Frank Louis
Since when is sin Constitutional; and now: Las Vegas... what is next?
By Frank Louis
October 3, 2017

As I prepared to submit this most recent article, I learned in the news that someone had just shot hundreds of people in Las Vegas. Speculation on the shooter's motives abound.

I felt compelled to add this paragraph: My heart goes out to the at least 50 people whose lives were lost and to the 400 or more injured by this act ...a sinful act if there ever was one. I hear the pundits say that people like this killer, with no known history to law enforcement, are the "most dangerous." Terms like "observables," and "behavioral analysis," much less "gun control" and "increased security," are tossed out ... not one pundit mentions our nation's moral decay ... or sin. It is oh so obvious to me. "Health issues," no... sinful actions. How can one define "mental health" with no fixed moral standard to follow?

I shudder to think what amoral talk like these pundits profess may lead to. Maybe, just maybe, a look at this nation's misguided amoral compass is at hand.

I have about given up on seeing or hearing anyone get to the point, so I will get there now. I ask: "Is 'sin' a Constitutional right?" Is immoral behavior, at all levels, a result of sin? Has the word "diversity" become a synonym for "sin?" Everything is twisted. People like Nancy Pelosi claim it is their Christian beliefs that lead her to support the transgender and gay marriage agendas ( sex-marriage). Even this most recent Las Vegas shooter may be found to be a member of an equally misguided "religious belief." Sin, folks, sin.

Surely, our Constitutional Rights were intended to be governed by some Greater Authority. At least, that has always been my understanding of the intent of our Founding Fathers: "Endowed" by our "Creator." "Unalienable Rights!" While references to any "religious" heritage are struck down in our courts: removing crosses and Christmas trees, and the Ten Commandments across the country, the argument is that these folks were not perfect. and our nation celebrates more and more godlessness ... And I agree, our Founders were not perfect; they were human.

As was the law of the day, some Founders owned slaves. But tell me, where was there a nation throughout the history of humankind that some country didn't have slavery? Even today in the Mid-East, Africa, and Asia, slavery exists, and not because of "white privilege." This Constitution we have is not a suicide pact, it is a "survival pact" based on the moral qualifiers that framed it. Like rules of the road, this code must be followed and decisions must be made based on its compass.

But some have extrapolated from our rather brief Bill of Rights and Constitution (unlike the thousands of pages of legalese contained in today's impossible to follow bills, etc.), that there is no "Greater Authority" placing any constraints on our behavior. They have defined the only Constitutional limitation to be something called "hate-speech," yet another made-up term that really has no "absolute' definition. Only a subjective one, tossed around like the word "diversity."

The idea of a true God has been rejected. There is no God, no absolute anything. Or, if they do admit to a "god," it is some kind of lackadaisical, anything goes "party-animal" of sorts. Yes,with this definition of the "almighty," sinful behavior is a protected Constitutional Right. Have we truly returned to Corinthian times? I think so.

The term "American way of life" may now be explained with the same definition as the ancient Greek term "korinthiazesthai," which means to "live like a Corinthian." Live with drunken and immoral debauchery. Of course, we'll use pot, not wine and we will call our "human sacrifices" the "right to choose" rather than the killing that it really is.

(The Greek slang, "korinthiazesthai, "is a verb meaning "to fornicate." It's derived from the ancient city of Corinth because of the obvious behavior of its citizens.) But "debauchery," we are now told here in America, in protected under our constitution and to stand against it is not only unconstitutional but hateful, sexist, racist and an extension of "white privilege." But I digress.

I somehow long for the "good ol' days" when people mostly sinned in private and didn't pretend that much sin was a Constitutional right, guaranteed under the "pursuit of happiness." However, I now find myself in a position that is uncomfortable at best, repressed in my moral beliefs.

Should I argue in favor of our Founders' Moral Compass, I am accused of "hate speech," racism, and with words and terms only conceived in recent years. Will no talking head in the media (especially those who claim to be clergy) use the term "sin?"

We now use words that I have, in previous articles, pointed out as "hybrids." Words that have been made up in recent years primarily to promote the sin agenda. These people, these "smart people," are "morals-phobes, and "scruples-phobes." They make the argument that everything is relative, that there is no absolute... which is actually an "absolute" itself. How then should I teach my own children? Will I eventually be found to be unfit to be a parent because I use Biblical definitions and refuse to legitimize this genderless, moral-less world we are being forced into?

The Constitution was written based on an assumption of moral absolutes. Absolutes found in the Christian tradition. A tradition rooted in Biblical "absolutes." Rid ourselves of these absolutes, we rid ourselves of a functioning governance. We have ushered in chaos and anarchy... and the fascists themselves: "antifa." The recent mass shootings in Las Vegas are a result of this moral-less culture, nothing more: sin.

It has now gone to the point that folks who wish to adhere to the traditional moral code, which was followed by the framers of this Constitution, are now accused of violating that same Constitution. Accused by people who consider themselves to be very, very smart who have discovered that by simply ignoring the moral basis of this nation's founding, they can literally destroy the very founding documents this nation was founded on. Sin, folks, sin.

Many legal-sounding terms are bandied about on TV, on the radio, in the newspapers, etc., but these multi-syllabic words can, for the most part, surely be substituted by a single syllable word: "sin."

We are now told we must teach our children and grandchildren that our code is wrong, that our very moral groundings are wrong. That many behaviors, attitudes thoughts, and actions that have been considered "sin" since the drafting of the Ten Commandments which served as the basis of our governing laws, are now perfectly normal and Constitutionally protected behavior. Are we to teach our future generations to sin? So, for me, this all ties together. Mass shootings, debauchery, a lack of moral compass in our country: the demise of our society. God help this nation!

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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