Frank Louis
Worried Trump will get us into war? With Hillary there will be nothing left to fight for!
By Frank Louis
October 22, 2016

So, once the Constitution is tossed into the trash, borders erased, no remaining evidence of a common National Language, and political correctness runs amuck, what would be left to defend or fight for? Please tell me. Am I missing something? If you are a "conservative" and you are not supporting Donald Trump, tell me what are you buying? What will remain of this country after 4-8 more years of this? Maybe you should check your definition of "conservative."

The New York Daily News headline this week: "BURY TRUMP IN A LANDSLIDE. Restore U.S. honor." How does this paper define "honor?" Trump, as have many, has awakened to the slide into the mud this country is in and we want it to stop. It is not "fear-mongering" as the Daily News calls it. It is telling and fighting for the truth. The Left, if anything, is the one "short on honor," not the Donald Trump alternative. Trump is "Conservatism 2016" style.

So, yes, I'll admit he has been guilty of a foul mouth. Me too... I'll bet you may too! So what? Let's stop reducing the fate of the world as we know it and our future generations' fate to such rubbish and people calling people out for the very things they do themselves, perhaps moreso. And why is no media upset about the Clinton Campaign bus dumping contaminated foul-smelling human waste (illegal waste) onto the street and down a storm drain in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Really folks? "There are photos of a mixture of liquid, feces, urine and toilet paper pouring out of the parked buses drain onto the street. Don't you "Green" folks care about the environment? Where is the Federal Government and media on this? Nobody charged or arrested?

Hillary Clinton made a statement at the last debate that could be seen as divulging military classified information while more and more male Syrian "refugees" play dress-up in women's clothing. And we are told that Donald Trump is a lose cannon? Please correct me if I am missing the point. Oh yeah, and her email regarding "open-borders" was about energy. I don't think so. And Dona Brazil? what a concocted defense she is weaving regarding her emails, "Christian woman" she is.

How about the Al Smith Dinner? How does the Catholic Church not respond in protest to the Clinton Campaign's derogatory statements about people of this "outdated" moral faith? As Obama puts it: our right is only to "worship," not "practice" our faith. I want to be able to practice my faith. It is the faith of the founders of this nation. A nation with a legal structure that will only work, as John Adams said in a speech to the military in 1798: "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." Remember this folks, remember this!

Have any of my readers ever read the book or seen the 1985 movie "Brazil?" This is a depiction of an overgrown bureaucratic government gone awry. Is it what we here in the US have to look forward to? Perhaps it is. A culture drowning in repetitive paperwork which, if misfiled, misplaced, or misinterpreted creates endless repercussions that breed further repercussions and so on. The film, a comedy I think, is a glimpse into the United States we could become if we are not careful Look out folks, it is coming. Pay Attention.

And everyone is up in a fit over Trump's reply to the closing debate question regarding adherence to the election results. Does anyone remember Al Gore? He contested the election results and did not concede the election until December. Pay attention folks, pay attention. So Ms. Clinton would not contest if she has suspicions about the results? How about all of those Republican pledges to support the nominee? This is a nation whose leadership lacks any sense of morality. What happened to someone's "word" being their bond?

We have a responsibility this November to weigh the facts ourselves. Clear our heads of the static and background noise and put some checkmarks on some paper... in the "right" columns.

On Yahoo recently; on a news-like looking program "The Choice," some self proclaimed genius talked and then later wrote about himself in an article about Donald Trump's "accidental campaign!" Matt Bai is going on and on about Donald's unwillingness to respect the wishes of the American public should he question the election results. What? Does he think for one minute that Hillary would accept the results if they look the slightest bit shady? Does Mr. Bai not remember Al Gore? I guess not. Such BS folks... total BS. There is a constitutional right to contest. He is suppose to surrender his right to this? And Michelle Obama yells Trump is a "threat to the very idea of America itself?" Does she remember when New Black Panthers blocked polls in PA during the 2012 voting and Eric Holder refused to investigate? Boy have the tables been turned. Pay Attention folks. Don't have such short term memories.

So, there is no voter fraud? I know that there are large percentages (40% and higher) of provisional ballots in some states that are found to be fraudulent. That fact alone should create cause for concern. Of course there is the infamous Joseph Kennedy quote where he said he was "not paying for a landslide." and the infamous Mayor Daley's elections in Chicago. Why is asking for proof of citizenship to vote such a contested point? You even need a couple of photo IDs and a utility bill to get a library card in most places.

In other news, Alan Dershowitz, an alleged constitutional expert (who surely knows enough about the constitution to bastardize its meaning and intent), was discussing Wikileaks on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo: really Alan?

The Dershowitz argument against the media reporting on Wikileaks information is that it is one-sided and does not expose any GOP/Trump related hacks. Really? So, if there is evidence against some one individual but no evidence against other people we cannot use that evidence? This logic is coming from the mouth of a member of the OJ Simpson "Dream Team?" He sure sounds like he is spreading the same illogic as is Mx. Brazil. Remember the concocted defense of OJ? This is the country we want?

This is not someone I want drafting and interoperating our laws and legislation. He also said he is voting for Hillary. If there were no other reason to vote for Donald Trump, that is it! Is the "Dershowitzed" style interpretation of the law what we want more of in this country?

What if there are no comparable criminal antics from the opposition? The guilty parties are not charged? Should the Patriots and Tom Brady not have been prosecuted over Deflategate just because nobody exposed another team for the same thing? Alan, in the words of President Obama, "Stop whining." Perhaps there are no similar emails on the GOP side to uncover. Just perhaps there are no "pay-to-play" activities. Just perhaps.

And on another front, the Republicans and the Donald Trump Campaign are not hiring violent protesters to break up Hillary rallies. Alan, is this how you want the laws in this nation enforced? Selectively? Where is the Attorney General's outrage over a Republican state headquarters office being firebombed in North Carolina? Yes Alan, your defecto endorsement for Donald Trump is truly appreciated.

What about this guy, Robert Creamer, once jailed for a $2.3 million bank fraud (for which he got a big five-months in jail), husband of an Illinois Democrat Rep, visits white House over 300 times, meets with Obama over 40 times, orchestrated these violent disruptions at the Trump Rallies and the Daily News calls on people to vote against Donald for "honor." Wow! We are not "fear-mongering." We are concerned, we are afraid for our nation's future.

Oh yeah, then there is Madonna at New York's Madison Square Garden recently: "If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob. OK?." She went on: "I'm really good. I'm not a douche, and I'm not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow." There is a sound political stance if there ever was one. Sounds too much like another Clinton term in the Whitehouse for me to further address other than to ask if this where our country is heading? Where is the media outrage? Alan, are you in the line (at the front I hope)? Nobody want's Hillary to denounce this endorsement? Maybe Monica can chime in on this one.

This Madonna statement was made at an Amy Schumer (alleged comedian) "performance" in New York where Mx. Schumer defended her previous anti-Trump rampage made during a recent "performance" in Tampa where people walked out on her. In her self-defense, Mx. Schumer is quoted as saying: "How could I think it was OK to spend five minutes having a peaceful conversation with someone with different views?"

Easy Amy. You SOLD tickets to a comedy performance... not a political event. Just maybe, people do not want to be defrauded into paying you to hear your political rubbish. It is called taking people's money under false pretenses. I am surprised none of these people aren't sewing you.

There is so much riding on this November's election. Me, in my old age, I turn more and more conservative. I am beginning to see pretty much every boundary I knew falling away. Every boundary. And while some may tell me this is a broad leap, early voting is just another example of lax unprofessional behavior being reinforced and exploited. Another boundary being pushed aside. "Election Day" has lost its meaning. Early voting and absentee ballots were intended to be used as a way to make it possible for people with genuine problems voting on election day to have a voice. This week I saw a story on one network where a woman submitted several mail-in ballots and these people went and voted at the polls as well. They saw no issue with this.

This, just like so many other "borders" have been broken down to the demise of our society. The voting process is becoming a mess. There is often no respect between people even passing on the street in many instances. I don't believe I'm the only one who would not be surprised to see the Dems call in Marshall Law, try and void the election based on their own made up propaganda. Watch for it.

I pray for our nation and I suggest you do too.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

Frank Louis is a print and on-air commentator who offers opinions and solutions on and for the economy, social issues, and the future of this nation. In the Old Testament, Nehemiah 4: 14 instructs us to fight for our houses; something we need to be doing now. Our future generations depend on it!... (more)


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