Michael Bresciani
Are midterms the cure for coddling criminals, cutting up gender confused kids, and a failing and disgraceful presidency?
By Michael Bresciani
October 9, 2022

We hope so!

But if we take the right and privilege to vote seriously, we will not have to trust in hope.

Scenes that are hard to forget

In the last nearly two years, we have witnessed horrendous and disturbing scenes both at home and around the globe. Many of them are a result of a democratic president and congress that has a socialistic or liberal agenda, which is bringing America to its knees—but not in prayer.

We started with scenes of soldiers and U.S. military personnel scrambling to board the C-17 cargo aircraft leaving Kabul. Children were thrown over fences and walls by their parents and some adults died falling to the ground when the C-17 aircraft took to the air.

Next, came scenes of military vehicles and equipment the U.S. left behind for our enemies.

It made our last days in Vietnam look like nothing and the sheer shame and disgrace will haunt us for years to come.

Today, it is reported that up to 37% of the military personnel that witnessed the ugly withdrawal, have contemplated, attempted, or committed suicide due to feelings of futility and betrayal.

But who could forget the slaughter of 13 U.S. troops at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, all while thousands of people scrambled to get on board a departing flight?

Disgraceful is the only word that can cover this scene.

Scenes of unparalleled economic disasters—all owned by Biden and the Dem’s

Scenes of people wagging their heads in disbelief as they buy gas at the pumps has become the most repeated reactionary repertoire in U.S. economic history.

Then, while bracing for the long-term disaster of school loan forgiveness, the head wagging goes on in the venue known as the local supermarket. Food prices are soaring, and they rise by the week.

Cars, both new and used, have become so expensive to own or lease that the sale of auto parts has risen to historic highs, but now those parts cost considerably more.

All of this is appendaged by the fact that Biden and the Dem’s have accomplished the highest sustained level of spending in the entire history of the nation.

The worst scene of all—the horror of being a child in “woke” America.

Now that abortion has had some of its bloodthirst banned in many states, there is a new form of bloodlust in the willingness to cut up the bodies of children who are a bit confused about their own gender.

It seems that, if the liberals can’t cut them off, they would accept the chance to cut them up.

If Sally wants to climb a tree, she may be headed to the clinic for a mastectomy before she gets to the first limb.

We add to the confusion of the adolescent by providing them with entertainment in the form of men dressed like women, gyrating, and slithering in front of the little tykes, as part of class participation.

We seem to have forgotten that in times past that would be called child abuse.

We also seem to have forgotten that in the present day that is still called child abuse.

Poverty and scarcity are directly connected to the national abuse of our children

Among those who understand the nature of God’s dealings with mankind and the immutable laws of reciprocation, there is little doubt that the economic failings we are facing today are a result of our plunge into sin and our decent into child molestation and mutilation.

If we continue to bring our children into our demonic level of acceptable sexual activity, our nation will fall like a stone.

This is the short answer, it is the most accurate answer, and you can be sure we don’t have time for the long answer.

God is abundantly patient, but even he has limits. What are those limits? They may be different in every occurrence, but it is for sure they all have a breaking point, there is a day when the cup is full.

Take note of this nugget of wisdom.

    Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil (Ec 8:11).

Backed up by this fair warning.

    He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy (Pr 29: 1).

Putin’s threats of nuclear missiles, Hurricane Ian, or prices at the pump may all be part of his judgment against us, and case by case they may not be. Who is able to say with certainty which of them is his intervention?

To gamble against them is the act of a fool, a very distracted person, or a demonically deceived person.

Going to vote in the mid-term elections this year? Thinking of voting for the liberals who espouse the mutilation of children?

Here is some good advice on how to vote.

We decide when God’s judgments fall. It is neither capricious nor indiscriminately arbitrary with God. He leaves it up to us.

See it here, in all its simple grandness!

    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again (Mt 7: 2).

Our choices in the booth will decide our fate in the future!


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Photo: Twin Cities Kids Clubs

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© Michael Bresciani


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