Laurie Roth
Hillary is digging to China to try and find dirt on Trump
By Laurie Roth
October 13, 2016

If only Hillary can make America believe Trump hates women, is bad for children, is racist to minorities and would be dictatorial as President, she would win. Thus, her controlled media slaves continue to dig into Trump's involvements and past hoping to find 'hate' 'immoral or racist' statements.

Hillary doesn't need to find dirt on Trump since she will take any partial truth or seed and redefine the context and truth of it for her destructive purposes anyway. She must paint herself as 'do good Harriet' 'Father and Mother Christmas for America, and hope to smear Trump where ever she can in these last few weeks. She hopes to confuse shock and distract enough voters with her Trump theatre antics that she can swing the election her way. As with Hillary and her endless one would find out the truth in time anyway.

Let's not be stupid people. Democrats and Republicans alike know Hillary and her rapist husband Bill. The whole country if not world knows they illegally and immorally used their bogus Foundation to bring in hundreds of millions for themselves while appearing on the surface as they were helping the needy and poor around the world. It is now known to be a pay to play, foreign donation and favor machine. Not only is this greed at its finest but it put the country in a dangerous and exposed position. I call it Treason while Hillary and Bill call it helping the poor. If only they had given more than a small handful of the millions to the poor.

Hillary, like Obama plans to continue turning America into a disappearing act. Freedom of speech will be compromised, redefined and damned under her. Our Constitution will be ignored and all Americans will be forced to bow down to UN mandates, treaties and international laws. Hillary hates U.S. sovereignty and Judeo- Christian values, so she will attack it and destroy it where ever she can.

It is mind boggling, the ground swell and orgy of attacks coming upon Trump from the GOP establishment, most in media, Glenn Beck types and Hillary. Sponsors are dropping while the Hillary scandal brigade look night and day for any morsel to once and for all prove that Trump is a Hitler and must be stopped.

Listen people of America

Look up, pray for a Trump victory and don't look to the left or right. Vote right and ignore the desperate and made up sewage swimming around you. This on slot by politicians, Hillary and media only reflects the amount of evil and incestuous ties Trump is taking on. He is breaking all the rules by not being for sale and telling it like it is...worts and all. With all my heart I believe he is the 'outside the box' choice by God himself to take on the forces of hell and even with voter fraud I predict he will have a landslide win.

Smooth and arrogant Hillary and her media machine know that Trump is showing growing momentum, has a huge domination over social media, no doubt the swing vote and undecideds. They know he is filling up venues everywhere he goes, while Hillary (when she even shows up) has a hand full of people arrive.

The only way Hillary will win is for the American people to believe the low class and lying side show she is putting on and endless lies she tries to vaporize America with. Do not be the dumb fools she desperately hopes and thinks you are.

America...Hillary is a liar, cheat, pretend everything, traitor, criminal, protector of her rapist and criminal husband, ungodly hater of America the great. If you make her President instead of Donald Trump, we will be transformed into an International new age and Islamic – sewage treatment plant.

Go Trump! Hillary...we see you and you stink.

© Laurie Roth


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