Frank Louis
I only know what I know: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:4)
I do not pretend to know more
By Frank Louis
January 24, 2021

Well, I just filled in the contact form on Mitch McConnell’s website requesting a refund of contributions I made to his political campaign and, the Loefler / Perdue senatorial “election” races as well. Might I suggest we all do the same. I just feel like I purchased a defective, non-functioning, not as advertised, product and I want my money back. Simple. Maybe I’ll get my refund after he is freed up in late March following his leading the charge to impeach President Trump. I’ll let you know how it goes someday.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is all part of Mitch’s Master Plan to exonerate the President by providing the venue for him to fully expose the Left for what it is. A trap! You know, fooling the Left into a full fledged trial. He would surely be carried out of the chambers on everyone’s shoulders if that happened. Yes, he does see himself as a virtual “master of the universe,” but so do Nancy and Chuck. Whatever the outcome, he will take a bow and claim justice served. I rather doubt this is his plan though. So, for now, I just want my money back.

And, now Republicans are sending out pleas for more and more donations. Fundraising to keep Biden from doing what they all well knew he would do. Trump, my friends, was accomplishing exactly what their emotional pleas are pleading to us about. He still would be doing what he did had they stood with the well over 75-million people who voted for him in November. Their plea, telling us that “In less than one day, Joe Biden has already undone many of President Trump’s (and the GOP’s they claim) accomplishments,” is falling on my deaf ears. I think the ‘foundations’ of our nation have been really been destroyed as the title of this article suggests.

The GOP plea list includes crying crocodile tears over several points like the stopping construction at the Border Wall, Illegal Immigrants being counted in the United States Census, Keystone Pipeline being canceled and the economic implications, rejoining the World Health Organization, the Paris Agreement and reversing the travel ban keeping radical terrorist groups out of the United States. Oh yeah, thousands of illegals are coming up through Mexico demanding entry and “free stuff.” “Biden keep your word” is their cry. His “word” is good folks, believe me, watch out! This comes by surprise? Anything else? I think so. Lots of things. I suggest that they (Republicans in the House and Senate) all get their unemployment applications out soon.

January 20, 2021 was “uneventful” according a U.S. News and World Report headline I found online: ” No Major Protests on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day.” Yep, virtually no “Right Wing Trump Supporters.” Well, let me say something about that: No Trump supporters but, from The Left is what I have heard. However it is hard to find this information. ABC, in their brief coverage touted these riots as being “mostly peaceful” as we might expect. And as “protests,” not riots.

Of course the inauguration was highlighted with society’s best including Lady GaGa and other role-models for our daughters. Then there was Garth Brooks singing “Amazing Grace!” The party of abortion and debauchery? Debauchery, according to Webster’s means activity that: “some find morally objectionable. In biblical and spiritual contexts, the word debauchery is deadly serious, but in other situations the word often has a playful connotation.” Tell me, which situation are we in America in?

Oh yeah, don't forget depravity and out and out good old fashion sin. But the Left is far too sophisticated for that. No, they are the party of “truth” and “unity” according Biden… in an era known in the academic community as “post truth.” That ‘some’, the dictionary refers to here are perhaps the founders of this nation, writers of our Constitution and the believers in this founding. “Foundations Destroyed” anyone? I think so.

Isn’t a necessary factor in a “democracy” the need for opposing opinions? So, doesn’t “unity” mean the elimination of opposing points of view? All thinking alike? Maybe a better word is conformity. One party rule? Hey, the Right is not the side of this disagreement that calls people “Haters,” that riots and burns the country while assassinating our police. Not in the slightest.

Regarding the event on January 6, Donald Trump was our Commander in Chief. Had he wanted to storm the Senate, he could have mobilized the military just like the Democrats have done. He did not. In fact, a riot like the one that occurred on January 6 would have been, and is still, counterproductive to the cause President Trump and his supporters are behind.

So, Joe, no reeducation for me thanks. We on the Right only want an opportunity to have a “moral” society (Webster’s Dictionary: Moral: “relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior.”) without the debauchery thing going on, protected by law and pretty much mandated. The mere fact that Mr. Biden could lecture us about “truth,” ( a concept he also says is subjective) while spitting at God, staging someone to sing “Amazing Grace,” and calling on God is proof enough to me that the wrath of God is now upon us for sure. A ride I am not looking forward to.

I still want a definition of “mostly peaceful.” Like I have said, WWII was “mostly peaceful.” All wars are “mostly peaceful.” I know, I was in one. Is there an actual ratio of violence to the number of people present that makes something mostly peaceful? If that is the case, what is it? Surely what came down on January 6 would probably not qualify. Around a million people there? At least several hundred thousand for sure and only a few hundred acting up? And these, I would stipulate, were not actual, real life “Trumpers.” But who cares?

I found this online somewhere. Another individual (I don’t have a name) asked a similar question: “What is the exact definition of a ‘mostly peaceful protest’? Is there a defined number of fires, broken windows, scuffles, blocked traffic, banging on occupied cars, terrified people or whatever that moves a "mostly peaceful protest" into the next category?” I want to know, is there a reference online somewhere, so we can all understand this terminology?

Its sort of like the percentage of bug parts allowed in food products. I did look one up. Raisins: A half-pound of golden raisins is permitted 35 fruit fly eggs and 10 or more whole insects, or an equivalent amount of insect heads and legs to be eatable. How about this as a starting point for “mostly peaceful” guidelines? How would you like the job of counting fruit fly eggs all day? Contact Tracing?

I have been to Trump MAGA Rallies. Watched several on TV. I have been to Tea-party rallies. Other conservative events. I can tell you that these people don’t even litter. In fact, many in law enforcement and the military are there with us. We do not advocate for defunding the police or promote violence. Not raciest. We don’t draw these lines. How we were even given this moniker is beyond me. We don’t classify veterans as the largest threat to America as did Homeland Security in 2009 either.

The April 2009 (Obama Administration) statement by Homeland Security claimed that military veterans could and would “lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.” A statement echoed by Rep Nancy Pelosi and Ms Clinton and others on national TV and in other media. Makes veterans of today feel even less appreciated than those returning from Korea or Vietnam I would bet. Maybe veterans are the only ones who actually understand what is worth fighting and dying for. If veterans ever decide to “emerge,” as is this claim, it will be for a good reason.

And Nancy Pelosi now ,we are hearing from Ken Cuccinelli, had requested turret mounted “Crew Manned” matching guns in Washington, DC for the inauguration. What, a 50 cal or larger “assault weapon?” Why not some Apache or Cobra Attack Helicopters? Do any of you even know what this stuff is? What is does? God Help us! This brings me to another point of confusion. The Senate’s resolution to “honor all gender identities” by modifying pronouns.”

Of course, Pelosi violated this rule a half dozen times herself on the first day in one speech. But to my greater point. How will this work in the military? Can those in the military no longer say “Sir?” Just curious. I know this is not within the constraints of this current legislation but it is not far down the line I can promise you. Its the ol’ ‘give them an inch… take a mile’ thing. Maybe “Comrade?” Has a nice “equal” and gender neutral ring to it don’t you think?

While there may be some more energized than others on the Right, MAGA supporters do not riot. Plain and simple truth. Someday, hopefully, the truth about the set-up that occurred on January 6 in Washington will be exposed. (Along with what happened in Benghazi… you think?) But, January 20, 2021 was wrought with unreported and underreported violence nationwide . Are we being led to believe that the Left is a bunch of peace-loving, respectful individuals? Not Biden supporters, Oh no!

As with the past year, Portland was again on fire this week. Riots in Boston too. In pretty much every one of the Left Wing leaning bastions around the nation. Breaking windows, lighting fires, using weapons against police, yelling “ No Honeymoon for Biden… .” while they did it. Riots supported by groups like the Democratic Socialists for America, Green Rainbow Party and others. Antifa anyone? BLM? Just “people “doing what they do” as Ms Pelosi would say while she is not interested in statues.

In Portland, the ICE Building (a Federal Building) was attacked. No insurrection, no sedition there! A few were arrested on petty charges but none for insurrection or sedition. Interesting. The rioters carried stun guns, bats, rocks etc. I’ll bet they even took the time to bring more of the ever popular urine filled balloons they like to use so often. Similar events, as I understand it, happened across the nation. No real reporting on it to my knowledge though.

Reminds me of the days when same-sex marriage was being debated. Those on the Left were out and out violent is my recollection. I recall those called “Right Wing Radicals” (IE: me and others) quoting scripture and actual science (like X and Y chromosomes for example) while being insulted and having things thrown at them, called “Haters,” as they entered and exited the buildings. I, myself, was attacked for asking that I not be made a ‘Hate Criminal’ for my Biblical and scientific beliefs through this legislation.

And on the Right, those who defend “morals” as historically defined are all called “haters” over and over. Our new Bible thumping president. Did you count the numerous references to God and to Scripture… taken out of context? Unity? The culture of the Left, I have thought for a while, has its main focus on sex and sex only. Everything else is a ploy to take our eyes off of the real goal, sex. In every way, shape or form. They hate us for our stand on abortion. How do you get pregnant? Sex. They hate us for our stand on heterosexual relationships. Defined by sex. They hate us for our stand on the whole LGBTQ, etc thing… Again, defined by sex. We are not “Haters” just fact checkers. There is no systematic racism. It is a catchall phrase even used against blacks who are on the Right. If anyone is “Facist,” (an authoritarian political movement) it is, by definition, Antifa.

Of course, I guess, it all depends on what your definition of right and wrong are. No winning for anybody in that case. There is but one truth. Those who defend one position today may well be deemed as being wrong when some other “truth” pops up somewhere down the line. None the less, those who defend two genders, traditional marriage etc seem to have science and history on their side aside from any added moral points. How about placing of the same constraints on 8-year old children when it comes to picking a gender as are placed on them when trying to board a ride in an amusement park. Like I say, “haters.” “You can't ride this rollercoaster sonny but you can sure become a girl if you like.”

There is even less evidence to support transgenderism, homosexuality, etc than there is for climate change. Ice Age anybody? The planet is on a trajectory. It is moving through space. Infinite space. We cannot even begin to pretend we understand the things that may be in play here that affect anything or everything. Think about it. And there is still no scientific evidence to support this other stuff either. Computer models designed by people who have a predetermined outcome as their goal. Has someone found the “gay-gene?” No they have not. It is all emotional hype rooted in the fact that some people have developed a rather effective control of the language and the distortion of it. Boy could I elaborate on that! By the way, how will those who speak Spanish resolve the noun “mesa?” ‘Table,’ is a feminine noun. Latina-Latinx? Meas-Mesx?

Mike Lindell anyone? My Pillow? Retailers are putting him in his place. Maybe you’re next. Now claims by Biden that President Trump had no plan to distribute the vaccine? I vividly recall the commander of the National Guard there at press conferences telling the country they were ready and just waiting for the vaccine to arrive and the order to go do it. Oh, that’s right, the Guard are all in DC. Well, maybe by summer. and, after the NBA gets theirs if the NBA gets its way. “To raise awareness in black communities.” A bunch of line-jumping, over-privileged multimillionaires. Is this hogwash or what?

And while I did not see it myself, even the Simpsons are getting in on the action as well with an episode this month predicting the end of the world on January 20. I watched the trailer online and it had a subtle, quick and fun reference to a Twilight Zone episode from decades past. But boy, is it difficult to find any reporting what so ever pertaining to the actions of the Leftist insurrectionists across the nation this week while the Senate prepares to further destroy, not only the presidency but the man, family, staff and supporters, of Donald J. Trump. Is America so apathetic. Oh yeah, unlimited texts and downloads. Nobody is paying attention. Like those rodents, Woodrats I believe, that like and collect shinny objects.

© Frank Louis


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