Frank Louis
I can no longer restrain myself: Can’t wait to see my cost of living increase either!
By Frank Louis
June 14, 2021

I just can’t hold it in another minute. I have all but cut out listening to much of anything aside from a few trusted talk radio survivors. We haven’t even set up cable TV at the new residence. May not. Seems all hyperbolic (in both applications of the word actually) rhetoric, and I find it best to not pay attention. You may not agree. And, what else is new?

After the January 6 events, I asked several of our “leaders” in the GOP for refunds of the donations I had made to their campaigns. Mitch M., Kelly L … the list is just too long to mention, and I surely don’t want to slight anyone by “non-inclusion.” They really let this country fall in ways that are still yet to surface. Yet, rather even than acknowledging my request, they (needless to say) have not refunded me a penny. No, they continue to bombard me with emails and now text messages accusing me (yes… ME!) of abandoning Trump. What?!?!?

I don’t recall doing that. Really, folks, there is really nobody, virtually no one, (or a very few at best) to trust in the GOP. Even the ones you think you might trust are all just all too sensitive to take firm stands. Quite the contrary from those on the Left in lockstep. I guess it just goes with the philosophy. Someone with a bigger soapbox than I have needs to stand up and make the point. Donald?

“You can’t please all of the people all of the time” is how I learned it. We cannot live in a society where you are considered a hater (whatever that is supposed to mean) for using terms like “mother” or “father.” Oh, by the way, Happy Not-Birthing Parent Day” to all to who that might apply.

The anti-colonialists in our midst (the “Squad,” Liz W, you know the crew) are not content with rewriting our language. No, they are attacking Spanish. Do you think for one minute our neighbors in the South want to be known as “Latinx?” Isn’t that what colonialists do: attack other cultures? So, now we must use the non-gender specific noun “mesx” instead of “mesa” when we ask for a table in Mexico or the “Triangle” as they call it?

Nope. Oh no, no, no…Donald got hell when he used the term “sh*thole countries.” But wasn’t Ms. Harris (oops, sorry: Mx Harris) down there pointing that very fact out just this month? She pointed out crime, cartels, human trafficking, corruption, drugs, poverty etc. The very definition I believe of a “sh*thole country.” Just with politically correct, non-gender specific, more “inclusive” and “sensitive” language. Give me a break! Our border is a disaster. And Republicans cave to that? So, if the U.S. is so bad as we are being told, why are people all scrambling to come here? I know a lot of people asking that question, but for some reason, we can’t get a firm answer.

At the G7, Boris Johnson lectured on how we must “rebuild in a more gender-neutral and feminine way” whatever that means. A Churchill Moment if there ever was one. Has he seen the recruiting promotion Russia and China are using for their military? If you have not seen these you should. They are online.

So, yes, I think truth and logic have lost. The moral compass has been recalibrated to better fit those who commend themselves to one another. As the Apostle Paul wrote (II Corinthians 10:12), “Measuring themselves by themselves… not wise.” And (Romans 1:22) “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.” Buckle up folks, buckle up.

So, no I just can’t hold it all in any longer. It is, some would say, just becoming a three ring circus. But, one thing I can tell you because I grew up on a traveling circus. Don’t insult the circus. At the circus, it was all under control. This is not! No, this is a plane crash. Having also experienced a plane crash as a pilot in Vietnam, I can assure you: this is a plane crash. We were not issued parachutes either.

But you might ask, “What does all of this ranting have to do with a COLA?” Well, I’m glad you asked. While our brilliant government still doles out COVID funds, paying people not to work, my income seems to remain the same. Been to the grocery store lately? Building supply store? Gas station? Been anywhere since our hydroxychloroquine-free COVID release from being shuttered in? Bought anything?

Well, back in November 2020, I treated myself to what they call a “tomahawk steak.” It is a ribeye steak with, essentially, a handle in the form of a 10”-12” bone to hold on to. It is about three-inches thick. Delicious! Well, last November, I paid about $22 for the one I ate. Last week, I thought I might “get me another one” as we say down South, so I went to Walmart. Over $40.00 now! Yes, not a typo folks … $41.99. I about fell off of my feet. So, I have to ask President Biden, will my COLA cover this? When will I see it?

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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