Michael Bresciani
Whoopi's most excellent question -- the ridiculously simple answer
By Michael Bresciani
April 6, 2011

News sources are pulsing with reverberations about Donald Trump's remarks on Obama's eligibility and great and mysterious unseen long form birth certificate. Liberally biased media is showing signs of the nervous jitters with their usual "why don't they just shut up" response.

Whether you think Mr. Trump should take a run at the presidency or not, he has to be credited for taking on the question that others are only skirting in abject fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, a kook or something much worse. (Can't mention those names in this article) One thing can be safely concluded from Trump's head on confrontational kind of approach, he's got some guts!

In the same week that Hillary Clinton began to call Syria's President Assad a reformer; should we be at all surprised that Donald Trump is saying that Obama may be a fraud? Which claim seems more ridiculous is not the question. The only real question is which one has more tangible proof. It is here that Mr. Obama would come up short.

Karl Rove re-asserted his belief that anyone raising the birth certificate question is marginalizing the new republican efforts to make lasting changes in the nation. Rove stated his beliefs once again on the Factor program, Wednesday March 30, 2011. The public poll that Fox is now conducting is already showing that most people do not share Mr. Rove's views.

In fact at 9am on Thursday March 31, 2011, with the poll far from closing the result says seventy three percent think that Mr. Trump is being smart in asking the question on Obama's eligibility. Only twenty two percent think he is not smart and slightly lower than four percent are uncertain. The Factor will no doubt make the result of the poll known before Trump is interviewed which at least will give him a chance to hit the ground running.

Whoopi Goldberg's view of Mr. Trump's question is begging far more attention regardless of the poll results. Goldberg asked Donald Trump during his appearance on The View, "What President has ever been asked to show us his birth certificate before." This question raises two further questions that must be asked if common sense has any chance of redemption.

The first question to ask Whoopi is; were you out of the country during the election campaigns of 2008? Yes Whoopi, John McCain, a presidential candidate, was asked to show his birth certificate.

A second but no less important question would be; what President would be unwilling to show us his birth certificate if we the people asked to see it. (Not to mention we are required by the Constitution to ask for it.) Let me offer the most painfully obvious answer backed up by history itself. None of them would be unwilling, with the exception to date, of only one.

I have followed the plight of the birthers with great interest and complete sympathy because after all, there are no levels of society where proper identification and background is not required with the exception of obtaining the highest office in the land. This looks, feels, and reads like one of America's greatest absurdities rather than one of its greatest conspiracy questions.

It has become necessary to weigh the reports of progress in the birther issue because every new development so far seems to have fallen down before ever taking flight. Courts have refused to hear cases on the BC and Congressmen and Senators don't seem to be willing to take action either for fear of being labeled or because other issues may seem far more pressing at this critical moment.

The circus like approach and any effort to make the BC question a mere source of entertainment to insert into the news cycle has long since lost its luster. Now there is so much more at stake especially since the sentencing of decorated officer Lt. Col. Terry Lakin for refusing to move on his orders until Obama's authority to give him orders was completely assured.

Questions like those raised by Whoopi Goldberg and assertions of marginalizing the Republican efforts made by Karl Rove are now edging so much closer to pure insult for one former medical officer with a distinguished record of life saving and service to his country. There is little doubt that Lt. Col. Lakin finds no humor or entertainment value in these kinds of statements and questions.

The indignant snickers, chiding and dismissal of the President when the subject is approached, the Barnum and Bailey like fanfare of the TV and internet on the subject, and the carnival like quality of debates by the ladies of The View, must not be allowed to substitute for a lawful and serious answer to this question.

Almost anything that emerges from the pop culture realm requires only splash and momentum to find its way to the top. Enduring contributions to this nation's history have been hammered out on the anvil of time by the hammer of truth. No one in this nation need apologize for the finished product of that truth even if it displaces a sitting president.

After passage of the health care bill, refusal to defend the marriage act and shear aloofness about abortion and the gay agenda it is abundantly clear that Mr. Obama does not care what the American people want. Even this is not his most serious failing. Not knowing who they are is far more serious.

When circumstances and events present us with a mystery shrouded in lots of unanswered questions we are not dislodged. Americans approach such things with everything from humor to generations' long investigations, debates and official inquiries.

When it is a single person or group that seems to have duped us, we feel defrauded, scammed or had. Americans love a mystery but they hate a scam, here is where the people become indignant, millions of them. This is where the term "righteous indignation" comes into play and it is what is driving the search for both the birth certificate and the dozens of other documents that remain secreted away in a dark cloud of mystery.

Our history has proven that America doesn't like to impeach its presidents so as Mr. Obama takes a run at a second term of office it is not the famous Lincoln quote about fooling some of the people all the time that we may want to heed. It is the ancient Chinese proverb "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" that is so much more befitting.

It is not Whoopi Goldberg or the ladies of The View who must answer the most serious question of Obama's birth and background but rather it is a single woman who has no view at all. Lady Justice with her scales in one hand and the blindfold across her eyes to block any chance that she will be biased is the only lady that can honestly answer this question. She does not laugh and has no interest in entertaining us; but she will have the last word.

I have searched the records and read all the articles and to date one of the most serious and well grounded views of the birth certificate question I have been able to find comes from Mr. Monte Kuligowski an attorney, author and journalist. In an article entitled "Obama reveals his character by withholding birth records," published on the Renew America website, March 30, 2011, (First published in World Net Daily) Mr. Kuligowski presents what is perhaps the most reasonable and scholarly treatment of the subject that I have read so far.

Mr. Kuligowski concludes his article with this powerful summary. "Mr. Obama's unprecedented secrecy, unrelenting arrogance and aloofness to the suffering of anyone who requests details are not "personally" likable traits. And those traits apply if we give Obama the benefit of the doubt on the claimed birthplace. God help us all if he turns out to be a complete fraud."

The birth certificate question is not marginal it is mainstream. The question is serious and well within the scope and the lawful requirements of our own Constitution. It cannot be answered by a group of women who host a TV program with all the gravitas of a bunch of runaway balloons.

It cannot be ignored as long as one good soldier (Lt. Col. Terry Lakin) sits in a gloomy prison cell for asking the serious question that our own election commissioners and attorneys general refused to ask. This question must be posed until answered, because America demands it.

Those who framed our Constitution and those who yet hold it in the highest regard are most often are the same people that have read and hold these words in highest regard as well.

"No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light." (Luke 11: 33)

Let's get this thing out of the secret places and into the light quickly, so we can move ahead in confidence in these days of great turmoil.

© Michael Bresciani


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