Frank Louis
What the heck is going on? Part I
By Frank Louis
June 21, 2016

So, I heard on the news that the gun store in Florida where this mass shooter in Orlando shopped for his body armor actually called the FBI about it just days before the shooting. The FBI did nothing. The FBI did not even follow up. "Nope, nothing to see here!" Open your eyes, take off the blinders and recognize the enemy we are facing; it is not Americans and Christians with guns I can tell you that! Redacted 911 Transcripts anyone?

Remember the Afghan military officer years ago, whose boy-toy killed several US Army officers a few years ago? Well, that is a "cultural" thing called "Bacha Bozi," and it is back in the news. Afghan Police it seems and many men involved with "bacha bazi"-related activities are powerful and well-armed warlords, police, military and national leaders. They would be called the dregs of society here I still hope.

Donald Trump needs to remind us of this sick cultural element we are inviting into out country. Muslim men (it is all throughout the Islamic countries) having "boy-toys" ... and I will not go into it any more. Look it up. It is the "tradition" of men sexually molesting boys. Yep, lets invite millions more of these guys into our "mean spirited" country. Oh yeah, and take away my guns. Maybe these immigrants can all join NAMBLA and form a PAC.

To address this growing cyst on our nation, the government is trying to tighten gun laws and ban specific models and styles owned by law abiding American Citizens (not people who are "citizens" in name only). I have an idea. Why doesn't the government do their job, enforce and use the laws already in place, respect our borders and culture, and leave you and me alone.

Has anyone ever seen a Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari Replica Kit car? Are they "real" or do they just look like a Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari? Yes, that's correct, they just look like one. Sorta like that "Rolex" watch they sell on the streets for $45. Underneath, at best, there may be a Firebird. However, I remember quite often the frame and power plant was a Ford Pinto, Maverick, Volkswagen Beetle, or some other vehicle many would have been embarrassed to drive under that shell. Love that car as you may, it is still not what it appears or what the folks on the street think it might be. It is "pretend." A copy. We are becoming accepters of what things have been made to look like rather than what they really are! Think about it!

Well the same holds true for these "Assault Rifles" everyone is yelling about. They are "pretend." While they look alike, they are not the same weapons currently used in the battlefield. Take the Russian made Mosin – Nagant for example. A real clunker. It is the "Pinto" of sports cars. It has been around for over 70-years; was used by the Russian Army at one time. But, just buy a conversion kit for it and, "walhalla," an "assault rifle" emerges. It is 7.62 Cal and, with a few new parts it has all the look and feel of the "assault rifles" we keep hearing about that must be banned. However, it is still what is is... a clunker.

What about the AR15? "AR," everyone assumes, stands for "Assault Rifle." It does not. It stands for ArmaLite, the company that initially produced it. It too is a 7.62 round. A round that pretty much dates back to the inception of guns. It is used in M1 Garand and M14 rifles dating from the previous wars (yep, back to the "big ones") There is a "transformation" kit for those too.

What about the 1911, semi-automatic handgun. A 45 cal, semi automatic, fires... (as does the AR 15 style gun available for the public), one round every time you pull the trigger. Not "automatic" as people like Tom Brokaw or Hillary Clinton (great gun expert that she is) would have you believe. Guess when the "1911" was designed? 1911! 105 years ago. Not exactly cutting edge technology.

The rifles I used in the military years ago, were fully automatic. The "look alike" civilian model (not automatic) is just that: A look alike. Why won't these politicians admit this? It is no more an Automatic Military Weapon than a Porsche kit is a real Porsche. It is not! Just like a TG person can not have a baby.

It is all about the shape of the gun, nothing more. Well, the 7.62 round (for you politically correct standard to metric conversion freaks out there) is essentially a 30 caliber round. The most popular deer hunting round there is. Not much different from a 308. But who cares about facts? Put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig they say... but not when it comes to guns. Some people like a pig with lipstick... Some people like the feel of a heavy wooden stock. Others like a sleek looking lightweight rifle to carry around. Cosmetics... we are arguing over cosmetics. A 308 or 30-cal semi automatic rifle is only cosmetically different from the so called "assault weapons."

You know, there are a lot of folks who own these and have never even fired them. They just have one or more. They like to have them. They collect them. Are we going to turn these people into criminals by making it illegal for them to own this rifle? Are they going to be construed as "haters?"

With regard to most of the items on the table that are being framed as issues these days, how is it that we, in this country, seem to be controlled by emotion rather than facts, reality, and truth? Face it, People are biological, organic creatures who can reproduce. Lets go by those factors and facts when we decide who can use what bathroom or play on the women's or men's teams. Just like the car kits, it is what is real opposed to how something looks or is altered that matters. Lets distinguish between things that are and are not what they are being presented as. Let's identify America's enemies and solve the problem.

So, there are NO AUTOMATIC RIFLES on the market to the public in the US. (Other than the thousands Eric Holder sent to Mexico that is) No hand-grenades, no bazookas, no tanks as even Bill O'Reilly would seemingly lead us all to believe. Not in this country that is. I am not so sure about the Middle East though. I think these folks know all about the use of weapons and guns. They seem to be raised with them.

To be continued.....

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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