Randy Engel
What the Catholic hierarchy should know about clerical pederasty
By Randy Engel
January 23, 2019

First Published on AKA Catholic, December 31, 2018


In late August of this year, following the release of the Office of the Attorney General's report on clerical sexual abuse in six Catholic dioceses in Western Pennsylvania, I gave an extended interview on the issue of clerical sexual abuse, specifically, pederasty to a young writer/reporter from a well-known pro-life, pro-family organization.

Though that interview never appeared due to circumstances beyond my control, I nevertheless thought that the information contained in it would make a major contribution to the upcoming meeting on the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults which will take place at the Vatican in February 2019.

One of the major relevant issues that this interview does not cover is suicide as it relates to clerical sexual abuse and the suicide of victims, perpetrators, and those related to them. Hopefully, this will be discussed in detail in a companion article to this interview in the New Year.

Interviewer: Randy, as probably the leading Catholic expert in the world on the homosexual penetration of the Roman Catholic Church, and, in particular AmChurch, I presume you were not surprised by this latest horrific clerical sex abuse scandals to be exposed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General?

Randy Engel: No, I wasn't surprised as all. As an investigative reporter, traditional Catholic, and resident of Pennsylvania for more than forty years, I'd been waiting for the release of the Attorney General's report since June of this year. But, as you probably know, there were significant legal delays, and redactions ordered by the State Supreme Court before the report was made public on August 15, 2018.

Regarding the report itself, my only surprise was that it wasn't worse than it was.

Had the Attorney General's Report gone into even greater detail, especially on how the lawyers for the bishops and dioceses manipulated and intimidated clerical sex abuse victims and their families into signing away their rights, and sheltering and protecting the perpetrators at all costs, the report would have been even more explosive and damning than it is.

Interviewer: So, what major things, if any, did you learn from the Attorney General's Report?

Engel: Well, the Office of the Attorney General spent two years on its latest clerical abuse assessment of six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown have already been investigated.

I, on the other hand, spent 17 years researching, investigating, and writing, The Rite of Sodomy – Homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church which was first published in 2006.

So, there was really nothing new in the report for me. The names and faces of the perpetrators and their locations have changed, of course, but their tails still bind them together in a singular universally diabolical enterprise.

Of course, I was profoundly moved by the report. God forbid the day when I can read about the wholesale destruction of innocence by a priest or religious without being moved to tears.

It's almost impossible to forget the phantasmagorical imprint of the highly-placed Monsignor who worked for the Papal Foundation, who fellated a young boy then had the victim wash his mouth out with holy water, or the digital rape of little girls and young boys, or the young woman impregnated by a priest who was forced to abort their child. If those images don't force Catholics, or any human being, to his knees in sorrow and a desire to make reparation to our Lord, nothing will.

I would like to add one general caveat Peter, if I may?

Interviewer: Sure

Engel: In reading the latest Attorney General Report here in Western Pennsylvania, it is important to keep in mind that it is somewhat atypical when, let's say, it is compared to the earlier Attorney General Report on the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

Interviewer: In what way?

Engel: In that, it does not involve a major port city or archdiocese diocese like New York City, or Miami, or San Francisco or Chicago. Excepting Pittsburgh and possibly Scranton, the other dioceses are largely rural.

Interviewer: Meaning that?

Engel: Meaning that the ratio of young male victims to female victims, except for the Diocese of Pittsburgh is somewhat lower than what one would find in larger urban dioceses in the United States where homosexuals normally migrate to. Nevertheless, in every Catholic diocese found in the report, the majority of cases involving minors, revolve around homosexual/pederasty, that is, same-sex attraction of adult men to pre-pubescent and adolescent boys.

Interviewer: So, what you are saying is that the sex abuse problem in the Catholic Church centers around homosexuality and pederasty, and not pedophilia, male or female?

Engel: That's right.

Interviewer: That's interesting because it leads into my next question.

As you probably know, Attorney General Josh Shapiro is a strong ally of Pennsylvania LGBTQ activists. He has officially marched in the Philadelphia "gay pride" parade(s) as a representative of his office. In your view did Shapiro consciously or unconsciously leave out the obvious connection between homosexuality and pederasty in the report to protect his "gay" political friends?

Engel: (laughter) Well, if he did so, he'd only be following the lead of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops here in the United States and the current occupant of the Chair of Peter and his advisors at the Vatican who have consistently denied the obvious association between homosexuality and pederasty. It appears that both Shapiro and many members of the Catholic hierarchy, as well as the secular and Catholic press, have gone out of their way to deny the fact that pederasty has always been the sine qua non of the Homosexual Collective.

Interviewer: You mean both groups use the word "pedophile" or "pedophilia" in order that the average Joe will not connect the dots that demonstrate that most Catholic clerical sexual abuse cases are homosexual in nature?

Engel: Bingo!

Interviewer: Are you saying that pedophilia and pederasty are different? How so?

Engel: Well, the term paedophilia erotica or pedophilia was introduced into medical and psychiatric literature in 1912, so it is of a fairly recent vintage. It describes the condition in which an adult is sexually attracted to young children, usually of the opposite sex.

Pederasty, derived from the Greek word paiderastes, literally means a lover of boys, and has a much more ancient tradition. Until the late 1960s, it was the term that the Catholic Church has always used to describe the erotic attraction of an adult male for an adolescent boy.

Of course, both pedophilia and pederasty have always been considered both serious sins and crimes by the Church from the time of the early Church Fathers.

Interviewer: So, the oft-repeated argument that we hear today, that Vatican officials and members of the hierarchy were unaware that these acts against minors have always been grave delicts doesn't appear to hold water?

Engel: Correct.

But Peter, before we go on, I would like to add a third definition to our discussion. It's the phrase "intergenerational intimacy" or "intergenerational sex."

This euphemistic catchall phrase which is currently being advanced by the Homosexual Collective refers to a broad range of sexual acts between adults and children under the age of consent.

Today we find that the old arguments that led to the decriminalization of sodomy, are now being used to advance adult-child sexual relationships.

Interviewer: OK. Now that we have our definitions straight, where do we go from here?

Engel: Let's start by looking at the etiology or nature of the "pedophile."

Typically, he is a heterosexual male. The largest age aggregate being middle age, not older men. He's of normal intelligence. He is married and may have children of his own. His occupation and interests are masculine. His child victim(s) is usually a prepubescent girl from approximately six to twelve years of age. He generally knows his victim and the victim's family.

Regarding the nature of his crimes, the pedophile's actions usually reflect his desire for immature, generally non-coital gratification often accompanied by acts of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Overt, adult sexual acts of intercourse and violent and deviant acts such as sadomasochism are not common.

Almost all of the clerical pedophile cases found in all the Pennsylvania Attorney General reports reflect this reality.

Contrary to popular belief, the prospect for the rehabilitation of pedophiles, especially if they are young and/or first-time offenders (without a criminal background) or caught in a situational difficulty, aka divorce, death of wife, etc., is not hopeless. In other words, they are treatable.

Interviewer: What about the homosexual pederast?

Engel: Here we have a different breed of sexual offender although there is some overlap in traits between the pedophile and the pederast., that is, both are emotionally immature, narcissistic, and highly compartmentalized individuals. But that's where the commonality ends.

Medical terms for pederasty such as hebephilia and ephebophilia which tend to mask the homosexual nature of the offense have never gained popular acceptance, so when AmChurch's sexual scandals began to make news, some brilliant legal minds at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops decided as a strategy to use the term pedophile instead of pederast in order to deflect criticism away from the "Gay Liberation Movement" with its original symbol of the raised fist inserted into the male rectum. Now, of course, it's the rainbow.

The familial history of homosexuals, including clerical pederasts generally reflects either disturbances in the family constellation and/or premature sexual seduction by older peers or adult homosexuals. Clerical pederasts obviously do not marry in the Roman rite.

Interviewer: Is there an age differential between the victims of pederasts and pedophiles?

Engel: Yes. The peak age of boy victims of pederasts, including clerical pederasts, is between twelve and fifteen years of age. That is to say, the pederast begins, age wise, where heterosexual pedophiles leave off.

Another important difference is that statistically, pederasts, including clerical pederasts, have a greater number of victims, that is, at least twice the number of the typical pedophile. All three of the Attorney General reports for Pennsylvania dioceses bear this out.

But the primary difference between the two offending groups lies in the adult nature of the acts committed against their victims with whom the pederast has no real personal attachment. Thus, the pederast exhibits the same depersonalized attitude that adult homosexuals generally have toward one another.

Also, it is important to understand that all pederasts, clerics included, perform the same deviant acts on young adolescent boys as adult homosexuals who engage in sex with other adult males, including fellatio and sodomy. These are violent and orgasmic forms of sexual abuse.

To add to the trauma of the homosexual assault, the adolescent boy is faced with serious gender identification problems which interferes with normal psychosexual development.

Interviewer: Let me stop you at this point Randy, because I think you have hit on a point that is usually overlooked in the discussion on homosexual sex abuse in general and clerical sex abuse in particular.

When we were discussing this interview, you mentioned that this issue of gender identification disturbances in the young male adolescent following a homosexual assault is rarely raised by groups purporting to represent the interests, including the legal interests, of male survivors of sexual assault, clerical or otherwise.

Engel: Well, Peter, when The Rite of Sodomy came out, I thought I could depend on the support of survivor groups to help with the book's promotion since it addresses the dual issues of homosexuality and pederasty in the Catholic Church. But that support never materialized. I never quite understood why.

One day I asked a friend of mine who worked for one of the major national survivor groups what the reason was. She told me, she he had been in on a meeting where my book was discussed, but since the survivors' group was "gay friendly" due to the large number of homosexuals in its ranks, it could not support my book which opposed both homosexuality and pederasty.

There can be no question that one of the tragic fallouts of pederasty is the significant number of young male victims who come to believe that after being sexually assaulted by a homosexual, their so-called "sexual orientation" must also be homosexual in nature.

Unfortunately, these young men come to believe that because a homosexual sought them out, they too must be homosexual. When in fact, the perpetrator sought them out because they were vulnerable victims due to factors such as poor familial circumstances or gross poverty, or simply because they were "available" at a particular time or place conducive to a seduction or assault.

It doesn't appear to me that any of the existing survivors' groups goes out of its way to help its homosexual members understand that they were not "born that way," but rather, that their first sexual experience (outside of masturbation) was a homosexual rather than a heterosexual one. It does not seem to matter if that first experience was voluntary or forced. The results are the same – physical, mental and spiritual devastation.

Interviewer: Do you have any concluding remarks?

Engel: Yes. Perhaps Attorney General Shapiro, who appears to be so disgusted with the findings of the Grand Jury will reflect on why the Homosexual Collective, which he supports, is constantly pushing for the reduction of the age of consent?

And why the Homosexual Collective has consistently promoted and embraced the pederasty faction of its membership?

And why, to the best of my knowledge, no member of the Homosexual Collective has ever turned over to the police, the names and addresses of known active pederasts in its membership.

Interviewer: Thank you for all these clarifications on clerical sexual abuse, Randy

Engel: I hope this information provides valuable insights into one of the most discussed subjects of our day. It's been my pleasure talking with you. Thank you.

The End

© Randy Engel


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