Frank Louis
“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”
By Frank Louis
May 30, 2020

Romans 1:22, the Bible, New Testament, is clear: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” Not too much to misunderstand here, but many do, including the likes of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg. “Arbitrators of truth?” How can that be? How can someone claim to be the “arbitrator of truth” if they do not even believe “truth” in the first place? Pretty logical I think. If you are not a believer of what is true then how can you judge truth?

One “truth” proponent left the planet this month, Ravi Zacharias. He will be missed and has been a major arbitrator of truth for about half a century. If you are not familiar with him, you should be.

There are few items that make up “truth,” and I did not read anywhere that Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Facebook or Twitter were on the list. (Much less Google, The Gates Foundation, George Soros, the Jobs Foundation, Planned Parenthood and on.) These individuals (and their enterprises) are Left-leaning with socialistic goals. Having made fortunes at the nipple of the free, capitalistic marketplace, it confuses me that the complaint these people have is with free speech and free enterprise. None of these, to my knowledge, have even a remote notion of what service to this country means. Especially at the level those who have given their lives for our freedom have experienced. The “true” reason Memorial Day exists, I believe, completely flies over their heads.

Do as I say, not as I do. The Gates Foundation mandates that college students stay in their tight curriculum with the requirement of completing the degree in a specified time. Coming from a guy who bounced around in college and dropped out to become a success, to me at any rate, is Hypocritical.

But there was the “great fall.” Justice Thomas mentioned it in his recent documentary “Created Equal: in his own words.” In the garden, Adam and Eve thought of themselves as “truth arbitrators” in many ways, taking a stand against real truth. Natural law? Basic truth? Rights given by our Creator? If you do not have “truth” at the basis of your conceptual make up, you are off course. You need your compass calibrated.

2 Corinthians 10:12 explains that those “measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” Wasn’t this what caused the “fall?” Isn’t this where we have found ourselves today? People who do not believe the truth telling us what the truth is? Pointing out to each other what geniuses they are? And we sit back and take it? What am I missing here? Since last week, the country is being torn even worse.

So, to be clear: there are two genders, marriage is between a man and a woman, lying (spin, omission) is wrong as is killing babies. Should I go on? Have I pissed you off yet? If so, good. Fact check me.

Doesn’t it seem that this COVID-19 virus has refocused the Left from the original “climate change” shots across our bow, along with the “Green New Deal,” to an easier, more immediate crisis through which freedom can be stolen from our very hands?

It’s the old adage: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” The pandemic has provided a bite sized chunks to feed us all. Sure, the pandemic is real but so is surviving without returning to the cave ages and living in a world that may begin more to resemble a scene from the movie “Brazil” than the modern world we have known. In the “new normal” we are told, small business is a thing of the past. As every Left leaning network anchor this week almost prayerfully chanted in unison, (parroting a recent Amazon press release without question): “Millions of Americans staying at home are relying on Amazon.” It sounded like a hypnotic mantra. Believe us, believe us…

You hear these two-faced politicians and media types crying about “100,000 deaths to date from the pandemic.” About one million babies are aborted in the US annually. So, 100,000 is more or less one month’s supply of babies killed for you who care so much for life. And, FYI: 100,000 is about one-tenth of, I believe, the CDC’s initial predictions of our death count. So, what does truth mean anyway?

And look at CNBC last week and my best guy, Joe Kernan (Squawk Box). If you missed the crocodile tears shed by his co-host, liberal Left-leaning Andrew Ross Sorkin, look it up. Great TV. I am so tired of hearing about how, if we can “just save one life…” If we were serious about traffic fatalities, we should stay off of the road. Maybe that’s next.

I trace this all back to the removal of diving boards from pools “for our safety” decades ago. I remember when they removed the diving boards from the public pool I frequented as a kid. Boy, did I feel cared for. This past week, the governor of New Jersey warned against swimming without a life guard. That’s a crime now? We can never be too safe.

And what has happened with the rest of the news? Nobody is getting killed in Chicago anymore? Anything else? Aren’t there record numbers of suicides? drug abuse… ? Wearing a mask shows strength?

Aside from the horrendous and apparently needless death (killing?) of George Floyd in Minneapolis, has the world just stopped? Have our eyes been completely removed from the ball? Perhaps. And rioting, breaking open cash registers, stealing TVs will help? This one tragic story just takes over in the media, stoking the flames further. I’ve never heard so many additives in one sentence in a long time.

Trying to be “fair,” I tuned into MSNBC only to hear Eddie Glaude ranting about this tragedy. Further stoking the flames. While he rants, he mentions “Billionaires making money” from this quagmire our country has fallen into. I’m curious though: why the generic term Eddie? The ones making the most money from this are your Left leaning folks like Zuckerberg and Dorsey from what I hear. He mentions our president by name, but not them. Lies of omission? Where is the truth in that?

Reminds me how, years ago, Rachael Maddow, also stoking the flames of the politically motivated hate misinformation that we now live with daily, was “lecturing” on the history of racism in this country. While she listed off some who were affiliated with the Republican Party she said: “‘so and so’, a Republican”. But when it came to naming George Wallace, Democrat, she said “segregationist” not Democrat. Gee, I did not know that “segregationist” was a political party in this country. Where was the truth in that?

But back to today, Minneapolis, how does a bad cop stay on the job after receiving several complaints and reprimands over his career? Unions! That’s how. Who do unions vote for? Who wants stronger unions? The Left, Democrats. Obama, Biden, Warren… all of them essentially want everyone in some sort of a union or other. Wake up folks. Where is the truth in that?

And they want to take away my Second Amendment rights? Leave me defenseless? Twitter and Facebook and YouTube are hacking away at the First Amendment? First and Second. Only two away from taking away my Fifth Amendment. Oh yeah, ask Michael Flynn. Seems that one may be gone too already. Wait and see! Where is the truth in that?

You gotta love Kayleigh McEnany, though; Whitehouse Spokeswoman. Her questions to the press last week when she surveyed the room like a third grade teacher; seeing who had asked what to who during the previous administration regarding unmasking. Where were the “truth arbitrators” then? I mean, can’t we all just see right through all of this? Did they actually do the homework she assigned and reported back to her yet? Russia collusion anyone? Where is the truth in that?

Oh, I could go on. There have been so many instances in the recent past about which I wanted to speak of. Time is growing short as a second coop attempt in recent years is seeking solid footing. This has got to be stopped, derailed, and those responsible led to justice. Folks, we are on the verge of treason. Perhaps already there. Get active, get involved. If you, like me, believe Biblical truths, say it. Bring it up in conversation.

This past Memorial Day, Congressman Michael Waltz (R FL) said it so well. In two words: “Be worthy.” Are we really “worthy” to be the grantees of the blessings afforded us. Left to us through the struggles and sacrifices of those who came before us. Leaving us this land called the United States of America?

As Paul asks in 1 Corinthians, do we really think the apostles would have risked all, given all for a scheme they made up? I think not. But a word to the “wise” Mark and John… truth spun is no longer truth. The best lies have a bit of truth in them you know.

One quote that is often “spun” into mistruth is 1 Corinthians 15: 32: “let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we die.” But you leave out the first part of the sentence. It gets edited. As with your truth arbitration techniques, you take it out of context, omission, bastardizing the actual meaning and message. Paul here is first saying “if the dead rise not…” If Christ was not the savior, if the Bible were not truth “THEN” and only then should we eat, drink and be merry.

Several of our founders warned that our nation’s existence is dependent on a moral society. Not one “spun” from truth derivatives. There is no room for adjustment here. Things are either moral or they are not. True or not. Now, I agree that none of us is perfect. Our nation has faults. Historic faults. The entire history of the world is wrought with evil and faults. They are not unique to the United States.

But I’ve been on every continent. Haven’t been on one where people didn’t want to move here. If the USA is so bad, why are thousands massing on our boarders trying to get in?

But that’s why this is the earth and not heaven: sin and flaws. But that being said, those who proclaim to be “truth arbitrators” need to know the truth before they can begin to speak it. Sorry about that, but it's true.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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