Frank Louis
Trump's ten year old comments: Folks this is nuts!
By Frank Louis
October 9, 2016

I am writing this on Saturday, October 8. Who knows what will be on Monday.

Wikileaks lawyer, John Jones (48), killed by train in London. Ruled "suicide." Give me a break. Hasn't even made the news. And we worry that Trump said some nasty words. Really folks?

I am so tired of two-faced BS and "gotcha" moments with emotional fallout being pushed down our throats. Votes potentially being cast in the wake. I surely do not support "bar-room" trash talk, but it is a reality of life. It surely should not weigh too heavily on our critical decision making process in this election. Hillary is not above this folks... not at all. If, throughout history, we had fallen susceptible to this level of measuring and evaluating the wrong information, people like Churchill would never have been in a position of leadership. We would have lost WWII for sure and one would have to question the entire Kennedy family. I am sure that there are other examples too.

While I am not defending Trump's now infamous comments, I surely do not believe that no one else ever made similar comments. But yet, I have not heard one person say, " Yeah I did this" or "Yeah, we all did this." It is sorta like finding people with the courage to admit they spit on a Vietnam Veteran in the 1960s-'70s. It will not happen folks. Just ask anyone if they did it.

I guess the point that we are all missing is that this is an opportunity for us all to come clean. At least conservatives and Republicans. Lefties can continue living the lie. Stop pointing fingers. Tell the truth. I am fed up with people saying how shocked and dismayed they are over this. Divide and conquer . If Satan ever had his finger on an American election, this is it. Pulling us apart by our egos and pride. Turning a blind eye to the larger truth over political correctness. But, hey, who left in America even still believes in Good and Evil in the Biblical context? I guess we will all wait and see in the next life.

I know my experiences, throughout high school and college athletics, in the military, and... in my professional life as well has included hearing and joining in on similar stupid talk. It is dumb talk, immature... but not worth surrendering the country over.

I am very sure that basically everyone who says they are offended by this new Trump verbal "scandal" have surely, once or twice at minimum, made similar remarks and comments about members of the opposite sex (or the same sex... depending – of course) at some point in their past (or present).

Are you trying to tell me that this off the cuff conversation by Trump and Billy Bush is isolated and unique in any way to Donald Trump? Similar conversations have not been made in every sorority house, locker room, and bar in the country... by pretty much everyone at some point? I fail to believe anyone passes this litmus test. Aside from Mother Teresa ... nobody! Trump is the only person to ever engage in this sort of trash talk? Wrong!

Billy Bush is questionable to me as well. A guy who was featured in magazines like "Esquire" and was the host of "Access Hollywood" at the time. What was the purpose of "Access Hollywood" but to create gossip and celebrity scandals. I fail to believe that Trump initiated this conversation or directed it to this subject. Let's hear the full recording and the lead in to these comments. Do you think that Donald Trump just walked up to this guy and said "Guess what...." I hope I am not the only person to notice this but it sure seemed to me that Billy was prodding The Donald along, a' la liberal lefty democrat leaning Howard Stern or, as the as the former Democratic Mayor, Jerry Springer would on his TV show. How do these scales work anyway?

To me, it rather looked like it was Billy Bush that egged Donald on to give the hug. Really folks. Paul Ryan, tell me you have NEVER engaged in this type pf behavior... Jason Chaffetz? How about you Sen. Tim Kaine? Really? Never with a bunch of guys? Really? Anybody who ever played high school sports, served in the military, went to a bar, or was in a sorority or fraternity surely has a history of this style of "conversation." I fail to believe we have so many "pure" people out there. Especially those who, at the same time, support abortion, gay marriage, free sex, legal prostitution, etc. Oh yeah, that Satan thing again.

I hear media folks claim that this Trump tape somehow questions his potential for "abuse of power" if elected president. What??? This outweighs Hillary selling favors as Secretary of State, Bill Clinton getting blow-jobs from an intern in the White House ... etc. The media people are nuts and, should we, as the voting public, allow this to turn the fate of this country? Well, we are doomed. I just heard Chuck Todd say how bad this is... How he heard it while driving to a baseball game with his two children. How he can no longer listen to the election discussion for all of his shame. BS Chuck! BS! Chuck... you are just so pure, such a dad! Chuck, you are free from sin here? Swear on it? You never talked like this with other guys? If you say "no" I would think you were lying. Chuck... be honest. I think more Americans are fed up with this malarky than anyone may reason.

Nobody has claimed Trump raped them. Trump never defamed a 12 year old rape victim. Ruined her life. Jason Chaffetz, Paul Ryan, and others... tell me under oath that there never came a time in your life that you engaged in this sort of banter. But you are publicly pulling your support. For what end? There is more here than meets they eye folks. Much more. Believe me!

Women in the media, (and in public life in general) please do the same. I doubt any of you are, as we have been told by Christ, so "free of sin" here so as to be able to "cast the first stone." What goes on at girls' slumber parties is surely uncensored and would make many blush at minimum. If you say this is not true, you are lying. Kelly Ayotte? You have never in your life made similar comments when kidding around off record? I doubt it. But you will throw the election over this? Have some courage and fortitude to be upfront and honest for once.

Even Mike Pence. "Offended?" Mike,like you never ever joked about your escapades at a bar or in a locker room? "Boy would I like a... of that." Really? Come on buddy... You and your friends were/are all "above" this? Give the American people a refreshing look at honesty. Let's call on ourselves to tell things like they are. Let's all come clean and get this election back into perspective.Sure, be "offended," but also admit the log in your own eye while pointing out the twig is other's. Don't try to sound like you have never been around such dialog.

I really have a hard time believing that these pundits and media people have never said (and may well still do) things like this in certain company. I actually sat in a bar a few seats down from an MSNBC pundit on Morning Joe with the initials "MB" years ago. That boy could use some soap in his mouth. I know some women who have some very true stories about Ted Kennedy. You know him, the esteemed democratic senator from MA the "Lion of the Senate," the unblemished "Kennedy Seat?"

This Trump "news" is over-shadowing the recently released quotes from one of Hillary's Wall Street speeches where she discloses her having "public and private" policies? (Otherwise known as lies.) We will let the future of our country die because of some "locker-room" style banter during a male jousting contest? If this election is decided on petty BS like this... well, I feel very sorry for my grandchildren.

So, we will allow our country to be destroyed with open borders creating swollen populations that will ultimately destroy the continent's ecosystems and our economy. Tell me you environmentalists, if only a small fraction of the 3-4 billion people around the world decide to come to the good 'ol US of A, where do we put them? Which national forests do we cut down first to house them? Where does the food and water... electricity etc come from?

Given the level of conversation and the pettiness of this debate, I honestly believe that the only "person" on the planet who would pass the test to actually run for office would be a fictional, cartoon character. Everyone else has real life in their background and become products of the wind direction and media bias.

I just this morning also heard some in the media suggesting that perhaps we postpone the election. Really??? Please people, come to your senses. So, we have become so politically correct we can no longer function? We will let the Supreme Court move so far to the left in the wake of this that the constitution becomes void? My previous comparison to the movie "Serial Mom" becomes even stronger. What a tragedy.

So, I ask, are we, as a nation, so afraid to look into the mirror and see what er have done to ourselves? Are we so tied to the lie that we weigh every move we make on political correctness rather than God's law? Can we not face the fact that this nation is turning it's back on God? Remember him? "One Nation Under God?" As the song says: "Take a look at yourself before you accuse me."

Give me a break folks. The future of our nation cannot be decided over this stupidity.

© Frank Louis


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