Jen Shroder
Marine mom rips ABC News
By Jen Shroder
December 18, 2011

I apologize in advance for breaking my own rule about all caps or name calling. I just can't write this any other way.

With their "holiday" segment, At'Tip of the Spear,' Troops Fight On, with Jake Tapper, ABC strategically schmoozed over their anti-American bias with a pretense of remembering our military. I don't care how ABC dresses it up, that special was a hack job attempt at claiming the sacrifices of our troops are for nothing while highlighting their risk of injury and death. Oh that's just how this military mom wants to spend time over the holidays.

Interviews asking our troops how it feels to lose their buddies, how it feels to be near the enemy, then using a voiceover cleverly using the word "drafted"...THEY WEREN"T DRAFTED, YOU IDIOTS, THEY VOLUNTEERED TO FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY. How many hours did you hound our men and women until you found pain and fear with voiceovers about the worthlessness of what they are doing? If something happens to my son, IT'S NOT FOR NOTHING. And then for ABC to wrap it up as though it's honoring the troops....I have never wanted to use profanity so much in my life...

If ABC and all the other anti-American propaganda churning media out there want to honor our troops, how about a special ABOUT ALL THE GOOD THAT THEY'VE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO? If the alternative is just to lay down and die, what would that look like? If Osama and the Taliban were allowed to continue their jihad in our own country, how many more towers would it take, ABC??? Would we wait until Islamic militants started dangling our children out of class windows by their feet. screaming, so parents could see them before they murdered them, like they did in Beslan? Would you start to get the idea THEN, ABC??? Or if American women felt like they had to start wearing headscarves to avoid getting RAPED by Muslim men who consider them whores without headscarves, like Norway, WOULD YOU GET THE IDEA THEN, ABC??? Or how about if our screen writers started getting notes stabbed into their chests because Islam is not happy with what they are writing...WOULD YOU GET THE IDEA THEN, ABC??? Do we really need to wait until there are pockets in our cities where police will not enter because they are ruled by Sharia law, like in France? WOULD YOU UNDERSTAND THEN, ABC???

Our sons and daughters are not over there fighting for nothing, they are fighting FOR US. YES, there is grief, yes there is sacrifice, yes there is blood and death and misery, but the LAST thing our heroes and their families need is DISGUSTING SHOWS FROM ABC focusing on their pain, suggesting it's all for nothing and pretending they are doing it to honor our troops!

Marine Moms, Pray God Lead

God shapes my son like a potter with clay
Commanding submission with power
Preparing for battle and blood in the mix
My son is a man and I tremble

Yet how many times has God comforted me
The days of his youth long suspended,
My heart in my throat, my blood turned to ice,
Sounds outside windows on dark quiet nights,
Echoes of men with sadistical threats,
my son slept in peace, unsuspecting

How fast he grew up! how quick to a sword!
Perhaps he always has known
The threats he grew up with, hidden, untold
now threaten our freedom, our lives and our homes

The terror of men with evil intent
our people opt for distractions
Parties, parades, gardens and sparks
I watch from a distance in silence

Alarms sound the warnings, both left and from right
Enter the troops to face madness
Oh mothers of children in trenches with mine
Pray God lead our sons and our daughters!

© Jen Shroder


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