Michael Bresciani
Napolitano: More change we can believe in, or else
By Michael Bresciani
April 19, 2009

Is the report from Homeland Security's new chief that warns that returning vets are dangerous, gospel preachers are to be feared and pro-life advocates are borderline something out of Mad Magazine or is it more akin to something right out of the Twilight Zone?

The strongest conservative may have had a moment when they actually wanted to chant the change mantra. Guided by conscience, reason, historical precedent or just good old fashioned caution; in our heart of hearts we knew it was made to sound all too easy.

When a slogan becomes the battle cry in a political campaign and is accepted in place of a clear and defining policy the excited soon become the exasperated. The call to follow without clear parameters is just another way of saying "trust me." Those who did may have slightly outnumbered those who didn't but the missing definition was soon to follow.

Part of that definition can be seen in the report issued by the head of Homeland Security. The report warns against returning veterans people who disdain abortion, listening to prophecy preachers and those who can't settle in on the "all religions are good" claptrap. No one could have said it better than author and Fox News' strategist Ralph Peters in the article "The Vet Threat" posted on the famed internet blog 'Exile Street.' Peters said "Thank God, DHS has a fearless leader, Janet-from-another-planet Napolitano, who isn't afraid to call white trash "white trash...your tax dollars at work."

As if America has not already been ravaged by enough absurdities now we are being asked to see terrorists as those who may cause man made disasters, homosexuality as normal as apple pie and Americas ex-warriors as potential McVeigh-ites.

Instead of dragging Napolitano out on the carpet we should visit places like Arlington National Cemetery where America's fallen heroes fill the grids as far as the eye can see like they are standing on parade. There we would want to stand in silent awe or weep for those who cannot now weep for themselves. What we could never do in their revered presence is utter the words, "change we can believe in." It isn't that change that these soldiers died for; rather it was to make sure that all that America was and promised to be would not ever change.

There are no rolling green cemeteries and perfectly lined crosses for the fifty million aborted innocents who have met with the results of Roe v. Wade but God forbid that we should take seriously the call from one of our newest security agencies to label those who still cringe at the thought of more abortions as "dangerous."

If the voices of the discarded unborn could be heard they would tell us all who has been dangerous to their health and welfare and their possibility for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." They would resoundingly concur that it is not a "change they can believe in." They would ask 'what homeland' and ''what security?' Having been deprived of both, now insult is added to injury in the call to label those who have stayed behind and decried their slaughter as 'dangerous.'

The most dangerous people in America today are not pro-lifers, returning vets or gospel preachers. They are the wholly distracted followers of "change we can believe in" who march to the step of an undefined nebulous call to turn everything America is, or ever was, upside down.

Doesn't anyone in America remember what happened in China when Mao empowered an entire generation of youth to rip down every vestige and semblance of their ancient and venerable culture. When Mao's revolution was finished socialism, communism and state control had whipped a once proud nation into a place where the party replaced the person and individualism, free markets and free thinking were replaced with a change they were told, they could believe in, but in fact they could not.

Perhaps we are too busy trying to guess who of the twenty young men the "Cougar" will finally accept as her suitor. Maybe we are all to busy hanging on every word of the financial experts who report on every nuance of the market with an eye to saving our precious portfolios. We may be all too preoccupied with removing our carbon footprint while no longer giving credence to those who say that without God we are on a pathway to hell. More body bumping and less Bible thumping and lest we forget, in homage to science's new 'queen green' we have to cool down the planet for the sake of cool itself. Ah yes, this is the change we can believe in.

Here is something else we can believe in. When soldiers return home to be labeled dangerous, when preachers of the gospel are to be feared and those who hate abortion are made to look like alarmists and fools this is change that has gone too far. When change goes too far it is called 'perversion' by any definition.

One such definition is found in the Bible in the prophecies of Isaiah (another dangerous person) who said "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isa 5:20)

The keyword in this verse is "woe." This one word warning taken in this context means that if we persist in perverting the reasonable and approachable laws of God and the best institutions of man including our constitution and all previous laws and rulings of our legislatures and judiciary we will pervert ourselves to our own hurt.

Returning to the faith of our fathers and the constitution of the United States would in this present hour constitute a serious change. I submit that it alone is the only true "change we can believe in."

© Michael Bresciani


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Michael Bresciani

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