Curtis Dahlgren
A "best of" -- Free Love was invented by Russian hippies in the 1860s!
By Curtis Dahlgren
August 8, 2009

"Broadcast television characters are almost three times as likely to have sex with a child, an animal or a corpse than with a spouse, a study released Tuesday by a clean-up-TV group said." — Miami Herald, August 6, 2008 [Parents Television Council]

GET READY FOR THE CELEBRATION OF THE 40TH YEAR OF THE WOODSTOCK "REVOLUTION." Nostalgic stories and photos fill up almost one-half of Section A of today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The following is a re posting of my October 25, 08 column, "Promising Hope or Opening Pandora's Box?"

Just for the record, I'm starting to acquire a taste for some rock music in my 68th year, thanks to some of my neighbors, but Woodstock wasn't about music! The party-goers at Bethel thought that they had invented a "new" life-style (BUT NOT SO)!

These following rules were seized in a raid in Dusseldorf Germany, in 1919 (two years after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia):

The files were marked, "Communist Rules for Revolution":

  • "Corrupt the young: get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness."

  • "Get control of all means of publicity. Get peoples' minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books, plays and other trivialities."

  • "By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit; produce fear of inflation, rising prices and general discontent."

  • "Divide people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance."

  • "Destroy the peoples' faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule . . "

  • "Always preach true democracy; but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible."

Does any of this sound familiar? From preaching "spreading the wealth around" to making a mockery of honest elections, there's a communistic pattern here. Our so-called "Youth Revolution" of the 1960s was preceded by Russia's Nihilism movement by exactly 100 years. The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1910) says:

"It originated in the early years of the reign of Alexander II, and the term [nihilism] was first used by Turnueniev in his celebrated novel, Fathers and Children, published in 1862. Among the students of the universities and the higher technical schools Turgueniev had noticed a new and strikingly original type — young men and women in slovenly attire, who called in question and ridiculed the generally received [traditions] of social life, and who talked of reorganizing society on strictly scientific principles. They reversed the traditional order of things even in trivial matters of external appearance, the males allowing the hair to grow long and the female adepts cutting it short, and adding sometimes the additional badge of blue spectacles . . .

"Thanks to Turgueniev, these young persons came to be known in common parlance as 'Nihilists,' though they never ceased to protest against the term as a calumnious nickname. According to their own account, they were simply earnest students who desired reasonable reforms . . . Among the antiquated institutions which had to be abolished as obstructions to real progress were, religion, family life, private property [etc] . . Religion was to be replaced by the exact sciences, family life by FREE LOVE, private property by collectivism [etc, my emphasis] . .

"The programme of the government was extensive enough and liberal enough to satisfy, for the moment at least, all reasonable reformers, but the well-intentioned, self-confident young people to whom the term Nihilists was applied were not reasonable. They wanted an immediate, thorough-going transformation of the existing order of things according to the most advanced socialistic principles, and in their youthful, reckless impatience they determined to undertake the work themselves, independent of and in opposition to the government . . .

"They began, therefore, a propaganda among the working population of the towns and the rural population in the villages . . Some disguised themselves as artisans or ordinary labourers, and sought to convert their uneducated fellow-workmen in the industrial centres, whilst others settled in the villages as school-teachers, and endeavoured to stir up disaffection . . . Landed proprietors and officials, it was suggested, should be got rid of, and then the peasants would have arable, pastoral and forest land in abundance, and would not require to pay any taxes.

"To persons of a certain education the agitators sought to prove that the general economic situation was desperate . . . "
[my emphasis]

BACK TO THE [OCT. 08]: One of our candidates for the White House, a former "community agitator," says that his friend Bill Ayres is just a "teacher of English" in Chicago (disguised as such at least). "Socialist" is a "calumnious nickname" that is unfair to the well-intentioned young "Progressives" who are only trying to save us from "desperate" economic straits. They are going to bring in the national Utopia that has always failed in such places as Liberal, Missouri; Amana Colonies, Iowa; and Shaker Village, Kentucky (not to mention the USSR or the Cuban boat people).


In classical mythology, Pandora represented the first woman on earth, who opened a box-full of the challenges, problems, and sorrows that would plague the human race. The last item she found in the box was "Hope" [think Eve]. I guess we've come full-circle. All we have left as of this weekend is "hope" — which in and of itself is mostly useless.

NO WONDER our public school 'educators" don't want to teach history. They think, as did the Nihilists, that they can obliterate religion and the other antiquated traditions. Well, 70 years of "enforced atheism" failed to do that in the Soviet Union. This does not "discourage" them, however. They are still determined to culminate the "Youth Revolution" of the 1960s with a total "over-haul" of society following the pattern of the Russian Nihilists, the pioneers of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

Our universities and much of the governmental bureaucracies are now being run by the aging hippies who were brain-damaged by drugs in the 60s and 70s, etc. As Rush Limbaugh says, this election is the last battle between those hippies and [the rest of us].

It took about 55 years and a World War to install the Communist regime in the USSR, and we are now about 50 years into America's so-called Youth Revolution. Will they succeed in destroying Freedom in this hemisphere too?

P.S. Well, the "progressive social democrats" won, and President Obama is now saying that we moss-backed "creators of the mess" should just "get out of the way." Wonder if he's referring to his "end-of-life" care there?

PPS: The only good thing is, as Rush says, this is a blessing in disguise, perhaps a golden opportunity to confront Socialism DIRECTLY. We can now show our true colors:

This is not the Soviet Union. This is not a banana republic. THIS IS AMERICA!!


© Curtis Dahlgren


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