Frank Louis
60 million people voted against Barack Obama in both elections: Were they happy with the results? I don't think so
By Frank Louis
January 19, 2017

Why are no media (TV, Talk Radio, Bloggers, etc) having this discussion? They do not address the fact that 60-million Americans (in round numbers) voted against Barack Husain Obama in 2008 and in 2012 and were not happy but did not act out. The last 8 years were a slap in the face of God himself. Do the Libs think these 60-million Americans were happy with the result? And, had we acted like these "losers" are acting now, well... I can't even imagine.

Obama's 63-million votes were not exactly a "landslide." Hillary's 3-million votes a mandate do not make either. Did Republicans protest, did they riot, burn and destroy property, shoot police, boycott anything? I don't think so. Tea Party protestors didn't even leave a gum wrapper behind. I guess I could say; Barrack Obama was "not my president." But I did not attack the very thing that makes America possible as a result. I held true to my values. Biblically based ones.

But these Dems seem to think that they have a right (as they are "left") to just blow it all up because they are unhappy. They are not exactly basing their judgement on Biblically based principles. Well, millions of us were unhappy in 2008 and 2012 but we "behaved!" Oddly enough, the art of being "behaved" was the topic of my last article. This is what it is all about folks, how we expect or don't expect people in the United States to "behave." Behavior counts. It is essentially what it is all about.

Do these Dems think for one minute these 60 million Americans (citizens all) are happy with literally anything this Administration had done to this country in 8 years? Do they think the majority of Americans are happy with the new definition of marriage, gender, immigrants... "Dreamers, health care?" I do not think so. Do you think the world has respected the US through these last 8 years? Not! Our eyes have been completely taken off of the ball over fake social issues. UnGodly issues.

I hear these Dems repeatedly say things like "God Bless this Nation." They talk about doing the right thing. According to my moral compass, their "right thing" is the wrong thing by all accords that I was raised with. Hey, they promote sinful behavior! That does not, I believe, rate a "blessing." It's in the Bible. For sure, don't get me wrong. I am not claiming to be a perfect person. Just someone who tries to weigh it all out.

When Nancy Pelosi made the absurd comment that it was her "Christian Faith" that led her to know that supporting homosexuality (warned against ad infinitum in Romans) was the right thing to support, she proved just how upside down in values and morals the Administration was.

They don't want to hear about it but it is true. Humankind since the creation (as well as the animal kingdom) abide by this law of nature. What was, for thousands of years, known as sodomy, as degenerative behavior... debauchery, known as perverted behavior is now drummed at us as being the moral way to be? A choice. Sorry folks, I want my country back. I want to, again, be proud of my country. Proud of the country I am leaving for my future generations. The country Michelle was "finally proud of" is an insult to me.

Now Snoop Dog has come out. Does he think, even for one second, that anyone wants to see him as a role model for their children? Really? Does anyone even care one iota about what he says (to say "thinks" would not apply here). Any of these "celebrities" actually. I, for one, am tired of them pretending to be knowledgable about all levels of world affairs much less dictate day to day morally based behavior.

These idiots from "journalistic sources" like the Huffington Post, NY Times, MSNBC, CNN... they yell and scream: "what about the popular vote," "the popular vote"... It is a representative republic. Has been as long as I can remember. Otherwise only people in large cities would have a voice that mattered. The rest of the country (the people who grow the food etc, for example)... well, their voice would not matter. Hillary basically won two states. New York and California. That is it. Two states where debauchery is the norm any longer it seems. People who believed Sen. Pelosi when she claimed we needed the ACA so we would be able to sit around and paint. Really? Actually this is what the fight is all about. The impossible utopia that was promised has evaporated. Poof! We "have to vote for it to know what's in it." Really?

If one's judgement is impaired by the very (immoral) foundation upon which it is formed, then any decisions one makes are, by default, based on judgement that is at best, based on skewed values. Their judgement is impaired. For the last 8 years we have been governed by those with impaired judgement. They have blinders on.

It is about time that we on "the right," inform these clowns that we were not happy in 2008 and 2012 and we are surely not happy with what happened to this country during that time. Most of it by Executive Orders and manipulated processes like the nuclear option, etc. Our morals and pretty much all that we believed in, fought for, worked for, was being ripped out from under us. There is nothing, NOTHING, that I am happy about that was brought about in the past 8 years. I will be happy when President Trump repeals all of this. We can start using bathrooms again ...worry free!

However, in these past elections, we, conservatives, did not act like spoiled brats, we did not (figuratively speaking) kick somebody's ball into the woods and run off for just for spite. No, we voted in 2016 and won big.

Get over it, grow up. But, don't tell anyone... if you don't show up, you won't be missed.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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