Steve A. Stone
Protests, riots, and the Boogaloo
By Steve A. Stone
May 30, 2020

Dear Friends and Patriots,

We woke up this morning to a nation on fire. Not the whole nation, by far, but enough to fill our TV screens for hours on end. Our TV screens are showing us what a crisis looks like when it doesn’t go to waste. You and I know that’s what this is, don’t we?

The protests began in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd, and perhaps that was merited and rightfully expected. But in very short order, protest devolved into riot, with the commensurate general chaos, property destruction, and looting. What started out as a protest against the televised death of a black man under the knee of a white police officer is now an out-of-control, general, and nationwide riot. The rioters are now using the death of George Floyd and the issue of death-by-police as an excuse. What we’re seeing now is not at all connected to George Floyd. His death was only used as the provocation for violence and destruction. It was the spark that lit the fire, but in reality has very little to do with what’s going on.

Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution protect lawful protest. Our nation has a very long history of such things. Recall the Temperance Movement, Women’s Suffrage Movement, the Women’s Rights Movement, and of course, the Civil Rights Movement. Those are just the most prominent movements that created public protest marches, speeches, and political actions. They were legitimate. They were mostly peaceful, and they had objectives that most Americans came to support, though people eventually grew tired of Prohibition and voted to abandon that successful outcome of the Temperance Movement. Legislation enacted to acknowledge the power of those movements changed our society, and it’s safe to say most of those changes were for the better. But, the activity in the streets this week and today is fundamentally different.

Police violence is nothing new. Death by overzealous policing is common, but not as common as media might imply. When you crunch the numbers, you find that such deaths are statistically rare, and the numbers of such deaths have been on decline for many years. Even as our national population grows, the statistics indicate the number of black people killed by police continues to decline, whereas deaths of white people killed in the same way is statistically flat-lined.

These are just facts, but statistical facts do nothing for those who die or for their families and friends. Most such deaths are the unfortunate outcome of criminal activity. Police are sometimes left with few options to protect the lives and property of others. Those deaths are generally considered understandable, where deaths like that of George Floyd aren’t. From the video, it appears Mr. Floyd was completely subdued and not capable of harming anyone, yet was pinned to the pavement for over eight minutes and subsequently died. We don’t yet know the exact mechanism of his death. It’s not likely to be asphyxia, but I’m no doctor, so I’ll refrain from discussing my considerations on that point. It really doesn’t matter. Mr. Floyd died and regardless of the exact cause, he would still be alive if he hadn’t been pinned to the pavement in the manner he was. There is legitimate cause for protest in this incident. The new mantra of “I can’t breathe!” is completely legitimate, not phony as was the “Hands up, don’t shoot!” mantra that evolved out of the Ferguson, Missouri, incident. But little of that is important to events of today.

Today’s events were planned. They’ve been in the planning stages for a long time. I’ve seen evidence of it. I’ve seen posts on protest movement websites for months offering “training” in organizing front-line “justice” protests. A number of months ago, I took note that Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, and other groups of the “Resist Movement” with a propensity for street violence were unusually quiet. My thought then was they were re-grouping. Their previous efforts like Resistance Summer didn’t pan out nearly as they had envisioned. They had retreated to their safe havens, and except for a few training exercises run on the streets of Portland, Oregon, they’ve been almost invisible. But invisibility for groups like those is an actual cause for concern. Those who finance the Resist Movement groups were saving their money by focusing on organizing and training. Today, we see the results of their patience and efforts. Today, we’re seeing what Resistance Summer was supposed to look like.

Months ago, I predicted this would be an exceptionally “hot” summer. I stated the Resist Movement groups would come out on the streets and we’d see chaos. Now, it’s here, but no one should be either surprised or confused as to why this is going on. Very soon, it should be readily apparent to all but the most obtuse that the actual purpose to all we are witnessing is not as much related to anything the police did or are doing, but is 95% related to the general election this fall. I don’t say that to minimize the death of George Floyd, but his death is being used only as an excuse to execute a pre-existing plan to influence voters across the nation.

Wait for the rhetoric to catch up to events. Today is Saturday. By Monday, I fully expect to hear all the yapping dogs of the progressive Democratic-socialist Party and the media focus on their real story line. Their talking points will be completely focused on one person. This will all be Donald Trump’s fault. Donald Trump will be called an obvious white racist and supporter of criminal cops. He’s already been accused by Maxine Waters of issuing dog whistles to white supremacy groups. He’ll have many more accusations tossed his way, and it will become an unrelenting torrent of aspersions. Expect those story lines to persist until November. The talking points of those who want to unseat President Trump will grow increasingly wild and crazy, but because they will be unrelenting they will be picked up by those who are unthinking and easily influenced. They will be used to inflame the passions of those who are already inclined to violence. My friends, we are living in the most dangerous time of our nation since the Civil War.

I want to drop back a bit to re-consider Minneapolis and what has been going on there. If you were paying attention you should have noted there were two kinds of people being profiled by the reporters. During the daylight hours, the people who gathered in the streets appeared to mostly be sincere and legitimate protestors. They seemed genuinely concerned over the way their police department had been dealing with their community. There were countless speeches that decried the events that resulted in George Floyd’s death and countless calls for justice and reform. That’s all legitimate and understandable civil activity. But, if you noticed, the crowd composition changed as the sun went down. Different people showed up and the mood of the rhetoric changed. You were seeing the professionals coming out to run the night’s activities; to pump up the crowd and motivate them toward violence. Yes, you were seeing the Resist Movement activists who’d been brought in to take over. The rest of what you saw was them executing a plan. If you wonder how many of those trained and compensated activists were there, it’s anyone’s guess. If I was to try to make a semi-educated estimate, I’d say as many as 50 and as few as 20 were of that ilk. The rest were of two types – the criminally inclined and those Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin referred to as “useful idiots.”

If you listened to the morning news on Friday, you heard the police commissioner of Minneapolis and later the chief of police remark on the busloads of people showing up from out of town. Yes, they know. They know who they’re facing. They later remarked that many of those arrested on Thursday night weren’t from the Minneapolis area. Yes, that’s exactly what we witnessed in Ferguson. That part of the script of the Resisters is boilerplate. This morning, I heard Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey state in no uncertain terms the violence was promoted by people from outside his city. Yes, he knows. It appears he’s finally afraid. He should be.

Last night, as I watched the TV news coverage, I heard from and saw a few people on the street. One young black man was wearing a black mask imprinted in Arabic script. I’d love a translation of that script. It would help me understand who he was. But I don’t need a translation of what he said. In the language of the streets, he launched into a tirade about rage and oppression and how everything we were seeing was the fault of America’s white-dominated society; that it was time for change and we would see how that change was going to come to all. He went on to address people living in suburbs, saying “We’re coming! How you gonna like it when we come down your street and burn down your house?” I saw and heard another young man who made similar threats to bring the violence to suburban America, indicating to me there’s a mantra being fed to those people, the talking points of the Resist Movement. It’s all part of the script. Then, there was a 16-year-old black youth who was interviewed. His statement was equally revealing. He said, “Things gotta change, I guess. What’s going on is necessary to bring change.” That, also, is reflective of scripted talking points. The professional activists are promoting general anarchy. That’s their mission.

Take note of one thing only. It’s the most important indicator that all this “spontaneous” rioting is per a well-conceived plan. Note that every city enduring riots and destruction now is a Democratic Party stronghold. If we’re lucky, the violence won’t spread beyond those strongholds, those safe-havens. If it does, it will be because the leaders of the Resist Movement believe they’re strong enough now to begin a more general takeover. Pay close attention to where everything is occurring. At this point, it’s the most important thing to track. If we do see a spill-over into non-Democratic Party controlled areas, we need to be alert that the next phase of the plan is going into play.

Allow me to change focus now and contemplate the Boogaloo. You should understand Boogaloo as another term with the same definition as Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, it’s exactly the same. Those terms, and others, describe a predicted scenario where inner city mobs of violent people move out of the confines of the city and begin wreaking havoc in the suburbs and countryside. The mainstream media assigns Boogaloo and Zombie Apocalypse to so-called white extremist groups. They’re said to be terms that exemplify redneck racism. I’m much more inclined to think of those terms as exemplifying a fear of a general social breakdown – a scenario where lives are in real jeopardy, law enforcement is not able to do any aspect of their job, and it becomes every man for himself.

Fear of an impending Boogaloo spurred the most recent sales spike of guns and ammunition. That fear was stoked by the economic shutdown our state governments imposed in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. The specifics of the fear related to food shortages. The details of that scenario involved a shutdown of the food supply chain. If it had happened, there would have been hoarding of food on a massive scale, quickly emptying whole stores and rapidly eclipsing that odd toilet paper and milk shortage we all witnessed. Yes, just a month ago, there was fear of a food shortage-provoked Boogaloo. Property owners across the nation were out in the countryside getting target practice in anticipation of a general assault on their neighborhoods and properties. Those people understood how dangerously close we were coming to an untenable social situation. When people fear hunger enough, all rules of civilization start to break down. People outside the large cities understood that truth and knew they could eventually be targets. They were acting in case they had to protect themselves.

The COVID-19 Boogaloo didn’t happen. Trucks of food kept rolling. The situation on farms and ranches where crops and animal herds were destroyed was overdramatized by the media. True, there may be some minor shortages of meats for a bit, thanks to the shutdown of large slaughterhouses, but it appears the fear of massive shortages was mostly media hype. The opportunity for the Resist Movement to take to the streets due to food shortages, which would have been the spark for the Boogaloo, didn’t manifest itself. Those who are now provoking the violence in large cities had to wait. But they didn’t have to wait long, did they?

It’s obvious who is being targeted by this budding insurrection. This is a huge effort on the part of the progressives and globalists to wrest control of the nation from the hands of those who are desperately trying to reinstate rule by traditional American principles. It’s aimed at Donald Trump solely, because he’s the current president and leader of the movement to give us the America we were always intended to have. The progressives, in the guise of the Democratic Party and all their activist shills like the Resist Movement component groups, are at war with those of us who still work to achieve the vision George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ronald Reagan believed in. They are at war with me. They are at war with you. If they have their way this summer, that war will come to your doorstep and you’ll have to acknowledge the truth of your own beliefs. You’ll be forced to admit you’re little more than a sunshine patriot, or that you’re willing to fight for the America we want – the America our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents also wanted.

If all goes well, this insurrection will be quickly put down and peace will be restored to our nation’s streets. There will be efforts by the Justice Department to identify the Resist Movement leadership and to make moves to neutralize them or possibly prosecute them for the crimes they’re promoting. If the Justice Department can succeed at following the money trail, they might finally identify exactly who is behind all the chaos. No one I know wants to see the Boogaloo, the Zombie Apocalypse. We aren’t eager to see more violence and threats to the vast majority of innocent citizens. We want to see this nonsense knocked off. But we who understand the true magnitude of what’s at stake this year believe our philosophic adversaries know this could be their own last chance. And remember their overarching dictum: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Take them at their word. They’re showing us now they mean every syllable. Are we strong enough to stop them? Are we as tough as our forefathers? Will we stand up and say NO!

Here’s today’s question in a nutshell – WILL WE RESIST THE RESISTERS? We may be unfortunate enough to have to answer that question. I pray the answer is YES! But, today, I just don’t know.

Do the right thing.

In Liberty,

Steve A. Stone

© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee and Common Sense Campaign, South Alabama's largest Tea Party. He is also a member of SUBVETS, Inc., and a life member of both the NRA and the Submarine League. In 2018, Steve created 671 Press LLC as his own marquee to publish his books under—he does it his way.


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