Frank Louis
Are you kidding me: these people can't get a photo ID by November 2016? Really?
By Frank Louis
August 14, 2013

Really Folks, I have all but given up. I mean really, with all of this talk of racism and now Hillary wandering around the country talking about restoring integrity to the Government (a government in which she served as Secretary of State before John Kerry – the decorated Vietnam War Veteran) Ol' "What difference does it make" Hillary Clinton (Rodham) in campaign mode and poor ol' Oprah can't even buy a handbag. Racism again we are told.

And, remember housing? It is really still in a bind, who talks about foreclosures any longer or the $10-billion Americans lost a few years ago to Fannie and Freddie? Foreclosures may be on the decline (selling for a fraction of what many people paid in good faith) but how much further could it have gone? Of ourse, nobody is mentioning the fact that Daniel Mudd , former Chief at Fannie Mae is still facing charges (from his 15,000 sq ft CT home) for his role in robbing millions of Americans of their life savings and credit worthiness after investing in his manipulated real estate nightmare. And, I, for one, do not believe the crisis is behind us yet. Not at all. Americans are still out their $10-billion!

Whoa there Nellie, let's get a grip.

But Really, what I want an answer to is this: The North Carolina Voting ID Card law.

Now I am sure some will call me racist here, but... what I am hearing from Blacks, primarily, (and some white liberals) in the media is telling us that this is somehow racist. Now I really don't know. Seems that getting an ID Card on 40-months isn't too much to ask. But we are being told by the likes of Jesse Jackson and the like is that we are to believe that these Blacks (which is whom we are told by Blacks it is who is being penalized here) will not be able to, in well over 3 years, get a photo ID Card? Huh? Almost 40 months they have to get a free photo ID down the street, with free transportation to do it and this is somehow an impossible hardship? Really.

I may be wrong here but in my opinion, if you are of such a mindset that in over 40 months you can't get a photo ID for yourself (available all over, as I mentioned, for free all over) and you do not follow the nations ebbs and flows with regard to the political environment enough to get yourself registered to vote in time... well just don't vote. I don't care what color you are.

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Frank Louis

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