Frank Louis
OK: If you can't vote for Donald, vote for the Supreme Court and Pence 2024!
By Frank Louis
October 18, 2016

Two Debates down, one to go. No media bias here. Nope, nothing to see here.

I believe that many people have become very short-sighted and gullible to a conscripted Democrat leaning media. They are experiencing short term memories with minds that cannot hold a thought. As I often say, people have just lost the ability, need or desire to pay attention. And that is the one thing the government can't pay for you: "attention." You must "Pay" your own attention. Hillary replies "can't recall" to 21 of 25 questions for the FBI, and despite recent emails being discovered, Catholics can still vote the Democrat? Somehow many have become content not paying attention to much of anything. Pay Attention!

The level of "discussion," (if you can call it that) has not just sunk but it has become a distraction; designed to keep everyone's eye off of the ball. I can't believe my eyes and ears when I turn on the "news." At least Liz, Lou, Judge Jeanine and Sean seem to still have level heads. Almost everyone else, in unison, is yelling "scorched earth." Really?

I am also disappointed in Dr. Al Mohler whom I have always looked up to. He was a talking-head on some show last week, telling us he cannot "in good conscience" vote for Donald Trump. Well Al, who then? You tell me. If not Mr. Trump, who else can we vote for? Hillary? Johnson? Oh yeah, there is a good choice!

I read the definition of "conscience." It mentioned "impelling one toward right action." Is letting the US Supreme Court make a sharp turn to the Left "right action?" For my grandkid's sake, I do not think so and nor should you or anyone else if you use your heads. Pay Attention!

The Bible, as Dr. Mohler well knows, is filled with sinners whom God (and Christ) used to lead His people. Look at Solomon, (Kings 11: 3-4). "Solomon married seven hundred princesses and also had three hundred concubines. They made him turn away from God, and by the time he was old they had led him into the worship of foreign gods." But God used Solomon because he had wisdom as I recall. Of course, I was not alive then so I am relying on the Bible for this information. Perhaps you could too Dr. Mohler. Oh yeah... and there was the former sinner Paul.

As Mike Huckabee said recently, we are not voting for "Pastor and Chief." No, this is about several issues, including National Security, the Supreme Court, the moral and cultural future of our nation and... maybe the following president as well (Mike Pence 2024?) Do we want Open borders, thousands of twelve-year old girls being married off to middle-aged men as they are in Germany? Arranged child marriages? How about increasing numbers of partial birth abortions? Transgender Nation? weak military, less than 1% growth? Al, wake up... there is a lot more on the line besides Trump's dirty mouth. Hey, almost everyone has or had a dirty mouth at some point.

If nothing else, vote to position Mike Pence to be the following president of this nation. Vote to save the Supreme Court. Vote to salvage this country for our future generations. This is the right thing to do. Pay Attention!

I think we are all a bit fed up with self-righteous dishonest individuals passing some kind of moral judgement on this election. They have one motivation: to keep everyone from even thinking about the issues, thinking about this current administration; the direction the country has been placed in. Michelle Obama says she supports Hillary after saying "if Hillary can't even keep her own house in order ..." how can she pretend to manage the White House? Even Obama had nothing good to say about her in 2008! Say this... say that... what does it matter. Nobody remembers or cares!

We have Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski's backhanded divorces and romance while they shake their heads and point fingers at The Donald. Her children are "crushed" we are told. What did her husband do to deserve this? Joe? Any thoughts? Jessie Jackson; "Hymie-Town," sexual escapades? Who out there is in a position to point fingers? Ben Carson... Mike Huckabee? Hey, they both support Trump. Think about it. They support the man. They Pay Attention. While the media dismisses the hacked national security documents in these hacked emails, they report women tattling on Donald Trumps alleged escapades from 20-30 years ago as Gospel.

So, I will digress... Have you ever run into anyone who has admitted to spitting on a Vietnam Veteran? I am sure you have not. I surely never have. I know it happened... often. Even to me! Cowards everyone of them. Take this a slob Ed Schultz A while back, he said, (you might not know because nobody really seems to care what this guy thinks or says anyway) it will take "Vietnam style protests" to stop the Keystone Pipeline. What does that mean Ed? To me, it means getting spit upon. Riots in the streets... violence? "Four Dead in Ohio"... "Four More Dead in Benghazi"? Where is Crosby and Nash when you need them? Oh yeah, voting for Hillary! I guess we'll never hear this song. All of the very things conservatives are blamed for these days? And you never did that? And the Pipeline, by the way, is good for this country as I understand it.

What about the other slob, Bob Beckle. The guy was on Fox News for a while. And he is a Democrat strategist? That alone should tell you what kind of gutter we are in. Once,when on a Fox News show, he got into some hot water over remarks he made regarding some dumb TV stunt on "The Amazing Race" that involved a site in Hanoi, Vietnam; an Anti American War Memorial at which Americans Died (an Air Force crash site) ... The participants in this reality show also sang some Vietnamese National Party Song. Degrading, at minimum, the 56.000 Americans who lost their lives there.

In his belated mealy-mouthed apology, he said "... All of us here have the most profound respect for the men and women who fight for our country." Really Bob? I have heard you brag that you were a Vietnam War protester. Oh yeah, I'll bet you were surely not someone who spit on the veterans. Oh no. You were polite to these "men and women who fight for our country." I m sure! BS! As a Vietnam War Veteran, I can tell you there were NEVER any Anti-Vietnam Protests that were respectful to we veterans. These are the type of people we have "reporting" to us and telling us about right and wrong? Wake up folks... wake up. And wake some other folks up too while you are at it. This is important. Pay Attention!

No, the more these people speak out, the stronger my support for Mr. Trump becomes. Yes, look at the size of his rallies. The crowds are neither shrinking in size or lacking in energy and excitement. Quite contrary to the media reports that the excitement level of Trump supporters has dropped by 20% since September. It is a lie. Even I had to turn off SNL this weekend. It is no longer funny. It is Political Assassination. And these are the very people who hear Rush and want a "Fairness Doctrine?" Trump's kids are fair game but Obama's are not? This is the "rig" folks. They are in the tank!

Dr. Mohler, Look at the reality pertaining to the Clinton Foundation's activities around the world. Look at Hillary selling Russia 1/5 of America's Uranium. What about the Iran Deal? I even read today that emails are coming out that begin to uncover the truth behind Benghazi. Ballot harvesting? And you are worried about some dumb things Donald said? Pay Attention!

Al, Please ask Christians to Vote For the Republican Candidates all down the ticket!

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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