Eamonn Keane column
Eamonn Keane is married with five children. He studied Commerce and Education at the National University of Ireland and Religious Education at the Catholic Teachers Training College in Sydney, Australia. He currently serves as Head of Social Science at Sydney's Redfield College.

Major Publications

  1. Understanding Globalisation, Catholic Adult Education Centre, Sydney, January 2010.

  2. 'Dignitas Personae': Pro-Life and Pro-Science, RenewAmerica, March 12, 2009

  3. "What Makes Us Catholic?" Promoting Thomas Groome's Errors in the Archdiocese of Armagh and Beyond, RenewAmerica and CatholicCulture.org, December 2008.

  4. Crisis in Religious Education. Association for the Renewal of Religious Education, Sydney, 2003.

  5. A Generation Betrayed: Deconstructing Catholic Education in the English-Speaking World: Preface by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, foreword by Donna Steichen, introduction by Monsignor Michael J. Wrenn. Hatherleigh Press, New York, 2002.

  6. The Brave New World of Therapeutic Cloning: Preface by Lord David Alton. Population and Environment Research Institute Inc. Australia, 2002.

  7. Humanae Vitae: Wisdom For All Ages. Foreword by Fr. Paul Marx, O.S.B. Human Life International, Australia, July 1998.

  8. The Ordained Priesthood: The Real Issues! Foreword by Fr Matthew Habiger, O.S.B, PhD. Human Life International, Australia, 1996.

  9. Population Control: Launched by the late Cardinal Lopez Trujillo who at the time was President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, 1993.

  10. Population and Development: Foreword by Bishop George Pell. Human Life International Australia, 1993.

Marriage: a language of love and life
Eamonn Keane
January 26, 2016

(This is a slightly longer version of an article of the same title published in the December 2015 edition of Family Life Australia's magazine LifeLines)  . . .

Fr. Tony Flannery's censure by Vatican was necessary!
Eamonn Keane
January 31, 2013

Since April 2012, Irish Redemptorist priest, Fr. Tony Flannery, has been at the centre of a controversy over questions of Catholic doctrine that has gained . . .

Marriage in God's plan -- the pivot of civilisation
Eamonn Keane
April 10, 2012

(This is a more comprehensive version of an article that first appeared in the Jan-Feb 2012 edition of FLI Australia's LifeLines and in the March 2012 edition . . .

'The Green-ethic' -- an assault on human life and freedom
Eamonn Keane
October 10, 2011

(This is an expanded version of an article I authored titled 'The Greens' assault on human life and freedom' that was published in the October 1, 2011 edition . . .

Living Miracles: A great book by Randall J. Meissen, LC
Eamonn Keane
July 24, 2011

In my February 27, 2011 column titled The Priesthood, I published an article by Australian theologian, Fr Peter Joseph, which provided a summary of what the . . .

Fr Ted Tyler's e-book: Understanding the Bible and applying it to life
Eamonn Keane
July 21, 2011

Western Civilization owes much of its great achievements to three pillars upon which it was built. These pillars are: i) The great Greek philosophers such as . . .

Democracy, law, and human rights
Eamonn Keane
March 8, 2011

Legislators are called to make laws regulating the rights and duties of citizens for the sake of the common good. To this end they must seek to foster . . .

The priesthood
Eamonn Keane
February 27, 2011

(Introductory note by Eamonn Keane) As widely reported in the media, 144 Catholic theologians from Germany, Austria and Switzerland published an open letter . . .

The Pope and condoms
Eamonn Keane
November 27, 2010

Erroneous interpretations of Pope Benedict XVI's comments on condoms in his book-length interview titled Light of the World with German journalist Peter Seewald . . .

Resurrecting Nazi eugenics
Eamonn Keane
November 11, 2010

The so-called science of eugenics refers to the application of animal breeding techniques to control human population in order to raise its quality. Eugenicists . . .

Catholic intellectuals in a secular age
Eamonn Keane
September 24, 2010

In terms of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and relating it to the critical questions and concerns of our time, Pope Benedict XVI's recent trip to . . .

Abortion and the eclipse of reason
Eamonn Keane
July 19, 2010

A characteristic mark of a society drifting towards totalitarianism is that its political, economic and cultural elites wield power so as to suppress . . .

Difficult questions on homosexuality and gay 'marriage' answered by Fr John Harvey, OSFS
Eamonn Keane
June 20, 2010

(Introductory note by Eamonn Keane) Often the Catholic Church's teaching on moral questions is misrepresented in the media. At times this can be due to . . .

Globalization and integral human development
Eamonn Keane
June 1, 2010

The following essay is a revised and extended version of an article I authored titled Understanding Globalization that was published as INFORM 124: Faith & Life . . .

Professor Charles E. Rice says: "God is not dead. He isn't even tired."
Eamonn Keane
May 26, 2010

(Introductory note by Eamonn Keane) I have been teaching in Catholic high schools in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia since 1976. Over that period I have . . .

Imploding populations and faltering economies
Eamonn Keane
May 24, 2010

Taking recent rioting in Greece as my starting point, in this essay I argue that Western nations are in terminal decline unless they can rediscover the true . . .

From the personhood of animals to infanticide and bestiality: the ethical relativism of Peter Singer
Eamonn Keane
May 18, 2010

Introduction I was reworking an essay I had published in Australia some years ago on Peter Singer's ethical relativism when there arrived Matt Abbott's . . .

Contraception to euthanasia
Eamonn Keane
May 17, 2010

The actress Raquel Welch stated in an article for CNN on May 10 that the introduction of the contraceptive pill sparked an explosion of sexual promiscuity and . . .

Thomas Groome's and Fr. Robert Drinan's impact on the consciousness of Catholics
Eamonn Keane
May 12, 2010

In my book A Generation Betrayed (Hatherleigh Press, New York, 2002), I sought to demonstrate how Professor Thomas Groome and Professor Elisabeth Schussler . . .

Dignitas Personae
Eamonn Keane
March 12, 2009

On December 12th 2008, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) released its Instruction Dignitas Personae: On Certain Bioethical Questions (DP . . .

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