Frank Louis
A new twist to the "three strikes and you're out" policy: the agenda to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens
By Frank Louis
April 30, 2013

You've undoubtedly heard the expression "three strikes and you're out" before- in baseball of course. But in the legal world as well when it comes to certain 3rd time offences (most felonies). Third offence and you are in the slammer! So, what has happened to make this law easy to turn against average, law obeying citizens of this country? Easy, make us all criminals. Watch out, it is coming to a courtroom near you... and sooner that you might think.

Strike One: so you bought a house in 2005 or so. Because you didn't believe in the NINJA Loans, you put your life savings into it as the down payment. Now you're trying to retire and the house is worth less than you owe. No problem, don't retire... ever (if you have that option), work till you die. Either way, your financial life is destroyed. Foreclosure, perhaps bankruptcy awaits you as you approach your golden years. A big judgment is wht awaits you in my crystal ball.

Strike Two: So you believe in the Bible. You think that it is wrong to be gay, immoral even. Even more so, you are morally opposed to gay marriage. You want to continue teaching your children and grandchildren (great grand children too???) the same traditional Christian values you grew up with. The ones that are now considered "hate speech." Say you own a bed and breakfast or small inn, perhaps you are a wedding photographer or maybe a baker. You can't refuse to celebrate this event, despite your religious convictions. Go ahead, turn the business down. There are already people being prosecuted for this very thing in this country and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until you are told you are "unfit" and are court ordered to stay from your own family because of the "hate" you spew quoting those nasty scriptures.

Recently, the hit TV show, "The Bible" was aired. I don't know if you noticed or not but the program started each week with the title "The Bible" followed wirh a statement that read "not yet rated." Wow, did that catch my eye. When is it going to be rated "R" for violence and hate speech or receive the ESRB Rating of "A" for adults only content? Just wait. Don't you even think about sharing it with the children. No the president has spoken. He has a way with subtleties in wordings. He has said we have the right to "worship" however we want. He didn't say we could practice our religious convictions. "Worship" in your church or synagogue or temple (even your mosque) just keep your beliefs to yourself. Much being said today about historic events in professional sports. Any Christians going to come out of the closet? Show me one thread of scientific evidence that in anyway establishes that there is a gay gene... a gay anything. You can't. But my free speech and freedom of religion as guaranteed under the constitution have just been tossed down the toilet dare I state this fact!

Strike Three: So you own a gun or believe in the 2nd amendment. Going to surrender them? Register them at the $100 each many "lawmakers" are discussing? This is not going away folks. Why aren't the thousands of gun laws already on the books getting enforced? I will tell you, because none of the existing laws accomplish what this new legislation is going to accomplish: Make everyday citizens into criminals.

Three Strikes... You're Out!

Folks, you keep electing and reelecting thee people. Not me.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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