Frank Louis
Some more observations: Talking heads galore, more BS and nothing, still nothing!
By Frank Louis
January 17, 2021

In my weekly, now almost daily frustration, I have attempted to continue my personally assigned role as concerned citizen, parent and grandparent. (Note the conscious compliance here to H.R. 8, the recent Congressional legislation, avoiding, -as directed – any and all gender specific language.) In my continuing treks, I did, just now, come across a few points which, together, I believe create an, albeit gloomy, synergistic amalgamation of the situation at hand today.

As we honor the life and birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr this week, I will begin.

First up:

Rick Green, former Texas State Representative, national speaker, author, radio host and host of “Front Porch Live” a web based forum, wrote the following in his January 8, 2021 article published on “The Stream:”

”The Democrat Socialists are extremely good at rhetoric and framing the debate. Far better than the Republican Constitutionalists. That is why they are winning the culture war. Seven months of violence and murder and billions of dollars of destruction of private property by BLM and Antifa was not enough for Democrats to join us in condemning thuggery, but once thugs carrying a Trump flag and wearing a MAGA hat appeared on their doorstep, they suddenly agreed with us.”

But Rick, they are not “agreeing” with you, with us. Only agreeing to punish those on the Right. And, yes, they do have control of the language. A point I have made for decades. Redefining and twisting words and so on. Who can argue against words like “choice” or “fairness?”

So… OK, Now what? I’m listening…

Next up:

According to a recent article published in the “Epoch Times,” January 6, 2021: “Many Parler employees are suffering harassment and hostility, fear for their safety and that of their families, and in some cases have fled their home state to escape persecution,” John Matze, Parler CEO, himself and his family have been forced into hiding as a result of the typical death threats and other forms of harassment the Left is best noted for. (Note: as of the writing of this article, I believe Parler has relaunched. Good luck!)

Then, on Fox’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” January 16, 2021, Rep. Jim Jordan, Republican Congressman from Ohio opined for a good quarter of an hour on how the Left gets away with everything. Following him, Rep. Matt Gaetz, also a Republican Congressman (Florida), opined even more. Going on and on, Gaetz told us all about how Twitter’s Jack Dorsey wants to control speech, censoring us all and so on. So? What else is new?

While I agree with the conservative voices I have noted here above, I would point out one very obvious “elephant in the room:” The Left takes action. Republicans (Aside from President Donald J. Trump) do nothing. Ever! OK, if I’m wrong… correct me. What are you guys saying you will do?

The Left faked information and got the FBI to move on it. They took three or four years trying to convict the President, FALSELY claiming they had evidence. Tell me, what meaningful action (IE: prosecution) did any Republicans take in the wake of this? None, “Nada,” to interject a little Español. Hillary’s server? 30,000 emails? Benghazi? Riots all summer? Nope, nope, nope.

On another front, Graduate students and several alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) are leading a campaign aimed at revoking degrees earned by many Harvard alumni who worked in the Trump administration as well as Harvard grads in Congress who support the president. The petition claims:

”It’s no secret that over a dozen Harvard graduates worked hard to spread the disinformation and mistrust that created last Wednesday’s insurrection – from Representative Dan Crenshaw (HKS ‘17), who supported the December Texas lawsuit to invalidate the election, to Senator Ted Cruz (HLS ’97), one of the loudest claimants of fraud and a rare senator still objecting to the election certification after the violence at the Capitol, to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (HLS ’17), who dutifully denies the validity of the election…”

We can’t use the same playbook?

The Left, Nancy Pelosi specifically, is now calling for outright prosecution of Republicans in Congress. Pledging, according to a January 16, 2021 NY Times article, to punish and have “accountability for those behind the Jan. 6 siege.” Where was any “prosecution” of the lying Representatives after the Russia Hoax? Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, etc, etc, etc? Nope. None.

According to this article, “Ms. Pelosi warned that if any Republican members of the House had aided the rioters as they sought to advance Mr. Trump’s effort to overturn the election results, they would be punished.” Where was such a high-powered investigation throughout the past four years? Remember the Left bashing at the Supreme Court’s doors?

Earlier that week, hadn't she introduced herself on the Floor as a woman, wife, mother, daughter… grandmother? Hey, isn’t the use of all of these pronouns now forbidden by the House under her Speakership? They can’t even enforce their own stupid laws and the Republicans sit idly by, observe and report on TV about it. Idly report on it.

(Idly: according to Webster's Dictionary: “to see something bad happening without trying to prevent it.” That’s the best we have? Sounds like it.)

Pelosi is calling on the United States Army to attack for Heaven’s sake. But we have been “unable” to lift a finger regarding a year’s worth of insurrection across the nation. Blatant and violent attacks on Federal US Court buildings. Numerous killings and assignations of police, you name it… CHAP and CHOP Zones, and? Well … and “nothing.” Pelosi, last week, referred to the Senate Building as a “Temple.” What about “actual” temples burned like the attempt on St. John’s Episcopal Church just across the street? Federal Monuments and Memorials defaced, destroyed? Etc, etc, etc? But Harris and her cohort raise money for posting bail for these folks. “Not that interested in statues” I believe was Pelosi’s reply.

In a June 14, 2014 article regarding the near fatal shooting of Steve Scalise and several other Republican Congressional Representatives and staffers, the NY Times reported it was “a lone gunman who was said to be distraught over President Trump’s election…” No mention of any ties to anyone (Not Bernie.). Case dropped.

The NY Times article I quoted earlier regarding Pelosi’s decisive action against Republican lawmakers ended by stating, “thousands of Trump rioters breached the building…” Fake News anybody?

Barack Obama’s action packed eight years, armed with Attorney General Eric Holder at his side, tore the Christian definition of the word “moral” to shreds, making the United States of America “no longer a Christian nation.” Perhaps foreshadowing the day warned of in Joshua 24:15 when it will seem “evil to you to serve the Lord… .” The “moral” thing to do now we are told is support abortion and the myriad of other debaucheries that fly in the face of God?

I have learned one thing for sure in these past four years. With Republican “leadership,” and in the wake of the Obama presidency, the administration of the President of the United States can be made virtually impotent if a Republican holds the office. Our country has been turned on its head.

Remember when President Obama used the word “thug” in 2015 referring to the events and riots surrounding the Freddie Grey tragedy in Baltimore. I guess since he was president then, the word “thug” was totally cool. Was he essentially passing along a similar message here at home that he had also passed to Vladimir in 2014, offering more flexibility to these rioters if they only waited? For a Republican administration to use the word that is.

Since Obama, aren’t we being told in no uncertain terms that the word “thug” in and of itself is “raciest?” Especially if used by President Trump. Yes, that’s correct. Even “Ebony Magazine” in a May 27, 2015 article titled “Thug is the new N-Word,” published after Obama used the word of course, written by civil rights attorney and former Brooklyn NY Prosecutor, Charles F. Coleman, insisted this as a “fact.”

In his article, Coleman concludes that it is “loose synonyms for “criminals” like “thug” and “hoodlum” that are racially charged paint a troublesome—if not wholly inaccurate—picture of who we are, one that should be checked immediately. And, if we aren’t careful, perception can easily become reality.”

An outcry of denunciation, repeated in media and by politicians internationally in fact, followed after our Republican President Donald J. Trump used the same word to describe resulting insurrection style riots in the wake of the George Floyd tragedy. Reported on and repeated by the likes of NPR, TownHall, and all of the other usual suspects. Trump=Racist.

Now, as Biden takes office, Emmy Award winning Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls for the economy to reopen following strict lockdowns in New York that crippled businesses. “We simply cannot stay closed.” Trump misses out on the Nobel Peace Prize and… well, give me a break. I just don’t know folks, I just don’t know.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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