James Lambert
Dr. Laura's common sense advice on the air will be missed
By James Lambert
August 20, 2010

While some may disagree with some of her no-nonsense advice to her listeners, radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger will be missed by many next year. On Wednesday, Schlessinger told CNN TV talk show host, Larry King, that she is not renewing her national syndicated radio show next year.

Several weeks ago, Schlessinger was at the center of controversy when she used the 'N-word' several times in her talk with a caller. Schlessinger said she is tired of being continually targeted by groups that oppose her. She went on to say that she was concerned that her '1st amendment rights' were being threatened. The syndicated radio show host has been 'on the air' for over 15 years and is heard by millions of Americans in hundreds of markets across the country.

Schlessinger told King that she had already publicly 'apologized' for her use of the word after she realized that what she had done was wrong. This was before the story was even picked up by a number of major media news organizations.

The long time radio talk show host regularly talks to troubled folks who are sincerely looking for personal advice. Dr. Laura is a strong believer in 'tough love.' She works at giving her callers sound moral advice that we don't usually hear on the public airwaves.

As for her use of the 'N-word,' I believe she was genuinely sorry for using it. She used the 'N-word' to explain a point to her caller as she later explained in her statement. However, I am also troubled that we often hear that same word in rap songs and other 'hip-hop' music played on the radio and on CDs. Yet nothing is said about it then? Where are the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton on this double standard? Americans are offended by this word, regardless of ethnicity. It is also wrong to use the 'B' word, the 'W' word and the 'F bomb.'

Schlessinger has long been a target of groups that object to her conservative, common sense answers over the air. Additionally, Dr. Laura has been a defender of traditional marriage (between one man and one woman). Her prominent support of traditional marriage has tended to rile gay activists who don't shy from characterizing her stance as 'homophobic' and 'intolerant.' As for myself, I believe that these same activists are the intolerant ones. They cannot tolerate a different perspective other than theirs. Too often, they tell us that Jesus never addressed the issue of marriage. How interesting? Apparently they have not read the book of Matthew in the New Testament where Jesus defined marriage (Matthew 19:4-6).

There are millions of us out there who agree that Dr. Laura's advice and strong opinions expressed to her listeners are unique to talk radio. Her advice has been helpful and constructive to millions of her listeners over the years. We wish her well in the next phase of her life.

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