Frank Louis
Some thoughts on the recent shootings, our constitution and direction
By Frank Louis
August 5, 2019

So, I just completed an intense week of study. It was a week of investigation into the biblical foundations to our Constitution. Without getting into too many details, take my word for it: the references are countless. While I know the Left will take up arms at the mere mention of this... read some materials on websites like Wall Builders, for example, or take a few moments to review the writings behind this document... our Constitution.

I am writing this in response to the reprehensible shootings this past weekend that took 29 lives so far, and injured so many others. Really, there is no excuse, no rime nor reason for this. None! The politicians on the Left (and some on the right) are lining up to kill our Second Amendment in the wake of these senseless murders. The opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange was a solemn event indeed with a dramatic (perhaps theatrical) "moment of silence." So, I ask you... where is prayer? Isn't is a "moment of prayer"? That's how I remember it.

Again, look to the Founders, look at our nation's current "morality," and just how the very word "morality" has been hijacked to mean everything the human race has ever held as being "immoral." Cory Booker has come out essentially mocking the whole notion of prayer, recently saying that prayer is "bullshit." Really not in touch with the idea of our Constitution as projected by the very authors. The sentiment expressed by Mr. Booker is completely off base, and I will tell you why.

There is a God (one God), there are inalienable rights we all share provided by this God. And, yes, these rights extend to those "undocumented:" yet to be born, residents of this nation. I wish I could take credit for thinking up the notion that these unborn babies are essentially "undocumented" citizens, but I can't. But it is a great way of conceptualizing the existence of these unborn citizens and the over 60 million we have murdered through abortion. So, when has the Exchange opened with a moment of prayer for these 60 million citizen people?

So, this week in Chicago, 58 people were shot and six killed. This happens weekly. Every week, every month, every year. Where is the moment of silence at the Exchange for these shootings? Did I miss it?

I recently read a report from the FBI that stated "In 2013, knives were used to kill 1,490 and rifles were used to kill 285." Where is the moment of silence at the Exchange for those murdered by knifes? How about rocks? How many people are killed with things like rocks or sticks... or hands for that matter? Is some stupid congressperson (have to be gender neutral/politically correct here you know) going to outlaw trees. After all trees make sticks and trees contribute to greenhouse gasses. Something to seriously consider. How about driveways? My driveway is constructed with stones (another work for rocks folks). Don't rocks contribute to the killer, Radon Gas as well? Maybe the Exchange can have a moment of silence for this too? A bit dramatic for a politically motivated outcome? I believe so, but I wouldn't put this past them.

Oddly enough, if you divide the number of people killed in a year with knifes by 52 (the number of weeks in the year for OAC, Cory and others in Congress) it comes out to 29. Hummmm.

The same number tragically murdered this weekend in these shootings. Is there a greater point here? I think so. Again... no moment of silence for them... every week?

Why don't we reintroduce not only prayer but the reason for prayer and the knowledge of truth that has been systematically removed from our national compass. For those post-truthers and post-modernists out there, there is actually only one "truth." When we had prayer in schools, when people looked to the one and only "Higher Authority' (that would be God eternal and Jesus Christ) mass killings like these did not happen. In fact, the school parking lot at many US high schools across this once great place to live in freedom (provided by God as well) was filled with vehicles with gun racks. People did not keep lists of people they wanted to rape or assassinate as did this Ohio shooter. How did we get here? Lack of moral character in our upbringing perhaps? Am I suppose to believe that some counseling rather than a strong moral foundation would have better prevented these killings?

At the time of this nation's formation, Scripture was the method used in schools to teach and learn reading, writing, the alphabet. Heck, probably even math. Now these very words are not even permitted within 500 feet of a school yard. Now, rather than educate, we are (seriously) dumbing down. Yes, despite this having become an overused ran into the ground expression, it is true. We care more about people's "sensitivity" and self esteem rather than their learning. We provide safe-spaces. For example, we tear down what ever remains to document the Civil War in a rush to not hurt people's feelings.

So, how do we teach or "learn" (the desired outcome of teaching) our history? Seriously folks, how boring would a Star Wars movie be without the "Dark Side"? No Darth Vader to learn from? If we remove the "Darth Vaders" from our history, what is there to teach? As well, is this fair to the tens of thousands of "white males" who lost their lives in the moral (yes "moral") battle to end slavery, and recognize Blacks (and Native Americans) as people, made in the image of God and nothing less? Maintain our union of states? When does the Exchange hold a moment of silence for these people?

Isn't it about time to admit to ourselves that the secular approach to maintaining a just society is not working? In fact, things are getting worse. This is not accomplished with paying lip service to a Creator. It is only accomplished through the knowledge that the Founders were correct. That there is a moral truth that is the basis of a free market, free people nation. There is no other option. Read about it. Find out where we are coming from before you decide where we are going.

Just this morning, in response to these weekend killings, the President of our Nation, with whom I usually agree with, took a step to further turn our nation into a "Big Brother State. " Rather than a moral society that has the will to do right, he is suggesting more "Red Flag Laws." Really?

More "mental health scrutiny" in a country that any longer rejects the notion of a Biblically based morality? A country in which some in office claim that those who believe in an "invisible friend that tells them what to do" (AKA: God) are not fit to hold public office? What does this mean? Sorry Donald, on this one I am not with you. Do I still have this right to this opinion or is this a "red flag?"

Is this where we want to live? In a nation in which our friends, even our children are taught to spy and report on us? Where we will be quizzed by our doctors, medical professionals and providers, those in legal professions... even our extended family... our accountants and bookkeepers... regarding our choice of personal protection?

And when I say "personal protection," I'm not talking about condoms here my friends. This is our constitutional right to defend our families and our selves along with the notion of "privacy" which I understand is buried somewhere in the Fourth Amendment.

No Cory, prayer is not "Bullshit." The direction we, as a nation, are taking however, is.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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