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Mary Mostert is a nationally-respected political writer. She was one of the first female political commentators to be published in a major metropolitan newspaper in the 1960s. After working in President Lyndon Johnson's failed War on Poverty programs in New York state, she became a Republican. She ran, unsuccessfully, for the New York State Senate and became campaign manager for a number of candidates. She once served as the secretary of "Positive Action NOW!"--a South African women's group that sought to reduce the hostility among South Africa's various racial, religious, and political groups.

In recent years, Mary has researched, written, and edited articles for national talk show host Michael Reagan's Information Interchange on the Internet, and for The REAGAN MONITOR, a monthly newsletter that provides in-depth information on key issues. Her book, COMING HOME - Families Can Stop the Unraveling of America," was published in 1996 by Gold Leaf Press. Mary maintains a political media site, Banner of Liberty. She can be contacted at Click here for more information.

The consequences of deception
Mary Mostert
September 29, 2010

In an article entitled "Nazi Philosophy in Today's America" (see: Hilmar von Campe lists similarities between National . . .

Glenn Beck and 21st century version of Founding Fathers' "Committee on Correspondence"
Mary Mostert
March 17, 2009

On Friday 13th, ordinary Americans throughout the country gathered in groups in homes and other meeting places to hear talk show host Glenn Beck of Fox News . . .

Community organizer Obama confronts the power structure
Mary Mostert
February 27, 2009

We certainly are experiencing a "change" with George W. Bush back in Texas and Barack Obama in the White House. But... is the "change" what Obama supporters had . . .

Will al-Qaeda trade box cutters they used in 2001 for nuclear missiles in 2009?
Mary Mostert
February 17, 2009

The fundamental conflict played out in the 2008 Presidential campaign that brought Barack Obama into the White House revolved around a dramatic difference of . . .

Terrorism: President Bush's record vs. President Obama's promises
Mary Mostert
January 18, 2009

The Associated Press, MSNBC, and the Los Angeles Times all have viciously attacked President Bush and his farewell speech when he gave on January 16th. LA . . .

The Gaza problem: how do you negotiate with people who want to obliterate you?
Mary Mostert
January 4, 2009

Al Jazeera, which is headquartered in Doha, Qatar, quoted White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe as saying: "In order for the violence to stop, Hamas must stop . . .

Obama, Gov. Blagojevitch, Chicago politics, corruption, and change
Mary Mostert
December 10, 2008

Illinois' Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich has been indicted for a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy that includes his attempts to try to sell or trade the U.S. . . .

Prop. 8, homosexuals, attacks on LDS churches, freedom, and Gadianton Robbers
Mary Mostert
November 14, 2008

Passage of proposition 8, an amendment to the California Constitution banning same-sex marriage in the state has been followed by organized attacks on Mormons, . . .

Comparing acceptance speeches: Adolf Hitler 1933 and Barack Obama 2008
Mary Mostert
November 6, 2008

In 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, he gave an acceptance speech in which he described the then-current condition of Germany as having "seen . . .

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