Curtis Dahlgren
Big Brother's Bedside Manner: "Healthcare" by the numbers; climate forecasting w/o them
By Curtis Dahlgren
January 6, 2010

"The Left claims the Right is anti-intellectual.. Thomas Sowell shows there's a good reason for being so — without being anti-intelligence, anti-facts, or anti-wisdom."
- Elizabeth Kantor (Conservative Book Club)

'"'GIVE HIM A CHANCE,' we are lectured, about the President-elect. Well, maybe he will 'change' even himself! I certainly HOPE so, and if he were to do so, and become a hawk on human life, property rights, border, language, and culture (including the religious history of the United States), I might become an Obama fan myself." — Curtis Dahlgren (Jan.3, '09)

MY BROTHER is almost 80 years old. He works for the Red Cross and Habitat For Humanity, and other civic and political organizations. He attended the big Tea Party in Washington DC last summer, but the last time he saw his doctor and got a colon checkup, the doctor said, "You won't have to come back anymore." WHY? my brother asked.

"WELL," said the doctor. "You're almost 80."

In other words: "Medicare is running out of money." BO's "stash" is running short. Take a number if you dare. If the number you draw is 666, you're fresh out of luck. Get your affairs in order, even if your dad lived to be almost 90 (without "universal healthcare"). Now, my brother works harder than I do, even though he's 10 years older than I am, but when you're out of Miller, you're outa beer. When they say "What's up?" it's probably your number that's UP! Crawl in a hole and shovel some dirt on top of yourself, for all the computer cares, Big Brother's supercomputer.

As Dick Morris and Eileen McGann put it, the Obama campaign promised, "Obama will invest $10 billion a year over the next five years to move the U.S. health care system to broad adoption of standards-based electronic health information systems . . . [He] will also phase in requirements for full implementation of health IT and commit the necessary federal resources." [page 106, "Catastrophe"]

Morris and McGann note that the "stimulus bill" included a funding allocation to get the "project" started, and that:

"WHAT HE MEANS" is "By requiring standardized reporting of medical procedures, lHe can more easily control who gets them and which ones. The electronic record-keeping system is the necessary first step toward rationing . . .

"If you die somewhat prematurely as a result, that's an unfortunate by-product of the
needs of the system. After all, there are younger people who need the care more than you do, and there's not enough to go around."

WELCOME TO "FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY, TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEEDS" (under this "system," the needs of Big Brother come first; your needs can take a number or take a hike). The VA medical system is already rationing, too.


They like to talk a lot about "rising costs" of medical care that are "unsustainable" — out of one side of their mouths — while at the same time swearing that if you like the medical care you have now, you "get to keep it." Yeah right. What about "rising costs" of Government that are "unsustainable"?

When the year 2008 began, who would'a thunk that the Chicago gang would beat out the Arkansas gang for First Dibs? Eh?

Quite predictably, our national debt went from $10.4 Trillion in January 2009 to fourteen Trillion dollars by the end of the year — WITHOUT "UNIVERSAL HELL-THCARE" EVEN. So it goes, beyond the rabbit hole in Topsy-turveydom. Never NeverLand never had anything on these guys. Al Capone would be so proud. Bonnie and Clyde look like Bonnie & Klutz compared to these grave-robbers (they call that Inheritance taxes now). They'll take everything but your gold teeth — so far!

HEY — I took a break on Sunday and watched the Packers-Cardinals game at a former hang-out for the Chicago Gang. It's on an island in the river between Michigan and Wisconsin. It's half-way between Hermansville and Moonshine Hill. We have Tradition up here in the Northwoods, and I'm not just talking "Packers." From Miscauno Island to the White House. Only in America. The regular Chicago gang sold moonshine (and drugs), but the new Chicago gang just moons the people, and says, "Either you by our snake oil, or go straight to jail. You now have choice. Yes or no."

Enough of that Introduction. I've resolved to write shorter columns in 2010, so let's get on with it — a review of the year 2009, by R.U. KIDDINGME(?) That opening quotation by me was from my first 2009 column, "In lieu of a year-end brag letter, GOT PEACE?" Here's just one other highlight [quote]:

The word-for-the-day, boys and girls is "Sankofa." I just learned it in a December 29th forum article in the USA TODAY (by Stephen Prothero). To borrow half of one paragraph here:

"In the Akan language of West Africa there is a concept called Sankofa. San means return; ko means 'go'; and 'fa' means 'take.' So Sankofa refers to returning to fetch something you once discarded so you can take it back home. A popular symbol used to represent this concept depicts a mythical bird that flies forward with its head turned back."


To try to keep this short, the following paragraphs are selected highlights from five more columns from the first half of that year that was: -

"Reining in the 'pale horse' of the theocratic fundamentalist Greenies" [excerpt]

Even evolutionists have heard of "the four horsemen of the Apocalypse," even if they don't believe. The fourth horse is a "pale" horse, according to the King James Version ("and his name who sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him, and Power was given unto them to kill with the sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth").

But the original Greek word for "pale" is actually "CHLOROS" (green). This eerily reminds me of the book written by the head of the Congress On Racial Equality. His thesis is that environmentalist mandates such as ethanol usage are killing the poorest people on earth by raising the price of corn (says Roy Innis).

Yes, whatever John meant by the "four horsemen," it is literally true that the pagans of Deep Ecology are killing with hunger — and the beasts that they worship (as in "save the wol, the rattlesnake, etc etc"). [end of excerpt]

"Can you stay one step ahead of the crowd (and the social Blitzkrieg)?" [excerpt]

"After World War II, while America led the 'sexual revolution' and most Western nations permissivized abortion-on-demand, West Germany's highest court said, 'The historical situation in the Federal Republic with the bitter experiences of the Nazi period led to the establishment of a value system in which human life has absolute priority and according to which even apparently socially unworthy life must not be destroyed.'" That's a quote from the Milwaukee Sentinel, March 5, 1975; "Germans Remember 1930s, Reject Abortion" by Nick Thimmesch (cited in one of my first columns, "Abortion is killing us").

" . . The utilitarian medical ethic roughly holds that a result ['outcome'] should be measured by the greatest good for the greatest number [theoretically]. It was not Hitler who preached this. He was too busy venting his hatred and dispatching his bullies into street fights during the '20s. No, it was a group of Austrian and German physicians and jurists who came to believe, in the 1920s, that there were human lives devoid of value, and that it would be merciful to terminate those lives.

"THE CONSEQUENCE of this philosophy is described in Dr. Fredric Werthham's 'A Sign for Cain,' a study of human violence. Werthham relates how, in 1939, German mental patients were gassed to death in the Sonnenstein Psychiatric Institution.

"There followed the 'mercy killings' of some 275,000 German 'undesirables' in state hospitals: mental patients, epileptics, encephalitics, amputees (including World War I veterans), deformed and retarded children. It was all clean, clinical, and modern. [but abortion came first] . . .

"ANOTHER STUDENT of this period, Michael R. LaChat, a doctrinal candidate at Harvard University, recently wrote that: 'In May of 1935, the Hamburg Eugenics Court declared that the interruption of pregnancy for eugenic reasons (or racial emergency) was exempt from punishment, thereby legalizing eugenic abortion. The destruction of the unborn fetus was undertaken for the health of the German people, and the decision was being eagerly discussed in special medical journals. . . .

"Observers of German society in the 1920s and 1930s maintain the German people did not foresee the horrible death camps but were aware of the eugenics movement and the new attitude toward the value of human life." [end excerpt, my emphasis]

[I'm not SAYING that President Obama is the next Herr Hitler; I'm SAYING that he may be the 21st century version of the president of the Weimar "republic" — paving the way for an even more evil regime. I neither mince words nor exaggerate. Personally, I don't have any kids or grandkids to worry about. I spent my whole life studying history so I can worry about YOUR kids and grandkids.

A neighbor couple of mine are having their first child today, in fact. The delivery is being induced this morning, even as I write, but a couple of months ago, I had a dream one night. I dreamed that I was riding in a car their son was driving. That would be the year 2025, at least. Can we really survive the Decline and Fall of our civilization that long, or will our monstrous football and baseball stadia become landmarks of a modern Roman collapse?] (April Fool's Day) "KNEE-CAP & TRADE: FROM 'CARBON FORESTRY' TO EMBRYO FARMING — connecting the dot-coms" [excerpt] -

The July/August 2008 issue of "Fast Company" magazine had a cover story entitled "Tree Huggers Corner a $1 Trillion Market." Speaking of Camille Rebelo, a typical Yale forestry grad these days, she "has joined an elite for-profit field that barely existed eight months ago: carbon forestry . . .

"They are exerting tremendous influence over the brand-new market in greenhouse gas credits, which is projected to reach $1 trillion in the United States alone" [thanks to Ivy League lawyers practicing extortion and blackmail on U.S. corporations, I might add].

One young Yale grad says, "There aren't nearly as many communists in the forestry school as there were 20 years ago" [i.e., they have cloaked themselves in a new mantle with the same old spots]. The article says:

"Under a cap-and-trade system, pioneered in the United States for acid rain, a government sets a national ceiling on emissions (the cap), which lowers annually [indefinitely?] . . ."

[If they'll lie to you about "global warming," they'll lie to you about everything else — from "health" care to "education reform" to "redistributing the wealth"; another year or so of this political correctness and you can say "WHAT WEALTH?"]


In the previous column - — I documented the creepy similarity of the post-Christian "green"movement to the ancient worship of the pagan goddess Sybele or Gaia. The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edition, says:

"In all her aspects, Roman, Greek and Oriental, the Great Mother was characterized by essentially the same qualities. Most prominent among them was her universal motherhood. She was the great parent of gods and men, as well as of the lower orders of creation . . .

"She was known as the All-begetter, the All-nourisher, the Mother of all the Blest.

"She was the great, fruitful, kindly earth itself . . . Her special affinity to wild nature was manifested by the orgiastic character of her worship. Her attendants . . were wild, half demonic beings. Her priests, the Galli, were eunuchs attired in female garb, with long hair fragrant with ointment . . . Self-emasculation sometimes accompanied this delirium of worship on the part of candidates for the priesthood."

[Quoted from University of Wisconsin Bulletin No. 43 (1901), by Grant Showerman]

"Back to School: Both horror and hope at the UW-Madison" [excerpt] —

"Global warming may not be such a new thing — or, at least, that's what some UW climatologists suspect. A study by Stephen Vavrus, John Kutzbach, and Gwenaelle Philippon of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies suggests warming didn't begin two or three centuries ago, with the advent of industrialization, but five to eight millenia ago . . Further, they hypothesize that this warming may have helped forestall an ice age." — On Wisconsin, spring 2009

SENATOR GAYLORD NELSON MUST BE ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE. The "nerve" of these climatologists not sticking to the story (don't they know that all the issues have been "settled" and the debate is over?); the industrial revolution started global "warming" and the Model T caused the Dust Bowl. The SUV is going to kill us all. Never mind North Korea — obesity and climate change are going to kill us. Obesity and climate change and dairy products.. "Never mind" Iran [they think]. "What war on Terror?"

[Note:I once voted for Senator Bill Proxmire of Wisconsin, so I guess that makes me an Independent, eh? Proxmire invented the "Golden Fleece" award, so he's probably rolling in his grave too. By the way, my current Congressman from Michigan, Bart Stupak, is almost single-handedly standing in the way of this "historiic" HELL-thcare bill, all 2,000+ pages of it. Who writes this stuff anyway — Che Geuverra in absentsia?

The Obama Administration invited Bart to a closed-door meeting, and he turned them down. We're from the Upper Peninsula and we know what a cattle-prod is. I guess Bart isn't interested in getting the Nancy Kerrigan treatment "behind closed doors." Does the Chicago Gang have another St. Valentine's Day massacre planned? I speak hypothetically but you just never know these days. You do know, don't you, that the "health reform" bill contains a clause that would prohibit, by parliamentary rule, any future Congress from modifying, amending, or abolishing the "Medical Advisory Council and Board of Review on Ethics" (MACABRE)? As the President says, "The last train is leaving the station." Oh? Last train to where? The gas chambers or what?

But to continue — with a slightly longer exerpt] -

"Big Brother's Bedside Manner: What's the Matter With Chicago?"

"One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship." — George Orwell

WE ARE WITNESSING A REVOLUTION — a very "peaceful" Revolution (so "peaceful" that many people are totally oblivious to it). However, President Obama has also awakened a Sleeping Giant (the great Silent Majority). In attempting to tie down such giants as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, he has done so much talking that he has awakened the Giant himself from sleep — the gigantic Middle America.

WE ALL KNOW NOW that the economy is still in such serious trouble that when Timothy Geithner told an audience in China that the Chinese "investments" in our debts are 'safe and sound,' they laughed in his face. Even the Russian newspaper Pravda is alarmed by the Obama Revolution.

With one side of their mouths, the Gang of Four from Chicago says that they have "no desire to run a car company"; with the other side, they fire the CEO of GM and dictate to Chrysler that they must sell out to FIAT! [Mr. Chrysler must be rolling over in his grave.]

With one side of their mouths, the Gang of Four
says that this is the New Age of Responsibility; with the other side, by fiat, they print trillions in confederate dollar bills to reward campaign contributors from ACORN to the UAW (isn't that "play for pay"?).

With one side of their mouths, they say it's an emergency, so we have to forget what the Constitution says; with the other side, they talk about "Pay-as-you-go." [Meanwhile, they punish people who have paid their mortgage bills, and reward those who haven't.]

With one side of their mouths, they appease their special interest groups (from the gay-transgender groups to Freedom-from-Christianity groups; with the other side, they talk about "consensus" and "common ground."

With one side of their mouths, they talk about "diversity"; with the other side, they savage talk radio hosts and blame them for murders (it's a great paradox that conservatives, who are about the last friend the State of Israel has left, can be demonized and marginalized by McCarthy-like generalizations). Blaming "white hate-mongers" for a shooting by a mad man at the Holocaust Museum is like blaming the Bluebird of Happiness for cow pies in Calcutta). It just doesn't compute.

With one side of their mouths, they talk about "healing the world" and Saving the Planet; with the other side of their mouths, the more forcefully they speak into the teleprompter, the more pollutants they breathe out — carbon dioxide — none of which makes sense to the common man!


My family has some roots in Illinois. My mother was working at Michael Reese hospital when my father was courting her. I lived in the Chicago area for a few weeks in 1964. My brother, through the Republican party, was personally acquainted with the senior Mayor Daley's brother-in-law. And I even knew a guy who got sucked into the Chicago mob by an offer he couldn't refuse (the Mob still exists, believe it or not). I wasn't just born yesterday, and my hand has shaken the hand of a hand that has since shaken the hand of Chicago mobsters; my hand has also shaken the hand of a wise man who shook the hands of many heads-of-state around the world.

BTW, Daley's brother-in-law heard about ballot boxes that were dumped (1960) into Lake Michigan (north side ballots, I presume). An "unexpected" storm blew them back to shore, and he said to my brother, "Did you hear what they did?" Calll that a "perfect storm," eh?

Well, I promise to start writing shorter columns next week! In conclusion, here's just one more quote from Nick Thimmisch's 1975 article in the Milwaukee Sentinel:

"The German utilitarian medical ethic and the exterminations ended 30 years ago. Since then, the Western world vowed never to allow such perversion of human rights to be repeated.

"BUT UTILITARIAN philosophy is hard to put down. Our own American society has flecks of it, particularly in the abortion binge and in the increasing interest in positive euthanasia. Only last week, we learned that Dr. Henry P. Van Dusen, the former president of Union Theological Society, and his wife committed suicide. Dr. and Mrs. Van Dusen were members of the Euthanasia Society . . .

"The West German high court, in declaring unconstitutional a law passed in the Bundestag allowing abortion in the first three months of pregnancy, did more than deal with abortion. It also reminded the German people what happened when the utilitarian medical ethic, promulgated long before Hitler took power, became an intrinsic part of German 'population' policy. . .

"But all constitutions sound fine. What really counted, I believe, is the collective memory of the judges who agreed that . . . even apparently socially unworthy life must not be destroyed . . .

"We Americans can learn much from this lesson, though we are light years away from the Nazi horrors."

HOW SOON WE FORGET. SO SOON OLD AND SO LATE SCHMART. That was then (1975) and this is now (2010). Germany has since permissivized abortion-on-demand, and here, 3 states have now "legalized" assisted suicide, a buzzword for positive euthanasia. We are well on our way to the Netherlands model — involuntary "suicide"! And if Congress passes the "reforms" — including a provision that changing the MACABRE "advisory panels" is "verboten," then nothing will be impossible (as God said at the Tower of Babel) that we can "IMAGINE" (to quote John Lennon).

BUT WE HAVE NEWS FOR THE SOPHISTS ON CAPITOL HILL: "There is a tide in the affairs of men" and that can flow both ways. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, you hip, "progressive," lying, thieving, hypocritical enablers of murder. Your "noble" plans for Amerika are no more "inevitable" than Global Warming was!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to throw another log on the fire.

More to come.

P.S. For some comic relief, check out Media Research Council's "quotations-of-the-year." The nominations are:

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