Frank Louis
As we approach the Inauguration here are my observations: Old Fashioned and Politically Incorrect as usual
By Frank Louis
January 17, 2017

I guess I am old fashioned. I think men were born men and women were born women. I believe that some men are more "manly" than others and some women are more "womanly" than others. So what? Of course, the gender warfare folks have subdivided this into "gender" and "gender identity" etc. All Post Modern gibberish (outgrowth from a society that has too many modern day conveniences) if you ask me, but none the less, it is here. But what this really is, is a breakdown of societal structure.

Deal with it folks, this is true. It has to do with a moral breakdown of the nation. We are allowing it to happen. Many of us are desperately holding the fort down with hopes that our kids, grand children and great grandchildren may be able to be raised in a world where their school teachers show up to work dressed the same from day to day (No folks, I do not mean they need to wear the same outfit or a uniform... but you know that). Male teachers need to be male every day as do women. It is unfair to children for them to be placed in a position wherein doubt on such basic principles as what sex we are is part of the curriculum.

I guess I am old fashioned because I believe in the work ethic. I think it is Biblical but that surely no longer holds water in this day and age does it! The Bible is close to becoming a banned book if not already in many venues. So, we are in an era in which using one's "conscience" in decision making results in conclusions that, only a very few years ago, would have been discussing, immoral, perverted etc. Cory Booker's recent remarks attest to this.

Here is their concept: We, the world, were wrong-minded all those thousands of years but, thankfully, this generation of very, very ... very smart, Left leaning people have come along to save the day? I don't believe it. They are not "that" smart! What was "wrong-minded" is now correct thinking? I don't think so. The Bible warns of a day when people just plain go nuts. 2 Timothy 3 is clear on this: "They will talk about themselves and be proud..." "They are always trying to learn, but never able to find out what is really true." Etc. As it states in the book of Romans, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." This is where we are I think. Hard to see it differently.

The protesters who are for open borders into our country (but not into others) are just romantic unrealistic "dreamers." They have some fairytale idea of what a nation is made of, how one is formed. How a nation is maintained. They talk about families being torn apart. They "celebrate diversity" whatever that means. The families were torn apart when they left their families to illegally cross our borders. We here in the US did not tear their families apart... they did it themselves.

These are the real issues here. While some may be genuine in their concerns that a President Trump may upset the global applecart; perhaps a major war... perhaps... this is a very small group in my estimation. Nope, the questions that most all of his Cabinet nominees were drilled on were regarding sexually based issues, being nice to illegal aliens and global warming.

Why is it OK to bring Sen. Jeff Sessions' middle name up as some kind of meaningful "secret code" but not Obama's? Just a thought.

A big deal is being made regarding the potential for a President Trump to gain wealth from his term in office. What is up with that? Look at pretty much any politician. Al Gore for instance. I believe his personal wealth going into office was listed at $200,ooo. He is now worth over $17 million. Harry Reid? Estimated current net wealth $10 million. Nancy Pelosi? net worth of $196,300,000 more or less.

This is a smoke screen, nothing more. If the Dems held strictly to their alleged belief on this topic, President Trump had better not improve the economy at all so as to prevent his net worth growing. Folks, these people are crazy.

What these attacks on President Elect Donald J. Trump are really about is these people's fear of being made to behave.

Really, it is that simple. What we have done is create a nation in which out very formative principles that this nation was founded upon have been removed from the conversation. This information is no longer taught in schools at any level. If anything, the subject of United States of America" is listed in the "what not to do" lessons. Yes, students are encouraged to "be themselves" which is really saying do not be "normal" in the "normal sense of the word." While I believe we should be open to new ideas like trying string beans cooked differently for example, trying out sex with other members of your same sex is not on the list.

You know, this week I heard that the Ringling Brothers Circus is closing up. I actually heard news commentators say how happy they were about this. You know, my family was in the circus and outdoor amusement business for 3 generations. I guess my family exemplifies all that is and has been wrong with this nation since its inception. I am drifting off topic...

My mother even rode elephants. While there is some legitimate debate surrounding the treatment of animals on the road in a circus, it is now a bit overblown I believe. In the years I was involved, the animals, while living in cages (while the workers lived in train bunks... (not much better), they were cared for very well. I know, I was there.

Zoos too are being attacked. Seaworld too. Attacked by people who eat fish, meat and chicken, have leather jackets, skirts and upholstery. I guess there is no 100% solution. After all, this is earth not heaven. Nothing will be perfect. But the circus... really. It is a sad day for me at any rate. I do not believe VR Glasses are a viable substitute for much of anything.

Anyway... back to the election and inauguration...

John Lewis is yelling about his history in Civil Rights fights. How bad it was, how he fought and marched with Dr King. It is all true. Segregation was wrong, even evil. It was in many ways an exemplification of the same Scriptures I quoted above. But Johnny my friend... GA had Democrat Governors from 1872 until 2011. It's your Party buddy.

The Civil War "war criminals" whose statues are being torn down were all Democrats John. I guess the truth is that you Democrats are actually trying to destroy the evidence by trading these sculptures down. "What, I don't see any Democrats hers..."

Really! Just like removing the 10 Commandments. What is your real concern?

The Left is actively fighting tooth and nail now as they see that morals may again be introduced into our national (and perhaps global) culture. The proof will be in their behavior this week while we swear our 45th President into office. Will they behave? I don't think so. That is my take anyway.

PS: I have an idea. If the celebrities are oh-so concerned about the peoples of the earth, how is this? They are fakes as I outlined in a recent article. They earn their livings (not at all modest livings I might add) pretending they did great things that others actually did.

So, I would like to see retribution made by them to the folks they make money pretending to be. When these "actors" pretend they are members of the military for instance, all (I mean ALL) of the income from that "pretending" should go to the actual folks who are/have been in the military. Think about the hospitals, think about the programs etc that this would fund. What a thought, giving the money to the people who actually did the work risked their lives and limbs and, in many case lost both. Oh well.

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Frank Louis

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