Frank Louis
One Week In for President Trump: Some observations from where I see it, just my opinion
By Frank Louis
January 28, 2017

Well, this edition of the "Frank Louis" is a virtual "potpourri" (albeit a stinky one at best) based on just a few observations I have made at the end of this first week of the President Donald J. Trump Administration. Executive Orders to undo "Executive Orders." Sounds fair and expeditious to me. But, let's make sure this stuff actually finally gets passed into law and does not remain susceptible to the whims of another administration who will do the same. Use the Nuclear Option! Harry, Nancy, Chuck... they all voted for it. Use it daily... hourly.

President Trump has signed documents ordering the resumption of the widely debated Keystone Pipeline construction. An action met with by a wide array of mixed response. MSNBC's left leaning "TRMS" program was livid. As part of "her" tirade, "she" was yelling about how, that very day, Trump's "OK" on this pipeline was bracketed by "two pipeline ruptures" spilling 100,000 gallons of oil.

While I surely do not support or promote any oil spillage (and while I surely am not going to spend all day doing the math to check the effects), I have to ask just how big a spill like this is. Rachael, it is the equivalent of about 6-8 tanker trucks. What is that? A pretty small spill on the national scale if you ask me. Perhaps an accepted hazard of this business. But your audience has no clue nor do the seek the facts.

I'm sure this was cleaned up. I think you are grandstanding. But I think you know that. Just like when you provided cover for George Wallace during a show on racism, calling him "the segregationist governor of Alabama" rather than the "democrat" he was. Put that into the mix when you lambaste the Republican from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, and you see a different picture. He was fighting democrats! They were the racists. Half facts Rachael? Just my opinion.

Some interesting facts for you though: According to a document I recently came across, printed by the City of Carmel, CA (a liberal haven). It says that If we, here in the US, refined the billion gallons of motor oil used every year in the United States, we would save 1.3 million barrels of oil per day, (a bit more than the 100,000 gallons you were ranting about) or half the daily output of the Alaskan Pipeline. According to the American Petroleum Institute, it takes 43 gallons of crude oil compared to just one gallon of used oil, to make 2.5 quarts of virgin lubricating oil. Maybe using oil refined here in the US is not a bad idea. How large is 100,000 gallons? Tiny.

Another thorn in my side was on TV just this week as well, Vicente Fox. He is still up in arms about the concept of a wall that Mexico is slated to pay for. He was making threats saying that Mexico can live without the United States. Mexico, he says, can trade with the rest of the world, the other 80% of the world's economy. Hey, Mr. Fox, how did that work out for Cuba? You are going to embargo us? Have fun!

Rather than trying to get a handle on the rampant murders, human trafficking and drug crime in Mexico, he seems perfectly content with turning a blind eye to the crime his country allows to happen in the border area with the US (as well as across his country). Of course, Mexico has very, very strict border control and immigration policies when it comes to their accepting immigrants. Of course, that's ok with him. As long as he is just passing this BS on to this country, it is all fine and dandy! I am sure he is big on equal rights and pay for women as well!

Then, he goes on to say something about us stopping the poor, poor people breaking our laws by sneaking into our country from realizing the proverbial "American Dream." Huh? Yo, amigo... why don't you work on creating a " Mexican Dream?" Why aren't your people seeking "The Mexican Dream?" Or can you say Mexican "Nightmare?" But what do I know? I just observe and speak my mind. I would like your take on this point though if you don't mind.

Then there are these ridiculous riots and marches by "women." Really folks? Well, I must agree, necessary feminine-hygiene products should not be taxed. That much I agree with. I'd throw toiled paper in with that too. Just recently, I commented to someone that if the price of toilet paper gets much higher, it will be pricier to purge the food than to eat it. Seriously.

But in another story I saw where a group called "Live Action" started contacting Planned Parenthood outposts asking for prenatal care. Across the board, the reply from the Planned Parenthood offices was "we don't do that." Seems that their mammogram machines are used solely for assisting in staging ideal abortion scenarios. Great!

In one report by a woman who was on hold waiting for someone at Planned Parenthood to take her call said the recording on the answering machine recording was something like "abortion patient, please wait for the next available representative." I think the cat (or is is the "pussy" as per the woman's pro abortion marches with Madonna and Ms. Judd) is out of the bag! No more folks. Planned Parenthood has got to go. Oh yeah, wasn't it initially founded to kill off minorities? That's the business plan I believe.

No funding from my tax dollars at least for them. And no more dinner specials at Chilis either. It seems that Chili's restaurants in Indiana and Kentucky are/were donating 15 percent of their profits to the abortion factory, Planned Parenthood. What is in that chili anyway? I wonder what Chilis' employees who were aborted have to say about that? Oh yeah, they are not here.

So, as long as I am on a roll, let's hit the topic of waterboarding. I just don't get it. So, are those opposed to it saying they would surrender first? Really? I think these folks have no clue. I think that Sen McCain may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological condition that causes hostages to develop sympathetic sentiments towards their captors. What else could it be? He would like us all speaking Vietnamese or maybe Chinese? Well, he may get his wish if we are not careful. (Vietnam is becoming a major global player if you haven't noticed.)

I watched the interview Sean Hannity had with President Trump. At the end, Sean asked about waterboarding. Donald is right! We need to do what it takes to survive to paraphrase Winston Churchill. So, Sean says he sometimes asks people who are against Advanced Interrogation Techniques what they would do if someone kidnapped their family and waterboarding the prisoner that has captured could save these folks. Sean, it it the wrong question. Remember JFK's speech "Ask not what you can do..." well, how about this...

Ask them if they were the one kidnapped and being tortured and raped and slowly killed by drowning in a cage or being roasted alive etc, would they mind if someone waterboarded someone to save them. I think they might think a bit deeper on the question at that point. But it is just my opinion.

Whatever one can think or say, the place is a mess. We need to clearly define the definition of who and what the United States is, not what these left-leaners claim it is. What the founders visualized and what their words meant, not what these lefties claim it to be. Then stick to that original meaning. No more partial quotes and mis-phrased interpretations, twisting the meaning of documents 180 degrees. One example, this alleged "separation of church and state." This is an abomination of what was written by Jefferson. Let's fight to get this stuff straightened out while we can.

There is one God (and be careful when someone says "god bless," it may not be "God" they are talking about). There is, however, no "national religion." Immigration was never intended to destroy a nation's cohesiveness. The Ten Commandments need to be displayed and read... even followed. The Constitution needs to be studied in schools from day one (and the Bible...)

And, lastly, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with the out of control murders in Chicago. Perhaps, if this nation would reimplement the points I listed above, these murders just might stop. But that too is just my opinion.

Oh Yeah, one last thing. Those pesky crowd photos. Sure, the attendance numbers were down. My wife and I have attended Republican Inaugurations in past years. Even a Ball or two. But, quite frankly we were afraid for our lives given the paid, crack-pot/nut-cases, running around the city and our lack of the ability to "self protect" in DC. (Self medication is OK though.)

So, the libs pay thugs thousands of dollars to riot, stop traffic, burn stores, make fires in subways, set off gas-canisters in buildings etc during inauguration day. Then, as if shocked, the liberal media make a big point yelling how the crowds were smaller this year? How is that?

So, there are thugs, there is white flooring in the mall (to better contrast the space), there are fences, there are very intrusive security checks (due largely to the thugs who are paid by the Hillary and Sanders Supporters to go), and the media makes some sort of anti Trump statement about it?

Donald J Trump who drew record crowds to rallies for almost 2 years? Folks, we watched the Inauguration from our well armed homes. There were, I am sure, more people in the US and world wide, "digitally attending," tuning into, this 2017 Inaugural event that EVER before. So then they mock trump for countering them. Really? Its a joke folks, the "news media" is/are a joke!

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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