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Dial 911: The Quran is burning!
Steve Kellmeyer
September 8, 2010

A lot of people are upset about the fact that a group of Florida Christians plan to burn one or more Qurans on September 11. The Florida Christians claim . . .

Why the left loves Islam
Steve Kellmeyer
November 12, 2009

On the surface, it seems a great mystery. Why would the leftist liberals who embrace abortion, homosexual rights, pornography, free love, sex, drugs, and rock-n . . .

I can't believe we're losing to this guy
Steve Kellmeyer
October 6, 2008

Ok, let me see if I have this straight. Barack Obama is currently faced with a federal lawsuit alleging that he is not a natural-born US citizen. Instead of . . .

Has America lost its salt?
Steve Kellmeyer
April 4, 2008

In his most recent column for Catholic Exchange, Mark Shea makes much of the fact that the press has, for the last three years, been intolerably cruel to Pope . . .

You *CAN* be a research scientist!
Steve Kellmeyer
February 4, 2008

Are qualified to be a research scientist? Find out by taking our simple one-question quiz! First, read this new story from Time magazine. It describes a . . .

Tastes great, less filling
Steve Kellmeyer
December 17, 2007

Native Americans ate dogs. Lewis and Clark ate dogs. Asians still eat dogs. For instance, the South Korean dog meat industry alone reportedly involves about 1 . . .

The Shibboleth of political progress
Steve Kellmeyer
November 26, 2007

I like Peggy Noonan. I really do. She's a great writer with a habit of calm, penetrating analysis that almost always brings you to think about the world from a . . .

Are abortion and the Holocaust comparable?
Steve Kellmeyer
November 1, 2007

Recently, Mike Huckabee got into trouble with the ADL for comparing abortion to the Holocaust. Who is right? Sadly, so many myths have arisen around the . . .

But it ain't racism
Steve Kellmeyer
September 24, 2007

A friend of mine told me the story of his illegal immigration. It was quite an eye-opener. When he was young, his family lived in a country crushed by . . .

CNN: God's gift to religion
Steve Kellmeyer
August 19, 2007

Thank God CNN understands religion better than any of its ignorant adherents. We need CNN's unparalleled interpretive skill to understand complex Jewish, Muslim . . .

The best of racists
Steve Kellmeyer
April 17, 2007

Don Imus has been in the news lately. His remarks about a women's college basketball team have been correctly attacked as racist, he has lost his job, he has . . .

Journal of the plague years
Steve Kellmeyer
March 22, 2007

In The White Plague, Frank Herbert imagined how society would be transformed if struck by a genetically engineered plague that preferentially killed women. In . . .

No pain, no gain
Steve Kellmeyer
February 23, 2007

Teen sex and drug use leads to depression. That's a fact established by several studies, most recently one out of UNC-Chapel Hill based on the National . . .

He's got my vote
Steve Kellmeyer
February 22, 2007

"Wasted": that's the assessment of ex-cocaine user Barack Obama on the lives of soldiers killed in Iraq. The former Muslim now insists that he regrets having . . .

Welborn but badly considered
Steve Kellmeyer
January 25, 2007

We all get caught in contradictory logic at times, but it's jarring to see the examples when they are brought before us. Consider Amy Welborn's recent post. . . .

War by proxy
Steve Kellmeyer
December 7, 2006

A dozen Saudi nationals fly planes into American buildings and we invade Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia pumps billions into madrass schools and we respond by . . .

Elton John's Walmart
Steve Kellmeyer
November 17, 2006

Christians can't decide whether to love or hate Walmart this season. On the bright side, Walmart has decided to emphasize Christmas. "Happy Holidays" is out,  . . .

Quarrying 300 million toasters
Steve Kellmeyer
October 19, 2006

A century ago, it was not at all uncommon to have an entire extended family one or two sets of grandparents, parents, at least a half-dozen children all in . . .

America's Dorian Gray
Steve Kellmeyer
October 4, 2006

Ever since 9/11, we have spent a lot of our time worrying about Islam and its suicide bombers, and rightly so. We find the idea of murder-suicide repulsive. The . . .

Gasoline on the Islamic fire
Steve Kellmeyer
October 1, 2006

After Greg Borse of pointed me towards a fascinating interview with the Islamic expert, Bernard Lewis, I spent some time thinking about Lewis' . . .

The evolution solution
Steve Kellmeyer
September 22, 2006

Christians believe God created the world through love, secular humanists believe random forces established life through violence. Christians tell us that . . .

Benedictine insults
Steve Kellmeyer
September 20, 2006

The recent Muslim upset over Pope Benedict's remarks is entirely justified. Not because Benedict mis-represented Islam, but because he is changing Islam, and . . .

Stop oyster abortions!
Steve Kellmeyer
September 14, 2006

How many people know that Prozac is an abortifacient? Yes, it seems oysters spontaneously abort when exposed to Prozac in streams and lakes. How would they . . .

The Path to 9/11: It's just fiction
Steve Kellmeyer
September 9, 2006

Bill Clinton is upset. Madeline Albright is upset. The Democrat party is upset. How odd. Sure, ABC has put together a 9/11 movie that portrays all three . . .

State of emergency
Steve Kellmeyer
September 2, 2006

Imagine living in an area your whole life, and your father before you, and his father before him, when you suddenly began to notice new people in your . . .

Reality check
Steve Kellmeyer
August 8, 2006

Since I moved to Dallas, I have had the occasion to listen to a much greater variety of radio on my morning drive to work. Among the host of new commentators . . .

A wimpy World War III
Steve Kellmeyer
July 18, 2006

Everyone seems to think World War III has started. Newt Gingrich, President Bush, Sean Hannity the opinions are coming fast and furious. Unfortunately, the . . .

Sacred cows and deadly intent
Steve Kellmeyer
June 12, 2006

The New York Times is all in a huff about Ann Coulter's newest book, "Godless." Seems they don't like how Ann points out the shameless celebrity-hustling . . .

Looking for Baby Jane
Steve Kellmeyer
May 26, 2006

Want to know why the government refuses to stop illegal immigration? Read the US Census Bureau numbers. Non-Hispanic whites make up 67 percent of the . . .

AP wire story
Steve Kellmeyer
May 15, 2006

This just in from the AP wire desk: (Los Angeles) Cities across the nation are in upheaval as Catholics, other Christians and Jews riot over the imminent . . .

Bootleg liquor
Steve Kellmeyer
May 3, 2006

In the early twentieth century, social justice types decided that liquor was evil and must be banned. Laws were duly passed outlawing demon rum and its cousins. . . .

Verbal shell games
Steve Kellmeyer
April 18, 2006

"Everyone misses it," Teabing said. "Our preconceived notions... are so powerful that our mind blocks out the incongruity and overrides our eyes." "It's known . . .

Does Ignatius Press promote Gnosticism?
Steve Kellmeyer
April 12, 2006

"Gnosticism: The Religion of the Code" That's Chapter 1 of Carl Olson and Sandra Miesel's book, The Da Vinci Hoax. While the book has been a moderately . . .

The Gospel of Judas
Steve Kellmeyer
April 11, 2006

Many Catholic commentators are all a-twitter about the Easter special on the Gospel of Judas. The Gospel of Judas, for those not in the know, is a Gnostic . . .

The children we never had
Steve Kellmeyer
April 6, 2006

Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes. They use up an enormous amount of government-subsidized unemployment and medical coverage. They are lawbreakers. They take . . .

Matt Dubay and eminent domain
Steve Kellmeyer
March 17, 2006

A few months back, the conservative world was in an uproar because the Supreme Court ruled that the state has the right to take any property it wants if that . . .

Steve Kellmeyer
March 13, 2006

The Associated Press is taking great pains to support Dan Brown in his defense against the copyright infringement lawsuit leveled against him by Michael Baigent . . .

Worker bees
Steve Kellmeyer
March 10, 2006

The National Center for Men have finally gone and done it. For over a decade, they have been looking for a test case to overthrow the child support laws in . . .

Outsourcing parenthood
Steve Kellmeyer
February 27, 2006

"Let's have a child!" "How are we going to do that, big man? I got spayed and you got neutered long before we got married, remember? We would have to get the . . .

Mortal sin at EWTN
Steve Kellmeyer
February 23, 2006

I recently sent my new book, Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America, to EWTN for a possible inclusion on Doug Kecks' BookMarks program. Now, in the . . .

It ain't natural
Steve Kellmeyer
February 13, 2006

As most people know, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has long been a hot-bed of activity in support of intelligent design theory. Take for example, their . . .

Why cartoons matter
Steve Kellmeyer
February 7, 2006

When it comes to riots, Muslims certainly know how to do it up right. As Muslims torched embassies over the weekend, the crowds resembled nothing so much as the . . .

Dreams of democracy
Steve Kellmeyer
January 27, 2006

"The whole of the international community has the responsibility to accept the outcome of any fair and democratic election," said British Foreign Secretary Jack . . .

Don't be evil -- unless it's profitable
Steve Kellmeyer
January 25, 2006

For those who may not be aware, Google's company motto is "Don't Be Evil." As more than one commentator has pointed out, the sentiment is laudable, even if . . .

Steve Kellmeyer
December 15, 2005

Mark Twain liked to say that history doesn't repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. If that is true, what do we do with a generation that prefers free verse?  . . .

How the Christians stole Christmas, Part II
Steve Kellmeyer
December 8, 2005

Years ago, Max Weber asserted the Protestant work ethic made America and England great. While that may be true, it is much easier to demonstrate that the . . .

How the Christians stole Christmas
Steve Kellmeyer
December 1, 2005

'Tis the season for complaining. Specifically, 'tis the season for Christians to chatter and moan about America's secular culture. "Happy Holidays" has replaced . . .

The Hillary killer
Steve Kellmeyer
November 30, 2005

Hillary's campaign for President is dead. It wasn't Vince Foster that killed it. It wasn't the Travelgate scandal. It wasn't her radically pro-abortion . . .

Beating the bounds
Steve Kellmeyer
November 16, 2005

Pre-literate societies marked territory by beating children. Every few years, the elders of the community would take a group of children on a walk along the . . .

Steve Kellmeyer
November 10, 2005

Obama: American Girl Boycott Threats 'Silly' Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Emily Fredrix of the Associated Press reports that Barrack Obama had this to . . .

Modern Medici
Steve Kellmeyer
October 26, 2005

"Self-published? Ah, I see. Well, we don't work with that class of material, if you get my meaning." So said the book review critic, and therein lies a tale.  . . .

Kill Zone
Steve Kellmeyer
October 13, 2005

As at least thirty-four former New Orleans inhabitants would tell you if they could, hospitals are deadly places. According to both the New York Times and . . .

A two-fisted party system
Steve Kellmeyer
October 10, 2005

Adolescence is a virtue, at least when it comes to the economy. This point is not a new one, but it leads to an interesting way of looking at the American two . . .

Bennett, eugenics, and eucharist
Steve Kellmeyer
September 30, 2005

Bill Bennett has committed the horrendous crime of agreeing with professors from Stanford university and the University of Chicago. After all, it was only six . . .

Was Karl Marx right?
Steve Kellmeyer
September 19, 2005

A recent series of e-mails from a self-described "pro-life feminist" demonstrated how badly even well-intentioned people understand the basics of human life and . . .

St. Vincent de Paul Society needs help
Steve Kellmeyer
September 15, 2005

We have just been informed that St. Vincent de Paul society in Houston is in need of Catholic materials for the victims of the Katrina Hurricane. As you know, . . .

Living in a fish bowl
Steve Kellmeyer
September 10, 2005

As the old saying goes, "Man's best friend is a wall." Everyone has commented on the violence in the Superdome, but no one has thought about why it seemed so . . .

Muslim authority
Steve Kellmeyer
September 8, 2005

The Quran calls Jews, Christians and Muslims "People of the Book." It is an appropriate title, and in more ways than Muslims might like. I mention this . . .

New Orleans' baptism
Steve Kellmeyer
September 1, 2005

According to nearly everyone, New Orleans got nailed because of sin. This isn't just the opinion of the evangelicals. It is the opinion of atheistic liberals.  . . .

Galileo redux
Steve Kellmeyer
August 15, 2005

It's eerie, really. Five centuries ago, lay university professors invoked Scripture and religion in order to attack and destroy an opponent whose views . . .

Opposites attract
Steve Kellmeyer
August 2, 2005

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme," said Mark Twain, and that certainly seems true today. It has been noted in this column and elsewhere that . . .

Torturing women
Steve Kellmeyer
July 20, 2005

Unusual things are happening in the feminist world. The Hungarian representative to UN's Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) . . .

From the terrorists' perspective
Steve Kellmeyer
July 12, 2005

To the south, east and west, Spain is bounded by water. Even at its narrowest point, at the straits of Gibralter, ten miles of ocean separates Spain from her . . .

The original plan
Steve Kellmeyer
July 6, 2005

With the upcoming nomination to replace Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, we are witnessing a return to one of the founding principles originally . . .

The taking
Steve Kellmeyer
June 27, 2005

The German word for war is "der Krieg." It comes from the verb "kriegen" which means, "to take." For Germans, war means "the taking." With the latest Supreme . . .

Science of theology, the religion of physics: Part I
Steve Kellmeyer
June 15, 2005

In the re-emerging debate over creationism, intelligent design and evolution, much has been made of the need to keep religious faith out of the classroom. If . . .

Was Jesus Christ a Sith Lord?
Steve Kellmeyer
May 30, 2005

Warning: massive plot spoilers. Do not read if you don't want to know the plot of Revenge of the Sith. George Lucas has a wife and three children. If the . . .

On political parties
Steve Kellmeyer
May 25, 2005

America's three-party system is mutating yet again, but it is unclear exactly how the game will play out. Hmmm....? Yes, you read that right. America's three . . .

Newsweek lied, people died
Steve Kellmeyer
May 17, 2005

In an unexpected turn of events, Newsweek has revealed their recent story concerning false allegetions that military interrogators flushed the Koran down a . . .

Second-hand estrogens
Steve Kellmeyer
May 11, 2005

For years, we have been warned of the dangers of second-hand smoke. We are told that second-hand smoke blackens lungs, causes cancer, offends women, injures . . .

The power of scripture
Steve Kellmeyer
May 7, 2005

It must make the secular humanists grind their teeth at night. Mitch Albom wrote a recent best-seller entitled The Five People You Meet in Heaven. The . . .

Abnormality, thy name is homeschool
Steve Kellmeyer
April 28, 2005

For most Americans, homeschooling seems rather odd. Why bother with it? We have had public and private schools with us all of our lives, as have our parents . . .

Catholics are stupid
Steve Kellmeyer
April 27, 2005

With the election of Benedict XVI and the evident jubilation at his reign in many Catholic quarters, the intellectual elite has again returned to its habit of . . .

Of living wills
Steve Kellmeyer
April 10, 2005

Pope John Paul II was schizoid. At least, that's what George Negus said in his interview with Cardinal Pell. "There was this man who was incredibly conservative . . .

Steve Kellmeyer
April 4, 2005

Many people are trying their hand at prophecy, making guesses at who will be elected the next pope. Study the history and the problem becomes a lot easier to . . .

Steve Kellmeyer
March 30, 2005

In his book "Breaking the Thread of Life," Robert Barry reminds us the slightest difficulty or insult is sufficient to provoke those without a good . . .

Marshalling evidence
Steve Kellmeyer
March 27, 2005

Here's a trivia question. Did you know the Supreme Court's review, indeed, every American court's review of a law's constitutionality is itself a violation of . . .

Steve Kellmeyer
March 23, 2005

"What kind of God would want that kind of pain inflicted on someone?" This is one of the central questions posed in Dan Brown's bestselling novel, The Da Vinci . . .

Your lying eyes
Steve Kellmeyer
March 22, 2005

As I noted in an essay some weeks ago, people who support evolution have a wondrously strange habit of using language that is diametrically opposed to their . . .

End of the road
Steve Kellmeyer
March 14, 2005

What do Judge Moore, Sandra Cano and Norma Jean McCorvey have in common with Terri Schiavo? Each has become a principle actor in the legal test for how far the . . .

The return of child labor
Steve Kellmeyer
March 9, 2005

In 1909 a factory inspector did an informal survey of 500 working children in 20 factories. She found that 412 of them would rather work in the terrible . . .

An evolving discussion
Steve Kellmeyer
March 3, 2005

The recent column on the way evolution takes over theological language created quite a furor. Not since I pointed out the problems with Islamic sharia have I . . .

Evolving lies
Steve Kellmeyer
February 26, 2005

As even disinterested observers admit, any theory that has to account for both Giganotosaurus and Genesis is going to require nuance. Unfortunately, the people . . .

The best of modern science
Steve Kellmeyer
February 23, 2005

There are times when reality is just too belly-shaking hilarious. Take the recent case of Professor Reiner Protsch von Zieten, a distinguished German . . .

Steve Kellmeyer
February 21, 2005

A woman in Florida and a man in Rome have more in common than one might imagine. With the Polish release of Pope John Paul II's newest book, Memory and Identity . . .

Studying the Quran
Steve Kellmeyer
February 10, 2005

Talk to a Muslim about religion and one of the first arguments he will raise concerning the advantages of being Muslim is the Quran. According to Muslims, the . . .

Islam, Orthodoxy, and Protestants
Steve Kellmeyer
February 7, 2005

Roughly half of America dislike everything George Bush says, but that doesn't mean he isn't the President of the United States. This is a point too few people . . .

Quagmires in perspective
Steve Kellmeyer
February 3, 2005

For ages, historians have noted a curious fact: military men are always fighting the last war. Today, this rule applies to the American media than it does to . . .

Death threats from Muslims
Steve Kellmeyer
February 1, 2005

Dear Sir: I read your article about Islam. It contains a lot of things that are not true? I have a question for you: is it ingorance or malice that prompted you . . .

Steve Kellmeyer
January 20, 2005

Step off the curb in any major US city and think about where you walk as you cross the street. Chances are good that you are walking across sewers that flow . . .

Angering B'nai B'rith
Steve Kellmeyer
January 13, 2005

"First there was Herod, who ordered the children of Bethlehem to be killed, then there was Hitler and Stalin among others, and today unborn children are being . . .

Cutting loose baby
Steve Kellmeyer
December 30, 2004

"Fetus Cut From Slain Woman's Body" the headlines screamed, as schizophrenia became the order of the day. Virtually every article on the latest incident of in . . .

Enlightened heresies
Steve Kellmeyer
December 13, 2004

"Muslims need ... a new Enlightenment, a movement away from brutality." This remark came from a friend of mine as we were discussing the problem of faith in the . . .

The wonders of science
Steve Kellmeyer
December 7, 2004

A few weeks ago, I attended a philosophical debate on the merits of abortion. Shortly after the discussion began, I pointed out that this act destroyed a human . . .

Coulter wars
Steve Kellmeyer
November 30, 2004

"[Since 9/11] I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more . . .

Economics 101
Steve Kellmeyer
November 28, 2004

Killing your customer is generally not good for business. It is amazing how many people don't understand this. Take, for instance, the French. The November 2 . . .

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