or mobocracy: which? (the Electoral College)
Wes Vernon
June 6, 2011

Not too long ago, a congressional staffer made the argument in a private meeting that in America as a democracy, the majority must always rule no matter what. . . .

The GOP: scared rabbits need not apply
Wes Vernon
May 26, 2011

Let's cut to the quick: The Democrats want to let Medicare go bankrupt. An accurate TV commercial would portray a Harry Reid lookalike (or Pelosi or Obama) . . .

You're illegal in Maryland? you go to the head of the line; you're legal? just pay the bill
Wes Vernon
May 23, 2011

Our signatures on the petition went out with Friday's mail. All we did was urge the state of Maryland to put a new ill-advised "special interest" law before the . . .

When a cop goes over the top: more on the Lanigan case
Wes Vernon
May 19, 2011

(See this column May 16, 2011.) As more details emerge in the case of false accusations against Fairfax, Va., elementary school coach Sean Lanigan, it . . .

Yes, some children do lie
Wes Vernon
May 16, 2011

So some social workers tell us "Children never lie" about sexual abuse? Garbage! Totally discredited herewith: But first some perspective Dr. Richard A . . .

'Third Terrorist' indicted -- hears strange 'voices'
Wes Vernon
May 12, 2011

(See this column March 24 & 28, and April 14.) Hussain Al-Hussaini's comments to his therapist suggest there is much he knows about the Oklahoma City bombing . . .

Why Pakistan (would have?) betrayed us
Wes Vernon
May 9, 2011

First the good news: President Obama scored big by authorizing the Navy SEALs to kill Osama bin Laden. The bad news: The anti-terror policy of President Bush . . .

Connecting the dots: the end of America as we know it?
Wes Vernon
May 2, 2011

Two very horrifying 21st century problems are front and center this week. They are inextricably linked. It is urgent that we deal with one — Obamacare  . . .

Gang of Six: Munich again?
Wes Vernon
April 25, 2011

There is ample reason to be skeptical that any meaningful solution to the debt crisis will result from the Senate's so-called "Gang of Six." First of all, . . .

Book review: Pointing a finger at the rogues
Wes Vernon
April 18, 2011

RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION: EXCUSE ME WHILE I SAVE THE WORLD! By Andrew Breitbart Grand Central Publishing, $27.99, 232 pages Andrew Breitbart is a rebel with . . .

Oklahoma City bomber threatened within prison walls?
Wes Vernon
April 14, 2011

Terry Nichols, serving life without parole in the supermax prison ADX Florence in Colorado for his part in the Oklahoma City bombing (1995), says "John Doe 2"  . . .

Conservative vs. conservative: a fair fight, don't you think?
Wes Vernon
April 11, 2011

What would "Silent Cal" do? In his time, debt in the billions would have been considered beyond the scope of sanity; forget trillions. So how would Calvin . . .

Obama's ultimate aim in Libya: a world military/police force?
Wes Vernon
April 4, 2011

There is a high risk — very close to a dead certainty — that no matter what happens in Libya, the results will be bad for the United States. In the . . .

Book review: President Obama's destructive agenda
Wes Vernon
March 29, 2011


Exclusive: Will Congress (at last, officially) solve the mystery of 'the third terrorist' in Oklahoma City?
Wes Vernon
March 28, 2011

The chairman of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations may soon hold new hearings on the credible allegations that a third man — this one . . .

Oklahoma City Bombing -- the return of "the third terrorist"
Wes Vernon
March 24, 2011

So it's really no big deal when a guy is arrested for slugging another guy with a beer bottle, right? In this case, wrong! Police in Quincy, Massachusetts (a . . .

Obamacare one year later: creeping "death panels" and other sneak attacks
Wes Vernon
March 21, 2011

As Obamacare marks its first anniversary, signs of changes in the insurance and healthcare industries are gradually becoming apparent — even though the . . .

Chairman Peter King vs. the silliness brigade
Wes Vernon
March 14, 2011

There were some dramatic and silly moments at the congressional hearings on Radical Islam's war against America this past week. Homeland Security Committee . . .

What does it take? Another victory for the enemy within
Wes Vernon
March 7, 2011

Let's cut to the quick: Two more broadcast commentators dared to speak out on the infiltration of our society by the Radical Islam/far left coalition whose . . .

What you need to know about our murderous enemies
Wes Vernon
February 28, 2011

A highly interesting flow of information is making its way over the airwaves right under the noses of Washington's "political correctness" establishment. Are . . .

Obama's personal army: him vs. you and me?
Wes Vernon
February 24, 2011

As far back as the 2008 presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama let slip a vision for his own personal civilian army. Not to protect you and me from . . .

The King committee: ready to probe subversion
Wes Vernon
February 21, 2011

The lofty, privileged hear-no-evil see-no-evil advantage that Islamofascism has enjoyed in the United States may soon be a thing of the past. For starters, this . . .

Future bumper-sticker: Who lost the Middle East?
Wes Vernon
February 14, 2011

The overwhelming majority of Muslims in Egypt favor the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion. This, you see, is in line with Muslim custom  . . .

Like pulling teeth: Obamacare root canal repeal--the time is now
Wes Vernon
February 7, 2011

Now that the Republicans have kept their promise to vote on Obamacare repeal (successfully in the GOP-dominated House, unsuccessfully — as expected &mdash . . .

The congressional probe of Islamofascism: watered down? (Say it's not so, Pete)
Wes Vernon
January 31, 2011

With parts of the Middle East in flames (as I write), it is worrisome to contemplate the possibility that all the rioting in Egypt (however motivated by . . .

Profiling makes sense (if it can save lives)
Wes Vernon
January 24, 2011

How many American lives are to be sacrificed on the holy altar of "political correctness?" Hundreds more? Thousands? Millions? Whole new agencies have been . . .

The congressional probe of Islamofascism -- a suggested agenda
Wes Vernon
January 10, 2011

Anyone who's watched Congressman Peter King on TV knows that he is fearless. The self-appointed gatekeepers of "political correctness" don't scare him.  . . .

Prelude to dictatorship: next they're coming after your access to the internet
Wes Vernon
December 20, 2010

The rejected, tone-deaf leftists in Washington, clinging to their last hours of congressional power, have attempted (with mixed results) to do everything . . .

The other WikiLeaks scandal: media coverup
Wes Vernon
December 9, 2010

Few outrages are so infuriating as a mainstream media blackout of relevant facts that pose threats to its agenda. The most obvious Pravda-style see-no-evil . . .

Needed: a ban on "lame duck" mischief
Wes Vernon
December 6, 2010

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid remind one of the burglars who hear the footsteps of the house owners approaching the front . . .

Trust the Russians, ignore their hostile actions: haven't we seen this movie before?
Wes Vernon
November 29, 2010

There is a reason we call the current dead men and women walking on Capitol Hill "lame ducks." They have been rejected, discredited, disavowed, and repudiated . . .

21st century Dark Ages ahead? Economist says hope for the best but prepare for the worst -- think gold
Wes Vernon
November 22, 2010

The following is not a prediction. It is presented as a possible scenario for the near future: The recent move by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to . . .

Web of subversive activity? -- George Soros and a Washington 'far left' think tank
Wes Vernon
November 15, 2010

The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a Washington-based think tank, recently carried a favorable review of a book by Howard Zinn. While the reviewer  . . .

Bring back congressional probes of subversion -- Part 2
Wes Vernon
November 8, 2010

The time for reviving the House Committee on Internal Security is long past. In 1975, the post-Watergate Congress abolished the panel that had functioned . . .

Post-election special: now the hard work begins
Wes Vernon
November 4, 2010

As of late Wednesday — with just a few close races yet to be settled — the Republicans stood to make a net gain of as many as 67 seats in the House . . .

To the new Congress: ferret out internal subversion
Wes Vernon
November 1, 2010

The incoming (more conservative) Congress should add one more item at or near the top of its agenda: Bring back the House Committee on Internal Security (HCIS). . . .

Nevadans to Reid: Stop! Thief!
Wes Vernon
October 28, 2010

Democrats in Nevada have been accused of using strong-arm tactics best symbolized in recent years by the likes of ACORN and SEIU, so as to steal the election . . .

November 2: America's pushback -- last chance? Part 2
Wes Vernon
October 25, 2010

The "Ruling Class" has been outed. Their icons are not as threatening as they used to be. In the old days, if ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, the New York Times, . . .

November 2 -- America's push-back. Last chance?
Wes Vernon
October 21, 2010

In nation after nation, voters for decades have given charismatic Marxists the green light at the ballot-box. In each case, there were glowing promises of a . . .

Barbara Boxer: incompetent, divisive, failed senator
Wes Vernon
October 18, 2010

This week, President Obama is spending some time in California trying to rescue the political fortunes of his most bitterly partisan Senate ally seeking re . . .

Beware: transportation extremists over the top
Wes Vernon
September 27, 2010

Transportation issues — like any other debatable causes — can provide fertile ground for those who dash about with propellers atop their heads. This . . .

Obama's politburo -- advice from the backrooms at the White House
Wes Vernon
September 20, 2010

"It is getting increasingly difficult to distinguish between the agenda of the Democratic Party, and the agenda of the Communist Party." That analysis came . . .

Thomas Perez: Obama's one-man Gestapo
Wes Vernon
September 13, 2010

If you tried to help a "protected" Obama constituency, you had better hope that your best efforts didn't fail. The Gestapo will have you in its crosshairs.  . . .

Is it safe to send your child to school?
Wes Vernon
September 6, 2010

(See part 1) Before Communist Howard Zinn died in January, he was actively spearheading an effort to inject his lying version of American history into the . . .

GOP in 2010 -- "in the bag"? Don't believe it
Wes Vernon
August 30, 2010

Even if the Republicans do well in House races this fall, many good policy moves that result can be undone in the Senate. That means we need to send the very . . .

The Ruling Class and the courts
Wes Vernon
August 23, 2010

The Ruling Class has declared war on the rest of us. As Angelo M. Codevilla writes in the American Spectator, "Unlike the Ruling Class, the Country Class  . . .

How to short-circuit the ruling class
Wes Vernon
August 16, 2010

Maybe we should have the right to elect (or defeat) the faceless bureaucrats who presume the right to dominate our lives. Why not? The problem Dr. . . .

Howard Zinn: Communist liar
Wes Vernon
August 9, 2010

The Hate-America left scored big-time with its late Stalinist front man Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States. Not surprisingly, . . .

From Hollywood: to Hitler with love (Stalin, too)
Wes Vernon
August 2, 2010

Why am I not surprised that a leading Hollywood director is bemoaning poor, misunderstood Adolf's place in history? Oliver Stone says his upcoming Showtime . . .

Mediagate and the Orwellian connection
Wes Vernon
July 26, 2010

Denizens of the "liberal" media apparently really do get together and plot their propaganda line to be spread to an audience that — in their dreams — is . . .

Needed: a filibuster against the Kagan nomination
Wes Vernon
July 19, 2010

Democrats have filibustered Republican court nominees without the slightest hesitation — for purely political reasons, as leaked memos have indicated. Senate . . .

The spy swap: not so fast
Wes Vernon
July 15, 2010

Seasoned intelligence veterans are bewildered by the speed with which the U.S. agreed to exchange our 10 accused Russian spies in this country for 4 spies . . .

Government control of the internet? Oh, no you don't
Wes Vernon
July 12, 2010

Add the free-swinging Internet to President Obama's control-or-destroy targets. That means they are going after you because the Internet is open to everyone. It . . .

21st century communism--and the Cold War's unresolved issues
Wes Vernon
July 5, 2010

Why should we be surprised to learn of a massive Russian spy ring in the United States? The Soviet Union is gone, but... 1 — The old KGB agent who wields . . .

Kagan: another "ruling class" slap in the face to the American majority
Wes Vernon
June 28, 2010

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is right out of central casting as a stereotypical example of America's "ruling class" — i.e., out of step with the great . . .

Helen Thomas: good riddance
Wes Vernon
June 17, 2010

The recent departure of Helen Thomas from the White House press corps struck a blow in favor of good journalism that has taken a battering in recent years . . .

Templegate: Chicago politics spreads its wings--to Utah?
Wes Vernon
June 14, 2010

As a phenomenon, political dirty tricks should shock no one in the adult world. Nonetheless, not every political precinct is in Chicago, and there is less . . .

Oil spill and its long-term threat to our national security
Wes Vernon
June 7, 2010

Public outrage over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is quite properly at a high level as we see pictures of dead wildlife and oiled-soaked birds struggling to . . .

Kagan: Disrespect the Constitution? Let the record speak
Wes Vernon
May 24, 2010

(See Part 1 — last week) Is a law school dean who plays down Constitutional Law fit for the nation's highest court? Let's connect the dots. DOT 1:  . . .

Ask Kagan about the Arizona law (she should read it first)
Wes Vernon
May 17, 2010

President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, should share with us her view of Arizona's controversial immigration law. No excuses. The law's validity . . .

The midnight knock on the door: coming to America?
Wes Vernon
May 10, 2010

Two events of the past week serve as warnings to Americans: jealously guard your freedom of speech — it is your right under the first Amendment. Some . . .

Mexico's war on the United States--Part 2
Wes Vernon
May 3, 2010

(See Part 1, 9/14/09) Because of illegal immigration, eighty-two-year-old widow Theresa Murray was a prisoner in her own home in Douglas, Arizona — a town . . .

Clinton rhetoric, Obama high court pick: re-opening cover-up of terrorist attack on U.S.?
Wes Vernon
April 26, 2010

President Obama and ex-President Clinton are inadvertently stumbling toward the intersection of two seemingly unrelated events. That combination of . . .

Unilateral disarmament, Part 2
Wes Vernon
April 19, 2010

So here's the problem: The new nuclear START Treaty signed by the United States and Russia in Prague — combined with President Obama's Nuclear Posture Review  . . .

Subversive political fraud (again): it's like old times for the hard left
Wes Vernon
April 15, 2010

The radical anti-American left is going back to doing what it enjoys best: infiltrating and disrupting gatherings of patriotic Americans, as well as trying to . . .

Unilateral disarmament -- telegraphing our punches to America's enemies?
Wes Vernon
April 12, 2010

The big question is: Will America's head soon be on the chopping block? The world is witnessing a road-map as to how America can be destroyed. No doubt . . .

Violence: the Democrats' Reichstag fire
Wes Vernon
March 29, 2010

Fake anger and indignation are the oldest weapons in the Marxist arsenal. And the Marxists now running the Washington show are following the "Reichstag fire" . . .

Thirty pieces of silver for lapdogs: Obamacare and the "Blue Dog" fraud
Wes Vernon
March 25, 2010

It's hard to decide the best historical metaphor for Bart Stupak — the "pro-life Democrat" who caved to Marxist-style pressure and gave Speaker Nancy Pelosi . . .

Health bill passes House
Wes Vernon
March 22, 2010

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives thumbed their noses at their constituents as they voted to provide a glidepath to federal takeover of a very personal . . .

Lawsuit set to challenge health "care" steamroller
Wes Vernon
March 18, 2010

Since our last visit earlier this week, House Democrats — in collaboration with the White House — have plotted what appears to be the ultimate end-run . . .

Your decision this week: will America still be America?
Wes Vernon
March 15, 2010

This may be the "make or break" week for America's survival as the free society that we cherish and consider our birthright. Whether the United States of . . .

Obama throws Democrat congressman and his brother to the wolves?
Wes Vernon
March 8, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama has just presented us with more evidence that his agenda and his ego are so important that he is more than willing to sacrifice his own . . .

The health care "blabfest": fact vs. fiction
Wes Vernon
March 1, 2010

So President Obama invited the Republicans to drop by for a friendly chat on health care. Forget that jobs (Vice President Biden's "three-letter word") continue . . .

At CPAC--Glenn Beck to America: you must fight back, oppressives won't give up
Wes Vernon
February 22, 2010

"They won't give up," and neither should you. That warning was sounded by Glenn Beck, as he rallied the pro-American troops to do battle with the "they" who . . .

Presidents' Day: do we really need it?
Wes Vernon
February 15, 2010

Because of two back-to-back snowstorms, this city of Washington and your federal government were shut down for four days in a row. You can bemoan or celebrate . . .

Warren Buffett: outfoxing the wise men of Wall Street? Or preparing for the Obama economy?
Wes Vernon
February 8, 2010

"Watch what we do, not what we say." That helpful hint — once let slip years ago by a high government official — was meant to convey the message that we . . .

The State of the Union address: do we really need it?
Wes Vernon
February 1, 2010

The Constitution of the United States says — "He [The President] shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend . . .

Speech Nazis apoplectic over high court ruling
Wes Vernon
January 25, 2010

The U.S. Supreme Court struck a huge blow for freedom by effectively saying to the jack boots, "You will not shut-up those who dissent from your perceived . . .

The Rino factor in 2010
Wes Vernon
January 18, 2010

"We have been chastened," a Republican congressional leader solemnly told this column. After the humiliating defeats of 2006 and 2008, one would hope so.  . . .

President Obama: pondering the "I" word
Wes Vernon
January 11, 2010

Prior to President Obama's most recent TV appearance to discuss the failed Christmas Day attempt to blow up an international flight at Detroit, his White House . . .

Will the courts open the door to health care and same-sex marriage as "rights"?
Wes Vernon
December 21, 2009

As this column has written, Washington is buried beneath well over a foot of snow and the city for two days ground to a standstill — except for the U.S. . . .

Socialized Medicine, Part 9 -- Obama administration upended by its own health care report
Wes Vernon
December 14, 2009

Almost any other presidency would by embarrassed by a report from within its own administration that exposes its number one legislative priority as an anti . . .

Yes, the red menace is still a threat, Part 3 -- or where is Joe McCarthy when we need him? (McCarthy, Part 11)
Wes Vernon
December 7, 2009

Our topic this week concerns enemy tactics against the United States and the urgent necessity to fight back. The occasion is the re-release of Blacklisted by . . .

Failure in battle: "We did it before, we can do it again?"
Wes Vernon
December 3, 2009

The day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor 68 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt went before the nation and declared December 7 a day "that will . . .

Climategate: let the investigation begin
Wes Vernon
November 30, 2009

The big media may think they can go on forever ignoring the Climategate scandal — whereby "respected" scientists have been caught red-handed doctoring . . .

Health care taxes and party switches on taxes in general
Wes Vernon
November 23, 2009

The Health Care Reform packages in both the House and Senate — in addition to putting the government between you and your doctor and legislating limitations . . .

Terrorism = act of war
Wes Vernon
November 16, 2009

Rudy Giuliani is at his best when he's all fired up. Just as he was "America's mayor" during 9/11, so too — in a different sense — is he a hero when . . .

Obama media bible for Americans: Thou shalt not name thine enemy
Wes Vernon
November 9, 2009

The media are playing the role of Mr. Magoo again. Once more, an act of supreme violence occurs on our soil and the self-censoring media — led by the man . . .

Yes, the red menace still lives--Part 2
Wes Vernon
November 2, 2009

(See Part 1.) This (non-consecutive) series explores the danger that communism (in whatever form or cover) is alive and well around the world, albeit without . . .

Off-year elections: weathervane for 2010? Maybe not
Wes Vernon
October 26, 2009

In 1993, in the first year of Bill Clinton's presidency, the Republicans scored big, with victories in Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, and Los Angeles.  . . .

Yes, the "red menace" lives, Part 1
Wes Vernon
October 19, 2009

Before we even start this series, let's get one myth out of the way: Ronald Reagan did not "end communism." What Ronald Reagan did was to bring down the Soviet . . .

Watch what you say -- marching toward the police state?
Wes Vernon
October 5, 2009

Good shot! John Mackey — the boss of Whole Foods — has struck a blow for freedom. Unlike other businesses that have caved like cheap umbrellas when . . .

Capitol Hill -- trading one threat to America for another, but ending up with both?
Wes Vernon
September 28, 2009

Will the politically radioactive "Cap and Trade" and "Health Care" bills be rammed through and take effect without a full stand-alone up, or down vote by your . . .

Reading Jimmy Carter's mind--the great knower of all things
Wes Vernon
September 21, 2009

Know all ye who enter these hallowed halls on the Coney Island Boardwalk: You are about to receive a gift of the prescience, insight, and knowledge of the great . . .

Mexico's war on the United States
Wes Vernon
September 14, 2009

It's bad enough that terrorist-collaborating communists are taking over much of Latin America. Bad enough that their Venezuelan ringleader, Hugo Chavez, confers . . .

Put all school activities on the internet?
Wes Vernon
September 7, 2009

Is it time to explore a new means of keeping parents up to date as to what their children are learning in school? Modern technology should facilitate that.  . . .

"Revolution" coming to the USA?
Wes Vernon
August 31, 2009

"We're seeing the beginning of a peaceful — and I emphasize peaceful — revolt in America." Thus spoke Senator John McCain at a townhall meeting in . . .

Robert D. Novak: insider and rebel -- and a Washington legend
Wes Vernon
August 24, 2009

Robert Novak's most appropriate epitaph would be that he succeeded because he was true to himself. He was an insider's insider who was not swallowed up by the . . .

The latest media scandal: letting the "death panel" cat out of the bag
Wes Vernon
August 17, 2009

This past week, we have witnessed a brainwashing campaign worthy of Pravda from the old Soviet Union. The very ferocity of an Obamacare chorus could not have . . .

Socialized medicine--Part 6
Wes Vernon
July 20, 2009

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! — Get your "health care" snake oil. Right this way, folks! Only a limited time offer! It's the greatest going-out-of-business sale  . . .

Sotomayor and the First Amendment: the message--shut up if you disagree
Wes Vernon
July 13, 2009

When it comes to reasons why Sonia Sotomayor is not qualified for a seat on the highest court in the land, critics of the judge have an embarrassment of riches. . . .

Obama and America's enemies: first Iran, then Honduras -- see a pattern here?
Wes Vernon
July 6, 2009

America used to be the "shining city on a hill," as Ronald Reagan defined it. That was then, this is now. Under President Obama, the U.S. is shrinking from . . .

The Death to America Act
Wes Vernon
June 29, 2009

Grassroots Americans need to use the Fourth of July congressional recess to contact their senators and urge them not to take the Waxman-Markey tax-grabbing . . .

Socialized medicine--Part 5: There is hope yet, Americans not enthralled with Obamacare
Wes Vernon
June 22, 2009

President Obama should drop the disingenuous line that his plan to put America under the thumb of government-run health care won't interfere with your own . . .

Can't say this, can't say that, or you're trashed by the state or its thugs — this is America?
Wes Vernon
June 8, 2009

The Stalinists in and out of government are sending the message loud and clear: You have questions about President Obama's nomination of Judge Sonia . . .

Clearing the air vs. distorting Cold War history (Part 2)
Wes Vernon
June 1, 2009

(See Part 1) There was a lot of hair-splitting during last month's two-day conference of the Cold War International History Project at the Wilson Center in . . .

Clearing the air vs. splitting hairs and distorting Cold War history (Part 1)
Wes Vernon
May 25, 2009

Since the downfall of the Soviet Union, volumes have been written about that late superpower's penetration of American Society and its institutions before and . . .

Cap and Trade: back to the Stone Age?
Wes Vernon
May 18, 2009

Former Secretary of State James Baker has written an article suggesting the Obama administration "reach out" to (certain kinds of) Republicans on "Climate . . .

The "greatest" -- and "worst" -- presidents
Wes Vernon
May 11, 2009

The trouble with many of the past ratings of America's presidents is that the "consensus" has been arrived at by academics who act alike, do alike, and think . . .

Gitmo: let's not play the "stupid" card -- likewise alleged ACORN crimes
Wes Vernon
May 7, 2009

In a classic case of poetic justice, President Obama is getting some flak from his own Democrats in Congress on the issue of shutting down the Guantanamo Bay . . .

Death to the 'Death Tax'
Wes Vernon
May 4, 2009

If you hope to leave your small business or your farm to your heirs, you'd better get all your papers in order and plan on dying in 2010. That is the year the . . .

Soros-backed socialists lean on Obama to hurry up government-run "health care"
Wes Vernon
April 27, 2009

"Activist" groups lavishly funded by multi-billionaire George Soros — the de facto leader of the Democrat Party — have ordered their puppet in the White . . .

Here we go again: liberals are in trouble, time to haul out the "right-wing" bogeyman
Wes Vernon
April 20, 2009

This column thought it would be necessary for conservatives to make much more headway than they have so far this year before the Obama administration would . . .

Multiple outrages=lack of focus
Wes Vernon
April 13, 2009

The Obama administration and the Reid/Pelosi Congress are coming at us with so much threatening asininity — obviously aimed at overwhelming critics. Good . . .

Cuban spies penetrate Washington, call the shots on U.S. policy
Wes Vernon
April 6, 2009

For 32 years, the Soviet Union infused money and know-how into Cuba — its client-state just 90 miles from U.S. shores — until the flag went down on the . . .

Will Obama bring a cold-blooded murderer "in from the cold"?
Wes Vernon
March 30, 2009

April is "Cuba month" for the Obama administration. The Observer, the Sunday edition of the UK's left-wing Guardian, approvingly tells its readers that the . . .

Obama's terrorist pals get away with murder? Literally?
Wes Vernon
March 23, 2009

You are earnestly urged to believe that President Obama's Justice Department is seriously investigating a 39-year-old murder case involving his political . . .

President in on-the-job-training, as North Korea threatens "war"
Wes Vernon
March 16, 2009

Communist China has America by the throat. North Korea is making new warlike noises. And the Obama White House seems clueless. One obvious reason our . . .

Obama administration policies not American
Wes Vernon
March 9, 2009

(See Part 1 — 2/9/09) The just-concluded health care "summit" at the White House was so much window dressing, giving the appearance of hearing from "all . . .

A CPAC report: Rush Limbaugh's de facto conservative manifesto
Wes Vernon
March 2, 2009

The powers that be in Obama's Washington piously declare conservatism dead, but right under their noses the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) drew . . .

D.C. as a boomtown tax-free zone -- a role model for national recovery?
Wes Vernon
February 23, 2009

This column reiterates its proposal to grant the citizens of the District of Columbia exemption from paying the federal income taxes that the rest of us pay. I . . .

You want a truth commission, Senator Leahy? I'll show you a truth commission
Wes Vernon
February 16, 2009

Hear ye! Hear ye! Judge, Jury and Prosecutor (JJP) Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants a "truth commission." Little things like  . . .

The end of America as we know it?
Wes Vernon
February 9, 2009

President Obama has lost his pivotal health care "Czar." But forget about uncorking the bottles to celebrate. Someone will soon take his place. Background  . . .

Obama Solicitor General choice: yet another nomination problem
Wes Vernon
February 5, 2009

During the campaign, some of us were concerned that Barack Obama, with his socialist background, would govern accordingly. Many conservatives therefore . . .

George W. Bush--a retrospective
Wes Vernon
February 2, 2009

I've thought long and hard before sitting down to write this assessment of the recently concluded presidency of Bush 43. Sorting it out requires considerable . . .

Why we are helpless dealing with enemies on our own soil
Wes Vernon
January 26, 2009

"With a stroke of the pen, he [President Obama] effectively declared an end to the 'war on terror,' as President George W. Bush had defined it." So reads a . . .

The Obama bear market: You want stimulus? I'll show you stimulus
Wes Vernon
January 22, 2009

Just a few hours after Barack Obama finished his inaugural address and as he was making his triumphant entry to the Oval Office of the White House, the Dow . . .

Obama: Surrender to world government? Deny pay to White House socialist advisor
Wes Vernon
January 15, 2009

Despite some public relations moves to assuage our doubts, the Obama transition team appears to be formulating an administration that is quite happy to let some . . .

The Senate sitcoms: Al Franken doing what liberals do best--stealing elections
Wes Vernon
January 12, 2009

In Springfield, Illinois, the state House of Representatives voted to impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich for trying to corrupt the electoral process. Illinois and . . .

Illegal immigration: the GOP's elephant (in the room)
Wes Vernon
January 8, 2009

Picking up the pieces from the 2008 election is going to be an uphill climb as it is. Add to that an issue deemed so delicate that not one of the six candidates . . .

Paul Weyrich: A fighter to the end
Wes Vernon
December 22, 2008

The problem with writing a tribute to the late Paul Weyrich is two-fold: (1) Where to begin, and (2) Can anything be said that begins to do justice to what this . . .

The invisible government: The fight for a socialist (and economically weak) America
Wes Vernon
December 15, 2008

It is perhaps long past time that this column revisits the evidence that multibillionaire George Soros is implementing a well-crafted plan to mold America to . . .

Obama deemed qualified by birth for presidency
Wes Vernon
December 11, 2008

Barack Obama's upcoming presidency gives many reasons for conservatives to be concerned. All the more reason that we stick to substantive provable issues, as . . .

The Republican road to recovery: A real pro's ideas
Wes Vernon
December 4, 2008

The nine (at last count) candidates for the job of Republican National Chairman have been sent an eight-page questionnaire by one of the RNC's members — . . .

Bringing down America--China: friend of terrorists, America's enemy
Wes Vernon
December 1, 2008

As U.S. counter-intelligence chases down terrorists and fights in the courts and in the halls of Congress to listen in on terrorists' telephoned plots and also . . .

The stormtroopers: they're here--violence on same-sex marriage
Wes Vernon
November 20, 2008

Thirty states now have spoken through the ballot box against equating same-sex marriage with traditional marriage as it has been accepted for centuries. For . . .

The auto company bailout: the end--or just the beginning?
Wes Vernon
November 17, 2008

xWhen you're talking about taxpayer help for an industry that arguably is the very engine of our economy, flip answers won't do. One of the considerations is . . .

Obama--serious about financial "reform"? Serious about "security"?
Wes Vernon
November 13, 2008

He's more than two months away from being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, and already Barack Obama has surrounded himself with people with . . .

Looking ahead: of thugs and heroes
Wes Vernon
November 10, 2008

A wise and longtime conservative leader told me the day after the election that "we will have to start over" but that — in terms of the silver lining —  . . .

Talkshow hosts energized, fighting back for survival
Wes Vernon
November 9, 2008

Here's a preview of what we're in for in the next four years of the much-vaunted "spirit of bipartisanship": In the land of the free, we will witness the . . .

Will 2009 witness the third wave of socialism in America?
Wes Vernon
November 3, 2008

Two columns ago (see "Fixing the Economy," 10/27/08), we outlined policies intended to curb or stop the thirties Great Depression which instead actually . . .

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