Randy Engel
Hugh Moore and his pathogenic population control schemes[1], and why every Catholic needs to remember his name
By Randy Engel
March 29, 2020


In recent years, the anti-life conjoined twins of the Climate Change Movement and the Neo-Malthusian Movement of the 20th century have merged to become a major threat to the human race.

If you are under the age of 60, you probably never heard of the name Hugh Everett Moore, at least in connection with population control, although you might have inadvertently fallen upon the product that made Moore's name (in)famous and provided financial fuel for his Malthusian schemes – the Dixie Cup. [2]

This is the story of how Moore, along with his Rockefeller cohorts, sold population control to the American people and turned Neo-Malthusianism into official government policy at home and abroad. It is relevant today as it was more than a half-century ago because the Climate Change Movement is employing the exact same sophisticated propaganda strategies that Moore used to further its own agenda which includes plans for mass genocide.

When one considers that the Forward to Hugh Moore's 1971 biography, Breeding Ourselves to Death [3], was written by none other than Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich of The Population Bomb [4] fame, who was a guest speaker at the closed Vatican Conference on "Biodiversity," hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Science and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in February 2017, this article takes on an even greater urgency for Catholics and their posterity. [5]

Here is Ehrlich's Forward to Breeding Ourselves to Death:

    This book is published as a historical record and with the hope that the methods and techniques employed by the Hugh Moore Fund may be of use to the growing army of devoted men and women now engaged in the struggle to control the greatest menace of our time. [6]

The Power of Propaganda

That Ehrlich should refer to Moore's "methods and techniques" in the population control war is key to understanding Moore's motivation and success especially with reference to the New York Times ads that he popularized. These ads will be highlighted later in this article.

Ehrlich's comment also brings to mind Edward Bernays' 1928 classic work Propaganda. [7]Here are some unforgettable quotes taken from (insider) Bernays' classic work that will certainly contribute to the reader's understanding of how vital "propaganda" (brainwashing) is to the winning of the war against the proliferation of people.

  • The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. [8]

  • They (our invisible governors) govern us by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply need ideas and by their key positions in the social structure. [9]

  • As civilization has become more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented. [10]

  • It is the purpose of this book (Propaganda) to explain the structure of the mechanism which controls the public mind, and to tell how it is manipulated by the special pleader who seeks to create public acceptance for a particular idea or commodity. [11]

  • So, the question naturally arose: If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowledge about it? [12]

  • ... the group mind does not think in the strict sense of the word. In place of thoughts it has impulses, habits, and emotions. In making up its mind, its first impulse is usually to follow the example of a trusted leader. [13]

  • Propaganda will never die out. Intelligent men (like Bernays) must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help bring order out of chaos. [14]

Let's return now to Hugh Moore, the Dixie Cup king and Malthusian entrepreneur par excellence.

Hugh Moore – The Successful Businessman

Hugh Moore was born in Fort Scott, Kansas, on April 27, 1887, the youngest of six children. [15] After his high school graduation in 1905, Moore followed his interests in journalism and business advertising. One year later he was accepted as a Special Student at Harvard, but he did not continue past his second academic year. Instead he joined his brother-in-law, Lawrence Luellen, in pursuit of a business career centered on the promotion and selling of the "Health Kup." In 1918 he served as captain in the U.S. Army, Intelligence Officer Eastern Department. Most of his long business career was spent presiding over the Individual Drinking Cup Company (later renamed Dixie Cup Company).Even after his retirement in 1957, he continued to serve as a consultant on Dixie matters to the American Can Company.

In his private life, Moore was a "One-Worlder" from the get-go. Moore held executive positions in the League of Nations Association, the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, the Committee for the Marshall Plan, Americans United for World Organization, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Atlantic Union Committee, the American Association for the United Nations, and the U.S. Committee on NATO.

However, limiting and culling the human population at home and abroad was Moore's particular passion.

Hugh Moore – A Eugenicist At Heart

Moore's interest in reducing "excess" population probably began when he and Luellen approached the Rockefeller family for an investment in their Heath Kup Corporation in 1907. Percy Rockefeller, the nephew of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., put up $200,000 for the successful paper cup project. [16]

Like the Rockefeller population control dynasty, the first group of unfortunates to bear the brunt of Moore's financial largesse was the poor and the "defective."

In the late 1940s, Moore started to financially underwrite the burgeoning Eugenics Movement, specifically the Human Betterment Association dedicated to the promotion of eugenic sterilization. [17] One can clearly recognize the ghost of Malthus in this 1930 editorial on "Sterilization for Human Betterment":

    Under the law of the "survival of the fittest," Nature's brutal biological necessity, the weakest went to the wall. This was as it used to be. Today, under the beneficent administration of preventative medicine and charity, the unfit are preserved, to perpetuate their kind and debase the quality of our race. Unless something is done about it, one fears for the ultimate fate of the human race. [18]

    The principle field for sterilization remains, namely, eugenic. Persons should be sterilized if it is to the interest of the race that they produce no children or no more children, and if it appears that sterilization is the most effective and satisfactory method of preventing reproduction. ...the experiment has been a distinct success. The operation of sterilization "certainly tends to prevent the birth of many inferior children, thereby allowing the proportion of superior children born in the population to increase. It also reduced definitely the burden of caring for defectives and dependents." [19]

In 1944, Moore created the Hugh Moore Fund for World Peace with a prestigious office at the J.P. Morgan Chase National Bank Branch building in New York City, with Moore as President, and World Federalist leader and environmentalist Stewart M. Ogilvy as the founding Executive Director. Dr. Arnaud C. Marts (188-1970), former President of Bucknell University and the dean of the fund-raising profession in the United States served as one of the Fund's directors. [20]

In 1948, the publication of two environmental/Malthusian landmark propaganda books, Our Plundered Planet by Henry Fairfield Osborn, Jr. the cousin of Frederick Osborn, president of John D. Rockefeller III's Population Council, and Road to Survival by ornithologist William Vogt, converted Moore fully to the Neo-Malthusian cause, and put his millions of tax-exempt dollars at the service of the Sangerites and the Population Control Establishment. [21]

Moore admired and shared the radicalism and eugenic spirit of Margaret Sanger, and became a generous benefactor of her birth control projects in the United States and abroad. Money talks and walks, and in 1951, Moore used his influence to secure the position of National Director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for his Malthusian colleague William Vogt. Moore's infusion of millions of dollars into the IPPF even inspired the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), under Vogt's leadership, to change its name to Planned Parenthood-World Population (PP-WP).

Earlier, in 1948, Moore bailed out the financially strapped English Eugenics Society and the Society, in turn, permitted Margaret Sanger to set up her fledgling International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in their expanded offices.

In 1952, Moore loaned Tom Griessemer, the Executive Director for the Hugh Moore Fund, to assist the IPPF with the drafting of a new Constitution and to plan a workable organizational structure for the new international agency. It was Griessemer, who in 1954, developed the Hugh Moore Fund's most famous pamphlet, "The Population Bomb," a title which Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich borrowed for his Malthusian polemic The Population Bomb. In 1964, Moore accepted the position of the vice-president of the IPPF.

The small, private Population Reference Bureau (PRB) was established in 1929 in Washington, D.C. by Robert C. Cooke. In 1954, with the PRB on the verge of financial collapse, Moore brought his money and business acumen to the organization and became Chairman of the Board of the Bureau. By 1966, Moore had secured a $400,000 annual budget for the agency with large grants coming from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and the Population Council. [22]

Among Moore's other extracurricular extermination activities was the Population Crisis Committee (PCC). Using scare tactics and imaginary demographic data it became a prime lobbying vehicle for the population controllers in the U.S. House and Senate.

Death Was a Moore Family Affair

Hugh Moore married his first wife, Berenice Brown Moore in 1917. They had two sons, Craig and Hugh Moore, Jr. Not surprisingly, Berenice served on the Board of Planned Parenthood, aka, Murder, Inc. But, apparently, that was not enough for her husband.

In 1947, Hugh Moore traded in Berenice for a much younger woman, the accomplished pianist and very beautiful Louise Wilde, a zealot for population control and then some. She traveled around the world with Hugh in support of the Hugh Moore Fund as well as the Association for Voluntary Sterilization and the Population Institute, which specialized in Neo-Malthusian laws and public policies. Louise Moore was also a euthanasia enthusiast and served as vice-president of the Society for the Right to Die in New York City. [23]

My goodness! What a cheery little household that must have been!

Moore Brings the "Population Explosion" Home to America

From the beginning, it was apparent to the Rockefellers and their wealthy foot soldiers like Hugh Moore, that their millions were not enough to keep the Population Control/Eugenics engines going indefinitely. Tax dollars were needed. The only problem was that the average American was sadly oblivious about the need to cull the world's population. Also, one could always anticipate fierce opposition from the Roman Catholic Church to that culling – eugenic or otherwise.

Hugh Moore believed that he could overcome both obstacles. He did!

By changing public opinion in favor of the need for Federal intervention and tax funding of foreign and domestic birth control programs, the Hugh Moore Fund paved the way for the multi-million dollar donations of the larger more powerful foundations such as the Ford, the Rockefeller, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundations, the Population Council, and international bodies such as the United Nations, and eventually the unlimited coffers of Uncle Sam. [24]

The World Population Emergency Campaign

On March 20, 1960, Moore launched the World Population Emergency Campaign (WPEC) for the purpose of raising a war chest for the IPPF and its affiliates. This particular effort was key to the survival of the International Neo-Malthusian Movement in a number of ways.

The WPEC brought in the money and prestige of world class financial and industrial leaders. Major contributors included Lammot duPont Copeland, Eugene Black of the World Bank, Marriner S. Eccles of the Federal Reserve Board, and Rockefeller Prentice, whose maternal grandfather was John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Another key player on the steering committee for the WPEC was Fowler McCormick, Jr. Chairman of International Harvester. Feminist Katharine McCormick, the wife of Stanley McCormick, who inherited a large portion of the International Harvester fortune when her husband died, was a close companion of Margaret Sanger and provided the funds for the early development and research of an oral contraceptive (with three modes of action as a contraceptive, a sterilizing agent, and abortifacient).

But of course, this early influx of millions of dollars to the Population Control Establishment from private donors could never hope to match the billions that would pour into the IPPF and PPFA once Neo-Malthusianism became America's official public policy.

Towards this end, Moore enlisted the aid of an old friend, the independently wealthy General William H. Draper (1894-1974) former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and Board Chairman of Combustion Engineering. [25]

The Infamous Hugh Moore Ads

In 1961, Moore and Draper initiated an innovative media campaign designed to move Congress into the population control arena.

The Hugh Moore Fund purchased full-page advertising space in major U.S. newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine. At the end of every ad, in typical Bernays fashion, were the names of major public figures who endorsed Federal programs of population reduction at home and abroad.

Early advertisements which were directed at President Johnson and his Administration carried such themes as "Population Explosion Nullifies Foreign Aid," "War on Poverty," "Threat to The Great Society," and "Famine stalks the earth."

In 1968, the target was President Nixon. Some of the themes of the Fund's "Campaign to Check the Population Explosion" were "While you're eating dinner tonight, 417 people will die of starvation," "Latin American aid nullified by population explosion," "A humane but massive reduction in the world rate of population growth must be made," "Population growth is a world problem which no country can ignore," "Whatever your cause, it's a lost cause unless we control population," "We can't lick the environment problem without considering this little fellow," (Picture of a newborn), "Threat to Peace," (Picture of a diapered baby), "The American people overwhelmingly favor birth control," The Population Bomb threatens the peace of the world," "Have you ever been mugged? Well, you may be," (crime victim being choked at knife point), "How many people do you want in your country," and "Warning: the water you are drinking may be polluted."

A number of Hugh Moore national ads were directed at the Catholic Church's opposition to birth control and population. Wo themes were "Pope denounces birth control as millions starve," and "Catholic Bishops assail birth control as millions face starvation."

Hugh Moore achieved what John D. Rockefeller III never managed to doguard – he made a successful frontal assault on the American bishops and the Roman Catholic Church.

As for the American bishops, their last official statement in opposition to government sponsored population control programs was released by the old National Catholic Welfare Council on November 14, 1966:

    We call upon all, and especially Catholics, to oppose, vigorously and by every democratic means, those campaigns already underway in some states and at the national level toward the active promotion, by tax-supported agencies, of birth prevention as a public policy, above all in connection with welfare benefit programs. History has shown that as a people lose respect for any life and a positive and generous attitude toward new life, they move fatally to inhuman infanticide, abortion, sterilization, and euthanasia; we fear that history is, in fact, repeating itself on this point within our own land at the moment. Let our political leaders be on guard that the common good suffers no evil from public policies which tamper with the instincts of love and the sources of life. [26]

But the above statement was all for show. Archbishop John Patrick Cody of Chicago had already cut a secret deal with the Population Control Establishment to permit Federal birth control initiatives with the proviso that abortion would not be part of the its arsenal. [27]

National Leaders Endorse Hugh Moore Ads

Among the more than 150 prominent signatories of the Hugh Moore ads, many with direct connections to the Rockefeller syndicate, were Frank W. Abrams (Standard Oil), Eugene Black (World Bank), Rev. Robert McAfee Brown (Stanford University), Cass Canfield (IPPF), George Champion (Chase Manhattan Bank), Dr. William V. D'Antonio ( University of Notre Dame), Donald K. David (Ford Foundation), General William Draper, Jr. (Ambassador to NATO), Dr. Louis Dupre (Georgetown University), Marriner S. Eccles (Federal Reserve Board), Marion B. Folsom (Secretary of HEW), Rev. Harry E. Fosdick (Riverside Church, N.Y.C.) Ernest Gruening (U.S. Senator from Alaska), Rabbi Wolfe Kelman (Rabbinical Assembly), Clare Boothe Luce, William F. May (American Can), Robert McNamara (World Bank), Dr. Gregory Pincus (Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology), Rockefeller Prentice, John Rock, M.D. (Harvard Medical School) and Jonas Salk, M.D. (Salk Institute). By June of 1969, the Hugh Moore Fund's war chest for the "Campaign to Check the Population Explosion," was depleted, but the ads had had a significant impact upon public opinion in favor of more federal involvement in population control. Inroads had also been made in getting offices like the Officice of Economic Opportunity to promote and fund the sterilization of welfare recipients on a large scale.

Hugh Moore Wins The Malthusian Battle

Thus, by the beginning of the 1970's, thanks to the Hugh Moore ads, and the non-stop lobbying of the Population Crisis Committee and the Sangerites on Capitol Hill, the nation had been whipped up into a frenzy of hysteria demanding that Congress take action to counter the "Population Explosion" at home and abroad. Congress soon moved to adopt Neo-Malthusianism as national policy.

General Draper remained at the forefront of the Malthusian battle, meticulously orchestrating public hearings in the House and Senate on the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and U.S. Agency for International Development's multi-billion dollar "Family Planning and Population Research Services" legislation that he helped draft . This landmark legislation would put the United States in the front-row seat of the world's most powerful population control locomotive with Hugh Moore at the engine and the Rockefellers, Fords, Mellons and Scaifes securely pulling up the rear in their luxurious coaches and caboose.

Abortionist Dr. Louis Hellman became head of the Office for Population Affairs (OPA) and started his "Stop the Stork" campaign. Likewise the Sangerites moved their desks into the OPA and began to draw their salaries from the American taxpayer.

By the time Hugh Moore died in 1972 at the age of 85, almost all of the population control entities which he had created and/or financially supported including Planned Parenthood-World Population, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and the Association for Voluntary Sterilization had been transformed into arms of the Federal Government with Uncle Sam playing the bagman for the population control syndicate.

The Conclusion to a Sad Commentary

What does this hope the reader will take away from reading this article?

First, especially with regard to the Climate Control Movement and its Neo-Malthusian component, I hope the reader will gain a greater appreciation of the power of propaganda methods and techniques, aka brainwashing, on our everyday lives. Practically speaking, the only effective means of avoiding this often-subconscious form of mental rape is to deny the controllers access to our brain and our very soul, that is, we have to get "unwired" from modern day communication technology. But frankly, with a few exceptions, I don't see this happening especially where young people are concerned.

Second, I hope the reader understands that the term "population control" is not limited merely to cutting the birth rate at one end and killing off the elderly and sick and handicapped at the other end. Population control via the New World Order, the Deep State, or whatever you choose to call the new totalitarian system that is engulfing us, means the TOTAL control over our lives. [28]

Third, Catholics can no longer hope to get assistance from the Vatican under the current Bergoglio regime which has become a vital part of the One World Government Movement.

One of the saddest moments in my life as a Catholic was hearing Francis' 2015 diabolical commentary on mothers who over-breed: "God gives you methods to be responsible. Some think that – excuse the word – that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No." [29]

At the time I was holding a copy of Breeding Ourselves to Death and looking down at the book cover that features a mother and father taking their eight children for a stroll in the park. Hidden behind some tall grass are two rabbits observing the large family with one rabbit remarking to the other "Their breeding rate is incredible."

Lastly and certainly not least we must remember that "Man Proposes, God Disposes."

God is still in control of this world and the next. He can bring good out of the greatest evil including the passing tyranny of the New World Order. Our main task as Catholics is to keep ourselves in the state of grace and to continually do battle with the enemies of God according to our state in life. God is always faithful. The only question that remains for us is "will we be faithful."

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.


[1] The term “pathogenic politics” was coined by David Truman in The Governmental Process to describe the method by which an elite group may gain access to the government in such a way so that only its interests find expression in public policy. See David B. Truman, The Governmental Process - Political Interests and Public Opinion, Knopf, 1963.

[2] Dixie Cup is currently a product division of Georgia-Pacific, a subsidiary of Koch Industries. Another reason for boycotting Dixie Cup.

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[29] See https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/01/20/378559550/pope-francis-says-catholics-dont-need-to-breed-like-rabbits.

© Randy Engel


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