Linda Kimball
Your soul: Cost of admission to Progressivism's City of Man (new Sodom and Rome)
By Linda Kimball
June 17, 2019

Our war is against the Christian God (John 1:1,2) and the world created by Him, declared Karl Marx, father of the Communist Manifesto. In his poem, "The Pale Maiden" he admits that he has willfully opted for Hell:

"Thus heaven I've forfeited; I know it full well; My soul, once true to God; Is chosen for hell." (Marx & Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 22)

"The Evil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority...Socialists recognize each other by the words, 'In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done....Satan (is) the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds." (Mikhail Bakunin, comrade of Marx, ibid, p. 27)

"The kings of the earth...and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying Let us burst bonds apart and cast away their cords from us." (Psalm 2: 2,3)

The Progressive Satanic revolt is war against the Holy Trinity...the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which in Bakunin's words are the "cursed and fatal principle of authority." Thus it proclaims the reign of nothingness, though nothingness nevertheless pregnant with the expectation of fulfillment in the revelation, and finally the actual presence, of evil personified...the dark god of this world. It is this dark god (Beelzebul) and his evil legions that reign over the City of Man. (1)

Satanic Revolt in America

There are two misconceptions held by many Americans. The first is that satanic, revolutionary Marxist communism (City of Man) ceased to be a threat when the Soviet Union imploded. The second is that the equally satanic Progressive New Left of the Sixties collapsed and disappeared as well. (2)

Because the New Left lacked cohesion it fell apart as a political movement. However, its revolutionaries reorganized themselves into a multitude of social justice single-issue groups. Thus we now have for example, radical feminists (witches, goddesses), black supremacists, green pantheist environmentalists and animal rights groups, Satanists, and LBGTQ+ gender justice rights groups. All of these social justice warriors pursue their piece of the Progressive agenda through a complex network of organizations such as the Gay Straight Lesbian Educators Network (GSLEN), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), People for the American Way, United for Peace and Justice, Planned Parenthood, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), and Code Pink for Peace.

Both the obsessive dream of the City of Man and the Progressive New Left are alive and thriving here in America. They favor code words: evolution, materialism, identity politics, critical theory, tolerance, social justice, economic justice, gender justice, environmental justice, racial justice, change, peace, reproductive rights, sex education (polymorphous perversion), intersectionality, inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity. All together, this is Cultural Marxism (the Satanic revolt) disguised as multiculturalism.

The linchpin of Cultural Marxism is cultural determinism. According to former red-diaper baby and revolutionary David Horowitz, cultural determinism is identity politics:

"the politics of radical feminism, queer revolution, and Afro-centrism-which is the basis of academic multiculturalism...a form of intellectual fascism and, insofar as it has any politics, of political fascism as well." (Mussolini and Neo-Fascist Tribalism: Up from Multiculturalism, by David Horowitz, Jan. 1998)

In its turn, cultural determinism was birthed by the Darwinian anti-creation myth that man is a dehumanized aspect and/or aggregate of matter evolving within evolving energy-streams of the cosmos. Man is therefore a product of unseen energies – of time, chance and evolution – working on matter, thus he is a soulless hominid whose genetic identity is determined for example, by skin color, sexual appetites, and feelings. This proposition rejects the concepts of the human spirit/soul, personhood, individuality, free will, and morally informed conscience because it emphatically denies the existence of the Triune Creator God of the Bible. (Gen. 1-11)

Though Progressivism emphatically denies the Holy Triune God it nevertheless claims that Christ (divine spark) is in 'woke' Progressives (Gnostic paganism) and that through evolution a christ-force progresses or spontaneously emanates from nature, meaning a Divine One Substance, Quantum Abyss, Energy Field, Void, or Soul of the Universe.

Since evolution implies continuous change Progressivism claims that immutable (unchanging) truths do not exist, therefore there is nothing immutable in the Bible or the Christian Church, or for that matter in Americas' Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law. All are subject to change since all things are infused with divine spirit, power, intent, natural selection, determinism, and motion. Thus Christianity itself lives and evolves, and must be changed.

Progressivism also holds that all world religions and belief systems are true because divine-force suffuses and energizes all things. By extension of this reasoning, Gaia (planet earth) is alive, and Gnostic paganism, Satanism, Wicca, Theosophy, and Sharia are true. This is syncretism (moral relativism), the uniting of good and evil, truth and lie, the holy and the unholy.

For more than eighty years, but with great speed and force since the 1960's 'sex, drugs, and rock'n' roll' revolution, America's Progressive ruling class has been stealthily undermining America's founding worldview, seizing control of our culture and mind-shaping institutions (i.e., seminaries, politics, media, academia, music, science, internet), and through them moving our society away from a Biblical/creational worldview to the evolutionary, mystically Gnostic pagan model that undergirds the Progressive fantasy – a City of Man.

The result of this long-range change-making campaign is that contemporary Progressive 'pagan elites' now control American culture:

"Oneism (paganism) takes on both spiritual and secular dress to disguise its true allegiance and uses mockery and ostracism to manipulate vulnerable Christians. Finally, Christians buckle, tired of being labeled intolerant, bigoted and closeminded. They are dismissed because they refuse to attempt a definitive explanation of true mystery, yet are smeared as arrogant when they speak with clarity God's answers to the fundamental questions our culture raises." Cultural and Theological Stockholm Syndrome, Joseph Torres, TruthXchange, May 6, 2019)

Approximately fourteen years ago sadistic elites launched a diabolical campaign to humiliate, castrate, and isolate mainly middle-class Conservative Americans and orthodox Christians with a goal of breaking them. Toward this end, in 2005 barbarous Leftists within the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation announced the results of a $1.2 million dollar taxpayer funded study:

" It stated, essentially, that traditionalists are mentally disturbed. Scholars from the Universities of Maryland, California at Berkeley, and Stanford had determined that social conservatives...suffer from 'mental rigidity,' 'dogmatism,' and 'uncertainty avoidance,' together with associated indicators for mental illness." ('Social and Emotional Learning" Jan. 26, 2005,

In the space of fourteen years, Christian business owners are now freely slandered, persecuted and sued out of existence by LBGTQ+ social justice warriors, our libraries used to corrupt children (3), a Baptist pastor jailed (4), and social conservatives as a group openly branded and maliciously dehumanized as racists, haters, bigots, and deplorables. Now traditional masculinity is perversely labeled toxic and a cause of mental illness. (Manhood as Mental Disorder, Rod Dreher, The American Conservative, Jan. 7, 2019)

The theological line of attack

"Christians are told that the Bible is unreliable, outdated, and morally backward. "Christian" scholars denying the complete truthfulness of Scripture concerning, for example, the historicity of Adam. Popular Christian speakers question the reality of hell; the necessity of faith in Jesus for salvation; or the very doctrine of the atonement won for them by Christ's death or the righteousness won for them by his perfect life. " Torres

An American truth famine:

" But because God's truth is always and everywhere present, it would be more accurate to say, instead of famine, that our generation is on a hunger strike. It is all self-inflicted, but we have not really lost the truth. The truth is all around us. We have lost the stomach for truth. We have lost the taste for truth. We have lost our love for truth. And as a consequence, we have also lost our minds." (4)

Under the guiding hands of vicious Progressive Leftists, straight white men and orthodox Christians are subjected to fiendish psychological bullying while compromising 'progressivized' Christian intellectuals and thought-leaders move the church toward faithlessness. At the same time, the wicked are transforming America into a modern version of Sodom and Rome where sodomy was normal, boys were routinely corrupted and perverted by sadists, unwanted babies were sacrificed to the gods (demons), and powerful demoniacs controlled society.

Life in Progressivism's Satanic City of Man

On a daily basis, Christians are psychologically beaten and pressured to self-flagellate as a condition of surrender to the pagan ideology (James 3:15) of pagan 'elites.' When Christians give into worldly pressure and ideology it means they've submitted their wills, hence their minds, bodies, and children to wicked men and the evil spirits working through them. Surrender means living a lie and falling into a bottomless pit of depravity and insanity, such as acceptance of gender neutral terms like partner, gender queer, gender non-conforming, misgender, two spirit, hir, hirself, zir, and zirself rather than man, woman, husband, wife, mother, and father. The world calls the surrender of will, mind, and body 'brain washing.'

Christians who prove to be resistant will come under even greater pressure. Since it is their love of Truth (John 1:1,2) and goodness, their humility, self-sacrificial love, and ability to suffer that makes them resistant they will persevere despite being declared insane. But for those who are losing the will to resist or have already submitted their wills,

" ask the Lord to awaken you from your slumbers and rescue you from the grip of your seductive captor." James Torres

Apollyon, Beelzebul and the City of Man

The City of Man is characterized by insanity and evil. It is a hell-on-earth of depravity and madness where "good has been turned into something bad or evil and evil has become good." and where people must further submit to the insanity that they are to tolerate and actually have "a kind of mercy towards people who want to do evil to our society," but be "very angry with people who tell the truth." (Danish journalist Iben Thranholm, cited in "Revolution Against God: What Happens Now That Europe and the West Turned Their Backs on Christianity?" Nancy Flory, The Stream, June 8, 2019)

The City of Man is under the control and influence of Apollyon, the angel of the bottomless pit, and Beelzebul, the prince of demons and his legions of evil spirits. Though citizens of the City of Man believe they are sovereign, in reality they are in bondage to Apollyon, Beelzebul, and his evil legions. These evil spirits have relieved citizens of the onerous tasks of having to think for themselves and make moral decisions in return for permission to sin freely without the burden of either guilt or shame.

This is why Americans who submit their wills to Progressive Leftists in exchange for a life of sin are in danger of losing their minds and their souls:

'Whatever is must also be (ontologically) good. And it follows from this that whatever loses its goodness ceases to be. Thus wicked men cease to be what they were...To give oneself to to lose one's human nature. Just as virtue can raise a person above human nature, so vice lowers those whom it has seduced from the condition of men beneath human nature....In this way, anyone who abandons virtue creases to be a man, since he cannot share in the divine nature, and instead becomes a beast." Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy (5)

Worse Is Yet To Come

"There are no principles – not ethical, moral, constitutional, religious, spiritual – NONE. There's only power. And when we get the power, everybody else f***ing duck." (Jeffrey Wright, Heavy-hitter lefty actor warns what they have in mind for us when they win power, Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, May 30, 2019)

Up to now compromising and pandering Christian intellectuals, thought-leaders and their followers have been bending the knee before a furious demonic onslaught of slander, spite, malice, hatred, intolerance, name-calling, and fear of isolation. As bad as this has been, worse is yet to come, warned Pastor Andrew Brunson who was imprisoned in Turkey for his Christian faith. In an address before the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor Brunson said the next generation is going to experience even more intense Christian persecution:

"I don't think that we're prepared for what is coming," "Especially the next generation, I fear that many of us are complacent and we're unaware and this means that the people in our churches are going to be blindsided by what comes. You are the ones as pastors and leaders of churches who have the task of preparing the next generation." "Many of you are going to have the opportunity to stand in that line of suffering and you have to prepare yourself for that." (Pastor Imprisoned in Turkey for his Christian Faith says Youth Aren't Prepared for What is Coming," Caleb Parke, Fox News, June 13, 2019)

Already we are living in evil times. But whatever the future holds, no matter how evil, the faithful must persevere in faith to our Lord Jesus Christ, for neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present,

" nor things to come, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord...." (Romans 8: 38-39)

1.Progressive Satanic Revolt: From 'Nothingness' to Worship of Satan, Linda Kimball

2. Cultural Marxism, Linda Kimball

3. How Libraries are Being Used to Corrupt Children and What You Can Do About It, Sarah Quale, Life Site News, June 10, 2019

4. Pastor Jailed During 'Drag Queen Story Hour,' SWAT Team Snipers Positioned Atop Library Roof, Heather Clark, Christian News, June 16, 2019

5. Arrogance and Humility: Worlds in Collision, Douglas Wilson, Blog & Mablog

6. The Philosophy of Tolkien, Peter J. Kreeft, p. 108-109

© Linda Kimball


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