Frank Louis
Ed Rendell (former PA Governor) on Morning joe: Really? Psalm 137 comes to mind.
By Frank Louis
November 22, 2016

So, I was flipping channels trying to avoid commercials this week, peeling potatoes, washing string beans, and debating whether to fry the turkey or not... Still basking in the Republican mandate that has swept this nation when up pops Ed Rendell, former Pennsylvania Governor. Democrat on my TV.

Hearing his comments, among the comments of many others I might ad... My mind drifts to Psalm 137 which asks the question "how can we sing songs to the Lord in a strange land?." We cannot continue to allow our own country to become a "strange land." With the 2016 election results Presidential, governors, houses, etc, I believe it is evident we have begun to climb back from implied obscurity by the media and beautiful people to regain this nation.

So, here these "people" are (and I sometimes wonder if they are actually) expounding along with the rest of the cast of characters on this daily program and he (like Chuck Schumer) is sitting there saying how this election is, in actuality, a mandate for liberal principals that the democrats – who are being swooshed out of office and out the doors – promote. Really?

While I would agree with the point that President-elect Donald Trump was not your traditional conservative "Republican candidate," I would argue that the year 2016 is not a traditional year either. How many times have we heard how JFK would not recognize the Democrat Party as it is today? He would, most likely be Republican we are told. So, you are telling me that Jeb stands for my conservative views? I don't think so. The fact is that the definitions need to change along with the make-up of these two political parties. The Liberal agenda is not my agenda nor is it, I believe, the agenda of the majority of Americans. We are lied to.

Just look at (if you can even stand to) the recent AMA Awards. I did not watch it but I have seen and heard clips and I will tell you that this is not the music I buy or listen to. It is the music of spoiled kids who have no idea of how to embrace adulthood and responsibility. Even if these "kids" are in their late 80s like Bernie Sanders et al. Folks, rest easy, it is not all messed up. It is just being presented to us as it is messed up because those who are presenting it to us are, themselves, messed up. Who can believe any of them?

" Not my President?" The argument from these childish rioters... These rioters better look around themselves. They have no idea. None. They have no idea about anything beyond their social media and rock concert tickets. They had better watch what they wish for and incite in the process. More police officers shot? Really folks? Stand down.

Some Democrats, after this election, even want to eliminate the Electoral College. So, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid... you change the number of votes required to pass bills in Congress to suit yourselves with Obama Care then now, you are arguing to change it back? Bull S*it!

If you look at a detailed political map of this country, the "blue" areas look like zits on a red backdrop. Do we want a population of folks who live in these few enclaves also knows as "cities" dictate the law of the land to the rest of America? I don't think so. Like they really understand Mid-America. How about we fence them in (while we build the Wall, and they can govern themselves and we us! The popular vote is not a picture of the country. And, by the way, reports say that perhaps three-million illegal votes were in the mix for Hillary. Hummmm.

With a small "lead" of a little over one-million votes, (and a mandate of Electoral Votes to the counter) this ballot correction would right this issue as well. And, by the way, Jeff Sessions gets my vote too while we are at it.

Yep, Ed Rendell is making the same claims that many (most... all?) Democrats are trying to pan-off on us. I guess these people never attended the hundreds of Trump Rallies that quilted this nation together on Nov 8. Mr. Rendell is claiming that working class (whites... always divide by race!) actually voted for Democrat "Principles" (oxymoron?) via the promise of jobs. What? Is this to somehow say that employment is a Democrat "principle?" It is the Democrats whose fingerprints are all over our jobs leaving the country by the millions. Trump's jobs are from the private sector. Not bridges to nowhere.

But then he goes on to claim that these Pennsylvania voters do not care about a "Wall." What? Did he not hear millions of Americans (of which tens of thousands were from Northern PA chanting "Build that Wall?" I was aware of it. How did he miss this? Lier? Perhaps so.

Yes, the disingenuous media not only allows this but promotes it. Why didn't Joe or Mika (both recently and secretly divorced, leaving their children in pain... and secretly getting it on I hear) ask him this? "Ed, why were these very people yelling 'build that wall'? Any thoughts on that Ed?" Seven more terrorists arrested in France just this week and the President of France speaks out against Trump? Go figure. Build that Wall!

What about ABC's Chuck Todd purposeful misrepresentation Rence Previs's comments regarding those poor, poor, mistreated Muslims? I know Islam is a hybrid mix of political governance with a somewhat dubious religious justification. I guess there people would also claim that, had the Nazis filed as a religious group here in America in 1938 we would have needed to sanction them as well. What is the difference? Naziism was embraced with a religious fervor in Germany. Words seem to change meaning over years. How can these Liberals, all of these Liberal talking heads, mince them (words) so? Splitting hairs over language while our humanity suffers in the wake. Trying to mince these words into meanings they do not convey.

Does this mean that a religion, if it does not claim to be a religion, is not while some other ideology can claim to be a religion – when it is not – but will be treated as such? Aren't Climate Change proponents a "religion" as such? They are definitely Diest. The earth is their "god" whether they know it or not. It is that good ol' Post Modernistic" deconstructionist thought process folks. Don't let them fool us with this. We need to "vet" people and vet them well. How many more MS-13 members do we want? How many more terrorists? How many more "non-assimilators?" Your call.

Then, lastly on my list this Thanksgiving week, "Hamilton!" What a misrepresentation and misconception of reality this is. Hamilton (looking at Irish being imported to the United States) is quoted as saying that "the influx of foreigners" would "change and corrupt the national spirit." You know, he was right. And these folks were English Speaking White Folks my friends.

To me, this demonstrates that, as I have said numerous times in the past, it is all about saturation and assimilation. If this nation hits a critical saturation point of people who do not assimilate, claim it as "home," embrace our Christian heritage, ... it is over folks. No place left to go. How can we, as Psalm 137 says sing songs to the Lord in a strange land?

And Mr. Obama... step down politely as have your predecessors. This is a nation with a process for selecting and deselecting its leaders. Get out of the way.

And, by the way...Happy Thanksgiving!

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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